Dark Souls Lore: Izalith, Chaos Covenant, Pyromancy, and You!

Lore FAQ (WIP)


Bed of Chaos / Witch of Izalith 0:23
Lost Quelana 2:28
Chaos Witch Quelaag 3:31
The Fair Lady 4:42
Heretic Eingyi 6:38
Ceaseless Discharge 7:38
Centipede Demon 7:38
Demon Firesage 9:56
Laurentius of the Great Swamp 10:35
Salaman the Master Pyromancer 11:21
Carmina 12:22
Other Pyromancers 13:15...

Character Relations
Witch of Izalith
Quelana (daughter of Witch of Izalith)
Quelaag (daughter of Witch of Izalith)
Fair Lady (daughter of Witch of Izalith)
Ceaseless (son of Witch of Izalith)

Salaman (pupil of Quelana)
Carmina (pupil of Salaman)
Laurentius (possible pupil of Salaman / Carmina school)

And an apology- I can't answer PMs right now. I'm really busy, and I've gotten far too many questions, requests, hate mails, etc. to possibly answer. Seriously. I've been able to respond to about 10%. I'm sorry. If I didn't have a day job, I'd love to answer every message... but I gotta support my family. I know you guys feel me on that.

If you've been around here for awhile, you know that I've had a good run of answering PMs and emails. But now... I spent 4 hours on a Saturday answering emails and did about 10%. If you math it out, the only way I can keep answering messages is to neglect my wife AND quit making new videos... not gonna happen! :O

Current plans: Lore continues, Demon's Souls when I have a chance to upload, a secret project in honor of a legend, maybe some retro stuff in early March, and a new Nippon Ichi game will pull me away from DkS in mid-March.


MAD PROPS to DemonSous and Tengumaru

They're helping to keep me straight by checking the JP wiki descriptions for things like the Sewer Chamber Key. Those guys are keeping your bro in-line like a couple of BOSSES!

Thanks again guys.

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Author Azure Blitz (6 days)
Such a good story, but so depressing. Dark Souls...why you do dis to my

Author BikouTenma (7 days)
Now see i thought ENB was white.

Author BadMadChicken (4 months)
I think the sister have some sort of deal. TFL bares ofspring, but become
imobile and need someone to bring her energy, souls.. humanity. However, i
think Queelag take them for herself. keeping her youth. im not sure why i
think this.
I think the pyromancer was going to be eaten by Queelag or TFL
Is it ever stated that pyromancy was born after the demons were bourn? in
Darksouls there is a difrence between chaos flames and pyro flames. chos
seems to scale with humanity.
i used to belive the pyromancy came from the witch. she used fire storms to
kill the dragons. and demons were bourn when a experiment to make a new
flame went wrong.

Author Aleksa Pasic (4 months)
I think that pyromancer before bed of chaos is Quelana of Izalith, because
i dont upgrade my pyrom. flame up to 10 and Quelana has not spawn in Blight
town, so i kill that pyromancer and after that i upgrade pyrom. flame up to
15 and she was not there.

Author H enryuuki (3 months)
Just so you know, the 'GREAT SWAMP' and the swamp of blighttown are not the
same place.
The great swamp is not in Lordran or atleats not in the parts you find.
However it could be he is still the reaosn why blighttown is in it's
current state

Author AlberoLupo (3 months)
shoulda said "the hot half, and the human half"

Author H enryuuki (3 months)
there are 7 chaos sisters

There is :
0 : The witch - mother (the bug in the bed of chaos)
1-2 : 2 unnamed sister - that became the glowing orbs that protect (but
also seem to limit) the bed of chaos
3-4 : Quelaag and the fair lady - the spider demons

and then the three that weren't morphed by the bed

5 : The one that stayed with their brother but died - the corpse next to
6 : The one that decided to protect the bed of chaos (possibly wanted to
try to save her mother and sisters, or might have been getting controlled
by the bed)
You fight her just outside the bed of chaos, on the same place Kirk invades
for the last time.
7 : The one that escaped - Quelana

then 8 : their brother, who dropped his ring when they were fleeing from
the bed of chaos, this caused him to start discharging lava in a ceaseless
flow again.
And the bed transformed the ring into the centipede demon.

Author rscaml2 (17 days)
Daughters of chaos: Quelaag, Quelana, Fair lady, the corpse Ceaseless
watches, The one before Bed of Chaos, and two incorporated into the bed
itself (on the right and left.) The witch of Izalith was also consumed into
the Bed of Chaos, which accounts for all seven seen in the intro and their

Author Dustin Kogl (2 months)
Is it possible that Salamon is the Demon firesage?? Perhaps since he was
Quelana's apprentice he was with the sisters and mother of chaos when she
tried to duplicate the lordsoul, or perhaps he is the Cealess discharge? Is
it possible all the sisters and mother, possibly Salamon all gave effort
into duplicating it? I don't know why Quelana wasn't turned into a demon
and how she escaped. Just kinda my theory behind this, this is my favorite
area in the game and its pretty damn interesting.

Author Affan Shaikh (3 months)
My flames like plus 7 and she's still appears every time. Idk why but she
once came when my glove was plus give on another character

Author t1oxETy (3 months)
i love this boss. you have this giant uncontrollable disaster right in
front of you, that was created essentially to prolong the life of a fire
(almost like a philosopher stone to humans). and as your cutting through
the vines you see this fragile creature that this chaos essentially growing
from and seems to be feeding from its life. its the idea that such chaos
can come from something so fragile. and the fact that you keep dieing but
it stays exactly how you left it, never resetting like the other
bosses.even the area around this boss tells so much about how fragile chaos
can be. theres so much that can be learned from the lost izalith that i
think is being under estimated.

Author Maksimas Irician (4 months)
I have just found out, that one can potentialy kill ALL tyhe members of the
Witch of Izaliths family(if the choose to kill TFL and Quelana). There are
5 daughters, 1 son and then the Witch of Izalith. Quelaag, TFL and Qealana
are the obvious one, so i won't mention them. Ceaseless is the son, and the
corpse he is guarding is his sisters corpse, for what reason, i dunno,
maybe that specific sister loved him the most, or vice versa, or she was
the one to suggested to give him the Orange Charred ring. Now, the
pyromancer enemy before Bed of Chaos fog door is probably the 5th daughter,
defending what's of her mother, or Izalith, or both, or maybe she's just
hollow or insane. And the Bed of Chaos is obviously the Witch of
Izalith(the thing you hit to kill the Bed of Chaos slightly resembles a
human, excepth more intertwined(as in it's a part of it) with the boss.
Now, people say there are a 6th and 7th daughter, well those are probably
also a part of the Bed of Chaos(the things in the orbs specifically). I am
80% sure 'bout this. Maybe i'm wrong, so please correct me.

Author Kingofdoomgloom (3 months)
Hah funny to hear that bit of dialogue, " If you hadn't helped me I would
be her supper." Meaning big manly butcher.

Author Guilherme Barbosa (2 months)
if you have the tiny being ring equiped you can talk to her!

Author VintageCykron (2 months)
"everything was groovy for awhile..."

Author Jesse Rodriguez (1 month)
I do feel like a dick; yes. I'm sorry Fair Lady.

Author Anand Kam (1 month)
if you kill the the fair lady and look at the fire keeper soul

Author Matt Fera (2 months)
I thought Laurentius was talking about the butchers in the depths when he
said he'd be "her supper".

Author Bogdan Kl (2 months)
what if carmina is the corpse of which you get power within and she is the
master of Laury , after all he has the rest of her spells

Author nick andhiscamera (3 months)
The fair lady has the saddest stories of all time. I worked my butt off to
get the witchs ring so I could hear her speak only to have my heart broken
by what she says when I put it on. so yes ENB I DO feel like a dick.

Author USAFmazda (2 months)
i dont think u still read these but if im correct i think the mother is the
one out side the bed of chaos. and the brother "discharge" is watching one
of his sisters who he doesnt know is dead . thus why he goes ape shit when
bother it. i dont remember where i saw it or what item it was one but just
thought id give u my 2 cents. keep the videos up they are awesome

Author weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee360 (4 months)
I believe the pyromancy user next to kirk is one of the sisters of chaos,
but I always found it more interesting to imagine that it was Salaman who
tried to kill the witch of Izalith to help ease the suffering of his
teacher, but fell short just before het got there and was consumed by the
fire. A pyromancy flame comes from the users own soul, so I always thought
he burned up his entire soul trying to reach the Bed of Chaos.

Author TheCarebox (3 months)
isn't it the centipede demon who drops the orange charred ring?

Author Sam Katz (2 months)
This dude should do audiobooks.

Author Timothée Dubreucq (3 months)
The corpse protected by Ceaseless Discharge probably isn't themother of
Pyromancy, since in the intro, she appears to be much taller than a normal
human being. So I'd say it's one of the 7 sisters. I guess. Maybe ? As you
say, speculations and all that ;)

Author Marco Dejough (5 months)
To reply to ArkiosRokuyon (still getting used to the new layout), I
probably should have said that she was the only one OTHER than Quelana to
speak, and both Quelaan and Quelana are listed in the credits with voice
actresses. I forgot to clarify this in my original comment, and apologize
for any confusion. 

Author zephos33 HD (3 months)
all of the daughters are accounted for. the first two are the fail lady and
quelaag, then comes quelana, then the pyromancer who attacks you in lost
izaleth then the corpse ceacless discharge is guarding. the last two you
ask? theyre the two orange spheres around the bed of chaos and the witch
herself was deformed into the bed. shes the weird thing you have to kill to
beat the Bed of chaos

Author Blake Jeanniton (1 month)
you know that the pyromancer that you fight right before the bed of chaos
is actually quelana herself. she has gone hollow, and she isnt in
blighttown after you kill her in the demon ruins. Also she drops the chaos
pyromancy, which is actually says is a spell that quelana made

Author Project Echo (3 months)
There is cut dialog for Quelaag telling the player to turn back and leave.
You can look it up.

Author 3zzyascanBe (4 months)
So binoculars CAN be used for something ;) 

Author SpadesHeart (5 months)
So I had a question regarding Bed of Chaos and since people seem to be
actively talking about her here, thought I might ask. Has anybody from From
Software said anything about the boss being in some way Evangelion
inspired? The noise it makes when you destroy the orbs is highly
reminiscent of some of the Angel sound effects from EVA, not to mention the
bindings seem to look a lot like Lances of Longinus. I realize it might be
kind of a stretch, but it certainly would be an interesting nod.

Author Thomas Barkley (3 days)
See, given that the description in the Lord Soul gained by killing the Bed
Choas nevr specifically says the WItch of Izalith was absorbed, i don't
think that she's in there. The strongest evidence for this is that one of
the bosses in Dark Souls II is the "Lost Sinner", who committed the
ultimate sin; trying to relight the first flame. For this, the Lost Sinner
punishes "itself", and you get a lord soul for killing it. My hypothesis,
is that after the Bed of Chaos was killed and her lord soul was added to
the Lord Vessel, I think that after you became the Lord of Fire/Dark, that
she reclaimed her Lord Souls and tortured herself in Drangleic. I don;t
know it any of the Witch of Izalith's daughters are in the Bed of Chaos,
but that's up to speculation.

Author CynicalPrime (5 months)
I HAD NOT piromancy flame, and Quelana apears arter killing Quelaag

Author ArkiosRokuyon (5 months)
In the swamp sits one of the sisters of chaos and her name is Quelaan She
teaches you almost every pyromancy you can get via teacher and also some
special stuff like a flame whip

Author Hecksum311 (8 months)
Pyromancy + 9 worked for my soul level 1 character to get Quelana to appear

Author Rohad777 (8 months)
i wonder if due to the nature of the dark soul(humanity) suffering has
something to do with becoming a fire keeper. If humanity is drawn to
suffering.Thus why there souls are "draws for humanity" all the fire
keepers are suffering in some way. The darkmoon knightess is
deformed/hideous The fair lady is..well. deformed
demon/blind/imobile/dieing from poison, and anastacia is mute..and locked
in a sell. Havin quite tied in how there all woman but its an idea.

Author Bill Smith (8 months)
The seven daughters are: Quelana, Quelaag, The Fair Lady, The body by
Ceaseless who is watching over his sister, The pyromancer outside of Bed of
Chaos, and the two things on the side of Bed of Chaos. Their mother is the
center of Bed of Chaos.

Author LoverofChildren (6 months)
That's Quelana.

Author Paperbagwizard132 (9 months)
Keep your hopes up. She still has a mouth.....

Author Cabbo Pearimo (6 months)
That's Quelana.

Author CosmicUprise (9 months)
my brain hurts :|

Author Zachary Haney (8 months)
butchers are women

Author rosscrossxc (8 months)
is it possible that the fire keeper under Firelink is a Daughter of Chaos?

Author ghiman100 (9 months)
Hey man, she does have a mouth.

Author Marv Klein (7 months)
When Laurentuis is saying he was going to be HER supper, doesn't he speak
of the Butcher? She is closest to him, just saying.

Author Berserker HD (8 months)
what if salaman is the demon firesage

Author Whitellama11 (6 months)
If you aren't intent on fighting him properly, than yes.

Author ultramarine930 (6 months)
Ceaseless Demon is the easiest boss ever... = =... you just need to run
into the "corner-tunnel" (i dont know what's the right words to use)...
lure him to slam on the ground... and hit the hand.... then its soul is

Author Seth Gilmore (5 months)
Its female, and she uses a staff, hinting at DkS2

Author 1128nesecret (7 months)
nope it was one of the giant sack cleaver guys probably the one right above
the door to his room spying on any intruders who try to rescue him

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