CRAZY Crosswind Landings At Madeira Funchal Airport Portugal - Aircraft Landing Aborts Bad Landings - BAD WEATHER AIRLINER LANDINGS. Heavy Crosswind Landings At Madeira Funchal Island Airport Portugal. Aircraft Landing Aborts and Bad Landings from one of the worlds dangerous Airports.

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Author Green Tuga (7 months)
only portuguese pilots have the skill to land there :)

Author batcarl bat (1 month)
Vous avez remarqué !!! les portugais arrive a atterrir sans probléme pas
les autres!!! c les meilleurs pilotes au monde ...

Author MrUnder30seconds (5 months)
good idea, build the runway right next to the coast because there is never
any wind there.

Author Pedro Santos (6 months)
TAP - the skill live here :)

Author Zbriu (7 months)
It looks so "soft" from the outside of the airplane. Some weeks ago i
landed in Frankfurt Hahn Airport with weather like that and let me tell you
i was being pushed left and right like crazy, after touchdown it was even
worst, there was a terrible noise and this huge trembling as the pilot made
corrections on the runway, i was so terrified... but then some guy told me
it was "just another crosswind landing".

Author Nelson Miranda (7 months)
In fact only experienced pilots can land on the island with adverse weather

Author Crowfly67 (8 months)
nice video ,Im landed there as a passenger , i have prayed ;)

Author Ricardo Silva (8 months)
Only TAP lands on first attempt!

Author Jorge Rocha (8 months)
esta tudo resolvido portugal tem os melhores pilotos do mundo apertem os
cintos boa viagem v1 rotate gear up lets go to brazil cs-toa

Author QullVideo (9 months)
Problem with aborting a landing is you get so many idiots who unbuckle
their seat belt too early (how difficult is it to obey the instructions of
the cabin crew?) that it's surprising that some people don't step off the
plane as soon as it's about to land and then oops, plane is ascending and
the idiots join together a messy puddle on the runway.

Author Agnes Baervoets (9 months)
heb het meegemaakt. nooit meer!

Author Luis Diogo (10 months)
Portuguse Air Transports (TAP) 2 - Others 0

Author The7576Dave (9 months)
Many negative comments here about UK pilots. They've nothing to prove; they
know they are the best.

Author Scott Walper (1 year)
doesnt matter if its boeing or airbus, to be a pilot it takes skill to fly,
not some computerized metal all those saying airbus is safer, the
only reason is boeing has been around a whole longer, than the government
subsidized airbus...

Author David Catherall (2 years)
Glad I saw this video today. I flew out of Madeira yesterday after a

Author Lord De-Sousa (1 year)
Im going Madeira this Wednesday, But Im Sure it goes the other way of the
runway.. or is that only during summer days??

Author José Augusto Neves (1 year)
Where in the SEA ????? :D

Author mambo (1 year)
airbus is statistically safer. fact. no opinion or debate involved.

Author F15rocker (1 year)
Thumbs up for all pilots whether down at first attempt or having the good
sense to go around.

Author TheAirlineSpotter11 (1 year)
Then, the wings of airplanes would just cut them down.

Author Gm Gamerplay (1 year)
airbus é MUITO MELHOR QUE BOEING BASTA OLHAR PARA O A380 nao á nenhum outro
aviao que consegue sequer chegarlhe aos calcanhares............boeing
comparado ao airbus é igual a comparar uma ps3 com uma ps1

Author MegaWeebles (1 year)
The danger is,though,is that by persisting they land long and go off the

Author Gdsh22 (2 years)
TAP pilots train Chuck Norris so yeah.

Author Teddy Smith (2 years)
Imagin being on the 4:00 one

Author qqqqhuz (2 years)
TAP Pilot by 3:44 has balls of steel to continue that landing!

Author ben rourke (1 year)
UK pilots are awful

Author MrAviationFlight (1 year)
just another day for easyjet

Author Brian Seetho (1 year)
Put the barrier where the wings cannot cut them down

Author idontsignin (2 years)
Some Pilots must hate landing here.

Author Brian Seetho (1 year)
How about a barrier blocking the wind?

Author Sabres Fan (2 years)
Very nice, I heard that you can park cars under the runway.

Author MrMatavelhas (2 years)
SATA (azores airlines) ain't bad too bad too... how many companies would
even try this go around --> /watch?v=FvlsCf94vyI or this landing (azores
can be far worse than madeira just because of the weather: -->

Author ben rourke (1 year)
All missed by UK at start

Author Salih Asad (1 year)
Cool ))))

Author MrAviationFlight (1 year)
Nice Vid :-)

Author robocop2025 (1 year)
Paddy Irish man and paddy English man hesitated.

Author longdonglarry (1 year)
the TAP and SATA pilots don't fuck around

Author TheAquarius1978 (2 years)
yes you can, and we also make raves there on the summer, or better yet we
did, just look for equinox madeira party, it was under the airport

Author rzlcomposites (1 year)
Just look at those white caps on top of the waves...created by strong

Author Thomas Ballesteros (2 years)
looks like on only the portuguese are able to land . . .

Author Maydayn1 (2 years)
As for me it didnt even seem to be a crosswind, more like tail wind....

Author pussycat2627 (2 years)
This is why i only fly with TAP when i go on winter. They are the best, and
it leaves me very happy that we have very skilled pilots.

Author Sapphire Winx (11 months)
These are all go arounds!!!

Author Ecookman Sama (1 year)
AirBus makes the most high tech and safest air liners in the world.

Author avealaff (2 years)
This is just like GTA multiplayer in real life :D

Author SuperChrisRobbins (2 years)
All airbus 320 family flocking together.

Author Ryan Switzer (1 year)
Re the whole Boeing/Airbus debate. Another require an equal level of skill
to fly. No, neither "flys themselves" as the media likes to say. Pilots
still have to manage the flight in all aspects of operation. From an
operational point of view, I prefer Boeing. Airbus takes too much control
away from Pilots. For example, if I'm on short final and I'm too low and
too slow, and I put full power in to correct my approach, the plane won't
let me. Boeing doesn't care. It will stall if I make it.

Author daviebohy84 (1 year)

Author matt64297 (1 year)
If conditions at that very minute allow the aircraft to land then the pilot
will do so. If there is a gust of wind that unsettles the plane, then a
sensible pilot will go around as it is unsafe to continue, OR the windshear
warning is triggered and the pilot is legally bound to go around. It has
absolutely nothing to do with having balls of steel. Quite the opposite.
The skilled, experienced pilot with abort the landing at the first sign of
anything untoward, that's out of his hands.

Author Charlie Henderson (2 years)
oh well im here now checking my utube lol

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