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Woodturning project - How to turn a segmented vase. Turning on a wood lathe fun and challenging. In this online woodworking video the woodturner will share experience of how to turn a wooden vase. This turning demo shows how the vase is set up between the lathe chuch and the live center. In this woodworking lesson you will also see what lathe tools the wood turner is using to shape the vase.

This woodturning video clip shows the turning of a 9" x 12" segmented vase that consist of 18 rings of which there are 432 segments. The various woods are mahogany, maple, walnut, and cherry. Segmented wood turning is a great way for the woodturner to test his or her turning skills.

Be smart, work safe, and learn the craft of segmented woodturning!

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Bob Simmons

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Author Mitch Reed (4 months)
bet that big ole son of a bitch would hurt if it came un chucked from the

Author Jonathan Atkinson (4 months)
Great work! it just sounds like the African Queen!

Author norchaaa (1 year)
what kind of wood are you using for this?

Author Rah K (6 months)
this is beautiful. I'm excited to do this one day. Any advice on figuring
out the angles/levels? I've been using AutoCAD... is there a better way?
thanks for any suggestions/reply :)!

Author CT2507 (1 year)
beautiful work!!

Author The Apprentice and The Journeyman (3 years)
@JustWonderingHowToDo It is a Oneway live center. The vase stays centered
and is free to spin.

Author Simon Wallis (1 year)
Probably been asked;but 1/2 way thru the turning u used small white tube of
something ? What was it & why did u use it? Knock out between joints ?
Cheers it looked fantastic at finish,Danish oil ?

Author The Apprentice and The Journeyman (1 year)
norchaaa... The woods used are mahogany, maple, & cherry. Thanks for
watching & asking.

Author The Apprentice and The Journeyman (8 months)
you make the call.

Author Zahi Alsalman (6 months)
Very nice, but not really a how to. I'll give you the like anyway.

Author Александр Каверин (6 months)

Author The Apprentice and The Journeyman (1 year)
JohnSchi20... Interesting idea. As a woodworker I'll stick with wood.
Thanks for watching.

Author telosfd (1 year)
Very good and nice job. I wish I could learn how to make it.

Author roger courtain (7 months)

Author Dennis Edwards (1 year)
Beautiful work. Are you using a Vicmarc chuck?

Author woodstoney (1 year)
Outstanding!! Very fine work!!

Author Kim Larsen (8 months)

Author 1marcelfilms (1 year)
well thats how Evere one on earth started, with no skills and no knowledge

Author zaprodk (8 months)
Wow! - Beautiful handiwork!

Author n8guy (6 months)

Author JohnSchi2o (1 year)
wounderful... what about switching from white strips of wood to lets say
clear plastic??? that would make for a cool light effect when the vase
would be lit from the inside

Author Red Woods (8 months)
Nice job. Now go sell that and buy a big vacuum cleaner. :-)

Author The Apprentice and The Journeyman (1 year)
Claudio Trajtemberg... I could not agree with you more. Thanks for watching.

Author John Bare (9 months)
Excellent! A great design as are all the projects you post. Thanks for
taking the time to share it with the world. Inspiration for me and many
others, always enjoy your videos.

Author dlwatib (10 months)
Looks like fun making all those wood shavings. As a bonus you get a nice

Author tartredarrow (10 months)
Acrylic looks good on wood.

Author Amice71 (1 year)
Gratulálok! Csodaszép munka!

Author JerryRigEverything (7 months)
Sweet project! I as soon as i get my lathe i plan on making some similar
projects for my channel. Ive subscribed!

Author Buzzsawman (3 years)
verrrrry impressive

Author The Apprentice and The Journeyman (10 months)
Getting everything to line up properly is a challenge. That's what makes it
fun tho. The wood selections and their layout are quite important. We want
woods that will contrast with one another to form an eye catching pattern.
Thanks for watching & sharing your thoughts.

Author Frank Doyle (10 months)
Great project everything lined up perfect, nice wood selections

Author The Apprentice and The Journeyman (1 year)
1marcelfilms... Very true. Now we can share our skills and knowledge with
one another.

Author Chris Thomas (6 months)
Nicely done! Would like to have seen the glue up, maybe next project. I did
notice toward finishing there was a slight imbalance/wobble to the project.
Did that cause any problems, what do you attribute the wobble to?

Author 1963johnbhoy (1 year)
Hi,it must have taken ages to construct this but the final outcome is
amazing a beautiful piece.I would love to have the time ,space and spare
cash to learn this amazing craft it would be a great way of making loved
ones presents.

Author The Apprentice and The Journeyman (1 year)
Yes, you are right. It is a Vicmark chuck. Thanks for watching the
segmented woodturning video.

Author Machweldfit (8 months)

Author 3dmoddeler (1 year)
Beautiful.. maybe a stupid question. did you do some water proofing on the
inside? what do you use it for.. other that to look beautiful?!.

Author The Apprentice and The Journeyman (1 year)
woodstoney... Thanks very much. This vase of segmented woodturning is a fun
and challenging project to turn on the wood lathe. Thanks for watching!

Author The Apprentice and The Journeyman (9 months)
John... Thank you for watching and for taking the time to comment. Much

Author The Apprentice and The Journeyman (10 months)
Yes...Segmented is an enjoyable skill to learn. It is a lot of fun to watch
and feel the shavings being cut from the project. Plus, a woodworker is
able to enjoy the vase in the house for many years to come. Thanks for
watching and commenting.

Author The Apprentice and The Journeyman (8 months)
Thanks for the comment and also for watching.

Author JustWonderingHowToDo (3 years)
What is that cone in the tailstock?

Author Dave O (6 months)
very nice work!! looks great!!!

Author The Apprentice and The Journeyman (1 year)
All the segments are held together with yellow glue. Segment rings are
glued up. Then the rings are also glued to one another. thanks for watching
& asking.

Author Никита Шматов (9 months)
Круто) сразу вспоминаются уроки труда в школе, и запах...

Author The Apprentice and The Journeyman (1 year)
3dmoddeler... Thanks... Actually, these are very good questions that you
ask. An oil varnish is wiped was wiped on the interior as well as the
exterior. In this manner, all of the wood is uniformly sealed. Once
finished, a glass vial is placed in the vase to hold water. Roses from my
yard are clipped and then placed in the vase's water. It looks quite nice
this way. Thanks for watching and asking.

Author The Apprentice and The Journeyman (1 year)
telosfd... Thanks for the commenting & for watching this woodturning video.
At one time, I the same wish.

Author The Apprentice and The Journeyman (8 months)

Author Claudio Trajtemberg (1 year)
holy chips

Author andypowlesland1 (10 months)
how long does it take from start to finish with one of these bowles (not
including glueing times) etc

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