Eritrean Traditional song 'mamet' by Woldai Oqubazghi.mpg

From YATANA 2: Woldai Oqubazghi from Eritrea sings his traditional love song ' mamet'.

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Runtime: 7:02
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Author Leila .Habib (23 days)
where the hell is Eritrean is that even a country never Heard of it

Author saleh halifa (2 days)
I'm from north Sudan and I like eritirian music.and you don't say that.

Author 1welwel (14 days)
What a beautiful traditional song and dance from our country side (our
roots) i am born and raised Asmarino.But my mom and dad met and got married
in a similar Eritrean village before they migrated to Asmara.They are both
good looking.That is why i am soo handsome ha ha.God bless our ancestors.

Author Leila .Habib (23 days)
ugly song..

Author Mahsri Mahari (3 months)

Author sarasolomn (4 months)
it's Great traditional song peace and.....Love to all my people!

Author Mahsri Mahari (4 months)
i love you eritrean gila

Author Ace Ace (5 months)

Author Ace Ace (5 months)

Author wedibashay (5 months)
what a beautiful romatic voice. AgenA wedi ere

Author feben negash (9 months)
the girls are beautiul:)

Author eri wedi (9 months)
Where ever am eritrean

Author feben negash (9 months)
i love this music:)

Author Nadia Daniel (11 months)
People stop saying that Eritrea and Ethiopia will be one. They are two
countries that need to learn to be peaceful neighbors, work together for
the greater good for the people and be an example for the not just Africa
but for the rest of the world.

Author lukect2 (2 years)
dawit ressum beautiful

Author Brhane Geray (1 year)
well done eritreans living in refugee camp in Ethiopia ,you produced the
amazing eritrean traditional music.keep it up woldai oqubazghi

Author josanwayne (1 year)
ERITREA *___* :-* :*

Author Nas Wedierey (2 years)
I like this song it,s rimand me all what i was doing when i was yaung this
is my home town keep it up yatana intertement

Author josanwayne (1 year)
love this song wow best

Author Samuel Fissahaye (1 year)
Love it so much!

Author miguinare (1 year)
I want arrived to Eritrea to see these smiles.

Author samora sami (1 year)
The video was made in Eritrean refugee camp in Tigray, Ethiopia. There are
70,000 eritreans there in Ethiopia.

Author Yeneworkamare Chanie (1 year)
yikochegnal b/c poleticians cut in two{TPLF&EPRDF}

Author lukect2 (2 years)

Author Ahmed R (2 years)
ااااه يا قلبي :( لما قال مانداتديري تيكيديريقوربااا :( جابها عالجرح

Author winta habte (2 years)
love this song

Author rausuasmara (1 year)
I love this sooooooo much

Author ליאור גורי (2 years)

Author ELIO DI PIETRO (1 year)
bello ,shichoorinat eriguayla song !!!!! lukullù xzubook bravo

Author Haben Gaim (3 years)
I'm beggin you please upload all the videos from YATANA 2, i lsot my dvd
and this is all i have now :(

Author mehad947 (1 year)
I love this song and the kids

Author ethio11son (1 year)
Nice song. Eritrea and ethiopia shall be one again

Author John Smith (1 year)
Ma moms music

Author rausuasmara (1 year)
I love this song it is good

Author filmon temsgen (1 year)
I love de song n dancer

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