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Author Chicagokid7649 (1 month)
Germany is definitely a country I want to go to. Flights to Berlin are
cheap and travel agencies said around $1500 would be enough for one week in
Berlin excluding airfare.

Author Eyyoh55 (1 month)
...and Tommy has to leave, ´cause Fritz is ready for a new Blitz!

Author NIGHT TERROR (12 days)
Guys if someone want to see some preussen tradition today,just see some
militair parades of my country . The chilean army still preserve the
preussen drill,just search and you Will see...

Author Lukas Stöckl Pedron (4 months)
Fantastisch !

Author treehugger3615 (3 months)
Thank you for uploading this video.

Author maor peer (2 months)
what year is it?

Author Sven Bender (22 days)
Composer L.v. Beethoven

Author Marcus Antonius (4 months)
It's not the same without the Prussian 'goose step'. They should bring it
back - it has nothing to do with the Nazis, war crimes, holocaust etc. A
nation is nothing without its traditions.

Author Kissinpoika Pöff (5 months)
In, say, 1987, I was in a position right in front of these soldiers. I
think it was the Pariser Platz, oder Platz von der B. Tor. For the other
side, no information and no nothing was available. We knew something from
history books. We also knew that the communists were there all the time.

Author Sam Smith (3 months)
When the Prussians regained control of Berlin from Napoleon they placed the
Iron Cross and Eagle atop the gate to remind the Germans they were one
people and one nation united against tyranny.

Author feurzauber (4 months)
Beethoven's hymn !!! 

Author TheSupersoldier1234 (5 months)
Now take over Europe all over again

Author Carl Brand (4 months)
If you want to see the Stechschritt, watch the video of the Chilean Army
which still holds Prussian tradition in highest regard.

Author NIGHT TERROR (12 days)

Author Kissinpoika Pöff (5 months)
Like so many others, I sneaked away into East-Berlin via Friedrichstrasse
u. Zimmerstr., where one was to accommodate to every inspection the officer

Author Kissinpoika Pöff (5 months)
I haoth ways, visited a dancing place (many Russian customers with
uniforms)d a really nice afternoon. I drove accross the Karl-Marx-Allee b

Author Kissinpoika Pöff (5 months)
Mahe video has been doctored ms and Sirs. It very mucc feels like tthe
video has been fuzzed in a way that so irt cant be understood anymore.
Garbage is due to Goolgle, I canb write, and I can red. Anyway... lost the

Author Kissinpoika Pöff (5 months)
It must be proven. No problem with me wits. Its an imternal problem with
the Google and its associates.

Author Kissinpoika Pöff (5 months)
Anything URGENT here I will never express in English, or German, but in
Finnish, because of the urgency. Languages foreign to us wil
lnot understand, there is confusion, and the necessary actions take place
without consultatuion. Life is not a matter of nationality.

Author JOE BLOW (1 month)
That's so beautiful.

Author rongeotom6 (3 months)
Wow. All you need is the goose step. Why though. Is it to meant in someway
to pacify nationalist feelings? This has to be the bottom line.
Love ya Germany

Author Kissinpoika Pöff (5 months)
Just an example of what the Google translators can do

Author Kissinpoika Pöff (5 months)
I am being examined. This will take anything between 2 minutus up to

Author upeterse (1 year)
It's because of Jewish power that millions of no good moslems invade
Germany for the considerable social benefits which are substantially higher
than those given to poor black Americans.

Author knubbelkeks69 (11 months)
Yeah it would be.Though I doubt the Bundeswehr will ever adapt it again as
it is widely thought that it was a thing of the Nazi Regime. Even though it
was something that had tradition even back in the days Prussia and other
countries use it as well.

Author Manfred Von Richthofen (1 year)
All german people should be proud of be it. Wonderful marsch from spain

Author Kaiser von Österreich (5 months)
Wish they could still do the traditional Preußenmarsch.

Author TylerMaple3009 (2 years)
@slawkowo Germany is a great nation! I am proud to be of German ancestry!

Author authdavidda (9 months)
Der Helm heißt Glaube ich Fritz

Author Vampirewolfking (1 year)
Germany is also Bavaria, Baden, Saxony and many other states, Prussia did
not form Germany alone.

Author trzcinarowice (2 years)
@ZackMyslinski What about UK ?

Author fuerst metternich (5 months)
in guyana(south america) some of the indians call muslims "nimak haram",
nimak means salt and haram is arabic for something forbidden or criminal.
they take your salt and then turn on you! salt was a peace offering in
olden days

Author soschautesaus (2 years)
@horselips Germany has always been a European hub for mass immigration. Let
it be the French Huguenots or Polish workers to the Ruhrpott or more
centuries ago different European tribes. So there's nothing wrong with
immigrants. The German Kaiser btw. was allied with Turkey. The problem is
not atheism. Its the religious believes of a minority of the immigrants
today. The majority of immigrants are great. To offer to fight fire with
fire ie Christian religion is just ridiculous.

Author Adrahil86 (9 months)
Das stimmt nicht ganz, soweit ich weiß, hat die Bundeswehr zu Anfang ihrer
Gründung amerikanische Helme getragen. Aber ich finde es gut das man in
Uniform und Tradition nicht alte Dinge einfach weggelassen hat. Ist ja
nicht alles 39-45 gewesen !

Author gutterslide miller (7 months)
Right! But the name of the march is "Marsch des Yorck´schen Korps",
composed by Ludwig van Beethoven. Ludwig Graf Yorck von Wartenburg was a
commander of a so called "Freikorps" in the Napoleon wars. This march is
dedicated to him and his men. Greetings from Cologne!

Author Bob Sacamano (1 year)

Author haydn d (2 years)
I agree and as a young soldier visiting your lovely ancient towns and
villages I saw great evidence of age and tradition. I have respect for
Germans generally, and for the country and traditions. Greetings from

Author Nico Berger (1 year)
Geiler marsch!Weiter so jungs

Author schlawa (1 year)
Ist von 1994. (Verabschiedung der Aliierten aus Berlin)

Author WeekNightGaming (1 year)

Author ostwestexpress (11 months)
That's right what you are saying !!!

Author Willi Vogel (11 months)
Gute Einstellung!!

Author MuchoFunkie (1 year)
Fuck off dickhead

Author Doribi117 (2 years)
@rempageable Germany is not a historical error, The German Confederation
existed way before those times and the German people were umongst the most
well trained and powerful military forces on the face of the planet back in
the day, and before the confederation they were united under the banner of
the Holy Roman Empire, which was neither Holy nor Roman, despite the name.
Germany= historically rich state

Author Annimaria100 (5 months)
The French Huguenots were skilled craftsmen and worked in Germany . The
Poles often worked in the Ruhrpott coal mines. The German Kaiser called
himself "the friend of 200 million Moslems". He himself was the sultan's
friend. But : Keep separated . Everybody for himself. The differences of
the cultures are too big. 100 years ago they were more intelligent.

Author Werdernator (1 year)
Warum die alten amerikanischen Helme?

Author horselips (2 years)
Black uniforms.! Steel helmets! Torchlight parades! Imperial marches! These
modern day posers strut about as if they were real Germans. While they play
soldier, Turks and Arabs are overrunning their pathetic nanny state.
Enervated by socialism & atheism, Germans don't even bother to reproduce at
replacement rates & are headed for extinction by the middle of the next
century. Restore your Kaiser! Fill your churches! Drive out your Muslim
invaders! KNOCK UP YOUR WOMEN. Save yourselves.

Author Jeremy Rodriguez (1 year)
I am proud to be German to!! :)

Author SorcererDave (1 year)
Their marching is a little... conservative, to say the least, and I'm
surprised they still go around with the burning torches. I always figured
that was a Nazi-era thing, but maybe I'm wrong. Music kicks ass though.

Author Iron Deutsch (6 months)
Torches are a normal and wonderful part of a german military ceremony.

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