Marsch des Yorck'schen Korps

March in Military Band and Guard Battailon of the German Federal Armed Forces.

Music: Marsch des Yorck'schen Korps or Yorckscher Marsch or The March for Military Band No.1 in F major (studio recording)
Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven in 1808

Ludwig van Beethoven's "Yorkscher Marsch" is named in honor of Prussian General Ludwig Graf Yorck von Wartenburg.
This ceremony is a several hundred years old prussian military tradition and has nothing to do with "Nazis" from Third Reich or ww2, and also please realize, that the German armed forces are in the tradition of the military resistance against Hitler and the Nazi reign of terror.

I'm sorry, you can`t buy a proper DVD of this!

More from the Farewell ceremony allied troops from Berlin 1994:
Colonel Bogey March:
Stars and Stripes Forever:
Sambre et Meuse:
Helm ab zum Gebet!:

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Author Miratesus (2 months)

Author Erik Vuchich (1 month)

Author Kameraden (3 months)
Would be more beautiful with Goose stepping but then again that isn't
exactly an old tradition but more of a German Imperial tradition and later
Nazi. Pity it's a Taboo for Germany to do it while other countries around
it and else were can. 

Author krischan67 (5 days)
I usually don't like military marches that much. To my taste, they give a
wrong feeling of grandeur, but this one is an exception because it's
composed by Ludwig van Beethoven, the greatest composer of all times. This
is the musically most advanced march which has ever been composed. You
don't have to be a friend of armies playing songs to praise themselves (and
neither am I), but this is a musical masterpiece. You can ignore the
Brandenburg Gate scene, the soldiers etc., but you can enjoy the music!

Kein anderes Land der Welt hat so einen Marsch und keins wird je einen
haben, einfach nur weil Beethoven nicht mehr unter uns weilt!

Author therearnonamesleft (6 months)
Keep your traditions strong Germany! Everyone is so afraid of being
remotely nationalistic due to the legacy of the Nazis. Things have gone too
far though, people dont know their own culture or traditions anymore,
multiculturalism only adds further confusion :(

Author Weggat Weckert (2 months)
Sollte es öfters geben!!!!!

Author Chris lel (2 months)
Fuck all you liberals and socialists. This was a Prussian tradition and had
nothing to do with the Nazi's. You have ruined German culture you bastards!
You can't stop at that! Must you destroy it's marches too?

Author Eyyoh55 (10 months)
...and Tommy has to leave, ´cause Fritz is ready for a new Blitz!

Author Müller Uwe (1 month)
Ich bin Preusse mit Herz und Seele und bekomme immer Gänsehaut bei so was.
Es lebe Preussen
.Den Stechschritt hab ich noch gelernt in der NVA und kann ihn bis heute

Author Chicagokid7649 (9 months)
Germany is definitely a country I want to go to. Flights to Berlin are
cheap and travel agencies said around $1500 would be enough for one week in
Berlin excluding airfare.

Author Saltalastrancas (3 months)
Việt Nam và của quân sự theo mùa, Hồ chí lãnh đạo Min, Võ Nguyên Giáp là
anh hùng tuyệt vời của tổ quốc. Tổng của nụ cười vĩnh cửu

Author Richard Vaitl (2 months)
composed by Beethoven

Author jaamnik601 (8 months)
Wo ist die Parademarsch????

Author 이사이런 (2 months)
멋있다. 독일 최고!^^

Author John Faulkner (5 months)
October is the time to go and you will have a great time not sure you will
remember it I never have but do get flash backs.

Author Lukas Pedron (1 year)
Fantastisch !

Author markus radziejewski (5 months)
Ich war 1994 dabei und es war ein unvergessliches Erlebnis 

Author Johnny Rep (18 days)
Where is the "pep" in their step?

Author Iron Deutsch (11 months)
So möchte ich als Kanzler oder Präsident ins Amt kommen.

Author Hans Wurst (5 months)
Schön das die Bundeswehr, alte Preussische (Deutsche) Kultur erhalten hat.
Eine aus Jahrhunderten erwachsene Kultur konnte nicht in 13 restlos
untergehen !

Author ihsvictrix (6 months)
Where can I see this with original sound? Thanks.

Author markus radziejewski (5 months)
Ich war 1994 dabei und es war ein unvergessliches Erlebnis 

Author Sam Smith (11 months)
When the Prussians regained control of Berlin from Napoleon they placed the
Iron Cross and Eagle atop the gate to remind the Germans they were one
people and one nation united against tyranny.

Author Julius Caesar (1 year)
It's not the same without the Prussian 'goose step'. They should bring it
back - it has nothing to do with the Nazis, war crimes, holocaust etc. A
nation is nothing without its traditions.

Author norkakara (7 months)
superbe tradition c'est magnifique .

Author Friesenmicha (10 months)
Ganz großes Kino. Bilder die mich bewegen .Danke für das Uppen

Author Carl Brand (1 year)
If you want to see the Stechschritt, watch the video of the Chilean Army
which still holds Prussian tradition in highest regard.

Author Sven Bender (8 months)
Composer L.v. Beethoven

Author feurzauber (1 year)
Beethoven's hymn !!! 

Author JOE BLOW (10 months)
That's so beautiful.

Author TheSupersoldier1234 (1 year)
Now take over Europe all over again

Author treehugger3615 (11 months)
Thank you for uploading this video.

Author Emanuel Nunes Silva (7 months)
Ao contrário da decadente República do Brasil, a República da Alemanha
preza por suas raízes históricas, suas tradições Monárquicas e Imperiais:
Esta República de Mentira Brasileira, alienígena às nossas Raízes
Históricas e a Legítima Identidade Nacional, seguiu convertendo nas escolas
segundo seus mórbidos interesses sabotando a História... Reduziu o povo
numa legião desorientada, sem identidade, sem referência de pátria, sem
vontade própria, sem orgulho ou amor pelo seu país... Sem nada. Isso é
destruir uma nação na sua essência. Numa tentativa de consertar esta grande
lambança, os militares antes do Golpe de 31 março de 1964 (mais um
Contra-Golpe aplicado no Golpe de 15 de novembro de 1889), tentaram
devolver a Monarquia aos brasileiros.

Banda Militar do Batalhão de Guardas das Forças Armadas Federais Alemãs.

Música: Marsch des Yorck'schen Korps ou Yorckscher Marsch ou a Marcha pela
Banda Militar No.1 em Fá Maior (gravação em estúdio)
Compositor: Ludwig van Beethoven em 1808
Ludwig van Beethoven "Yorkscher Marsch" tem esse nome em homenagem ao
general prussiano Ludwig Graf Yorck von Wartenburg.
Esta cerimônia é uma tradição militar da Prússia que já acontece há séculos
e não tem nada a ver com o nazismo do Terceiro Reich ou WW2.

A Prússia foi um Estado que surgiu a partir da Prússia Oriental e que, ao
longo de séculos, exerceu forte influência sobre a história da Alemanha e
da Europa. A última capital da Prússia foi Berlim e os dois soberanos foram
a Ordem dos Cavaleiros Teutônicos e a Casa von Hohenzollern.
A Prússia, como Estado, foi abolida de facto pelos nazistas em 1934 e de
jure pelos Aliados em 1947. A partir de então, o uso do termo é relacionado
aos contextos históricos, geográficos e culturais.

Em 1226, Conrado da Mazóvia convidou a Ordem dos Cavaleiros Teutônicos, à
época instalados na Transilvânia, a conquistar as tribos prussianas nas
suas fronteiras. Ao longo de sessenta anos de lutas contra os prussianos,
os cavaleiros criaram um Estado semi-independente que passou a controlar o
que viria a chamar-se Prússia, bem como o que são hoje a Estônia, a
Letônia, a Lituânia e a parte setentrional da Polônia.

Reino da Prússia: Em 1701, Brandemburgo-Prússia tornou-se o Reino da
Prússia, sob Frederico I, com a permissão do Sacro Imperador Romano
Leopoldo I da Germânia e do Eleitor Saxão Augusto, o Forte, rei da Polônia.
Mais tarde, com Frederico II (Frederico, o Grande), a Prússia tomou à
Áustria a província da Silésia, derrotando-a na Guerra dos Sete Anos,
concluída em 1763. A Prússia emergiu do conflito como a potência dominante
no leste da Alemanha, acrescentando territórios em outras áreas germânicas
por meio de casamentos e herança, inclusive a Pomerânia e a costa do Mar

Author Kissinpoika Pöff (11 months)
Ich muss mich um Entcshuldigung anbiteen, dafur dass ich auf >Deutcsh uber
den Verhandlungen Talvivaaras ermittelen haben könnte. Bitte Seien Sie mit

Author Kissinpoika Pöff (1 year)
Olen tietenkin yksin ajatusteni ja vanhojen herrojen vietävissä. Kunpa
sattuisikin niin. >Mutta asioita ei voi tietää ennalta.

Author maor peer (10 months)
what year is it?

Author Kissinpoika Pöff (1 year)
Olen jatkuvasti pyhässä yhteydessä Saksan ja sen kansalaisten kanssa, ja
noudatan sen lakeja. PSRK, se on Pyhä Saksalais-Roomalainen Keisarikunta.

Author Kissinpoika Pöff (1 year)

Author rongeotom6 (11 months)
Wow. All you need is the goose step. Why though. Is it to meant in someway
to pacify nationalist feelings? This has to be the bottom line.
Love ya Germany

Author Kissinpoika Pöff (1 year)
Just an example of what the Google translators can do

Author Kissinpoika Pöff (1 year)
I haoth ways, visited a dancing place (many Russian customers with
uniforms)d a really nice afternoon. I drove accross the Karl-Marx-Allee b

Author Kissinpoika Pöff (1 year)
Like so many others, I sneaked away into East-Berlin via Friedrichstrasse
u. Zimmerstr., where one was to accommodate to every inspection the officer

Author Kissinpoika Pöff (1 year)
In, say, 1987, I was in a position right in front of these soldiers. I
think it was the Pariser Platz, oder Platz von der B. Tor. For the other
side, no information and no nothing was available. We knew something from
history books. We also knew that the communists were there all the time.

Author Kissinpoika Pöff (1 year)
I am being examined. This will take anything between 2 minutus up to

Author Kissinpoika Pöff (1 year)
Anything URGENT here I will never express in English, or German, but in
Finnish, because of the urgency. Languages foreign to us wil
lnot understand, there is confusion, and the necessary actions take place
without consultatuion. Life is not a matter of nationality.

Author Kissinpoika Pöff (1 year)
It must be proven. No problem with me wits. Its an imternal problem with
the Google and its associates.

Author Kissinpoika Pöff (1 year)
Mahe video has been doctored ms and Sirs. It very mucc feels like tthe
video has been fuzzed in a way that so irt cant be understood anymore.
Garbage is due to Goolgle, I canb write, and I can red. Anyway... lost the

Author upeterse (2 years)
It's because of Jewish power that millions of no good moslems invade
Germany for the considerable social benefits which are substantially higher
than those given to poor black Americans.

Author knubbelkeks69 (1 year)
Yeah it would be.Though I doubt the Bundeswehr will ever adapt it again as
it is widely thought that it was a thing of the Nazi Regime. Even though it
was something that had tradition even back in the days Prussia and other
countries use it as well.

Author Manfred Von Richthofen (2 years)
All german people should be proud of be it. Wonderful marsch from spain

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