(parking)backing up tractor trailer at 90 degree

similar situation with a sleeper

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Author WicKedM3 (6 days)
took you more than a while, judging by the cut at 2:50 nevertheless it was
a difficult spot, nice.

Author rjr27nh22 (1 month)
Bad set up and not a good instructional video...

Author Spencer Mabanglo (2 months)
too long !

Author masgras toader (2 months)
era frumos din partea ta sa arati si tinerilor romani din experienta
ta...(dar daca stiti numai engleza ce sa facem...)

Author billyboby28 (3 months)
I have the upmost respect for truck drivers, day cab, sleeper, doubles,
flatbed, etc.. some people can't back up a prius, to manuever these big
rigs, and do it safetly, and making it look easy,

Author Ndikubwimana Blaise (3 months)

Author Kornel (3 months)
Myślałem że ciągnik się zsunie :D

Author atvkid0805 (3 months)
I surprised my trainer the other day when I did my first unassisted back
into a hole at a truck stop while he was asleep. should've seen the look on
this guys face, man was he shocked! 

Author Jeff Cho (4 months)
damn, my guys do this every day.. it take them not even 45 sec 

Author colin mulholland (4 months)
what is he trying to do, make it look harder, that is easy to do and it
could have been done a lot easier.

Author Lucien Alacard (5 months)
He could have backed in on his blind side since He doesn't have a sleeper
to block his view.

Author fleea65 (5 months)
What is so special about what he is doing?

Author kuhntovah (9 months)
Whats so special about that? Any monkey can get a semi in there, backing a
b-double or an A-train there would be a whole different story, especially
if you,re backing on the blind side with mirrors only(right hand drive)
that takes some driving skill, doing this shit is easy.

Author maury9817 (5 months)
good job

Author jtankhall (6 months)
In aday cab that is cake. I could have done it in half the maneuvers and
not touched the grass. I do crap twice as tight in a 25' sleeper with the
fifth wheel back. I may have to post a vid or 2 now

Author scits1 (7 months)
we have hells kitchen maybe it's time for a "truck drivers hells delivery"
I bet millions would watch worldwide

Author michael johnson (2 years)
Man, Your frecking awsome. Very Very nice

Author inktoxicated (2 years)
did he give up or did he make the dock?

Author journeyquest1 (2 years)
Alot of these loading docks were built when shorter trailers were used. Big
Corp greed will cause more problems in the end.

Author MFP1520 (2 years)
you only get two free pull ups

Author Marty Richards (2 years)
you should be sorry. Didn't you notice how little space he had? This is one
of a variety of methods you will need to learn when there is not space for
a standard serpentine set-up.

Author Huey Love (1 year)
Pretty skillful if you ask me. I would not have even attempt some shit like
that. Wasn't there a bunch of other docs there opened and available? Crazy

Author miki996r (1 year)
HAHEHEAHAHAHAHAH! You're a insecure bitch, hence your need to label
yourself as "MrBigdaddy" and make up stories on the internet abut yourself.
It's your way of putting yourself in a false position of superiority. Go
kill yourself.

Author 0987654321hotmail (1 year)
pfff i can do that. Here, hold my beer.

Author omnipilot (1 year)
fine job,that takes skill on so many levels...

Author Bill Davis (1 year)
those day-cab drivers are the best

Author whitey77717 (1 year)

Author 690169 (2 years)

Author grunthor68 (2 years)
@690160. You're an idiot, all you keep saying is longer trailers are easier
to handle than short ones, which is true. But you're missing the point
here, which is space to maneuver. I could get this in with my sleeper, but
it would be a challenge. I know that I could back into this hole with a
pup/yard truck easier than with a 53/sleeper. You must suck at short

Author guayacan07 (2 years)
Some of us are trying to learn and this video is great for that purpose. I
see no ego anywhere

Author 690169 (2 years)
@codmod2killer Once you mastered backing the smaller trailers you' be
shocked how easy the big ones are

Author scanlonized (3 years)
that place is a pain in the ass. took me 20 minutes to get square.

Author Chad Van Dyke (1 year)
How about some 4-ways on next time?? Nobody uses them anymore.

Author GBPackerfan75 (1 year)
That wasn't too bad. You knew you'd have to jack knife it once you saw the
limited space available. I think it just took a little longer due to over
steering. A common problem.

Author chevymanunit (1 year)
I don't think a sleeper would have made that either. I hate docks like this
with a hill in front of it.

Author MrGirthtrude (1 year)
The smart ones drive trucks to live, they don't live for truckin'. To us,
owning a truck has more disadvantages than advandates.

Author TheSolarmechanic (2 years)
Way to go nice very nice > To the people who actually think they know WTF
there talking about . You can stop licking the windows on the little yellow

Author FloppyHatPhotos (2 years)
Nice job but I would tell them to unload out in parking lot.

Author camlpg (10 months)
North American tractor trailers are dual-wheeled on each side. The 3 wheels
on each axle tractor trailer is not seen on the roads of NA. Perhaps this
is due to the fact Europe is smaller and the roads/buildings/alleys are
more tighter.

Author Roscoe Van Damme (2 years)
Wow. Nice job!

Author Ryan Soto (1 year)
blindside that and id be impressed

Author ray simmonds (1 year)
me too ,an european driver

Author Ontheroad0001 (2 years)

Author TQ Masterz (2 years)

Author drdave2468 (1 year)
Took a long time

Author supertruckerrolling (1 year)
you're not getting in there with a w9 its bigger than that freightliner

Author Gord Rich (1 year)
What a fucking retard that designed that building .... putting a loading
dock where there is no room for the trucks to square off there tractor and
trailer before backing in. Deffinetly wasn't a truck driver or thought of
the truck drivers that have to back in !

Author adam t (2 years)
No one should have that hard of a time in a day cab. Good learning
experience i guess.

Author Scott Coverdale (1 year)
That yard has a fucking stupid setup. Either that or they're not use to
having long trailers come in

Author stevefromPA2 (2 years)
@Ragweed66 when i was hauling cars..there is a Nissan Dealership in
Somerset Nj...on rte 22..Every car carrier isnt the same..ramp skids out my
tractor was close 85ft long. 22 is a 3 lane highway with drivers doing 60
to 80 have to come to the dealership on the right stop in the
highway , jack ur tractor left across the other 2 lanes stopin highway
traffic then back in.. understand that u have the whole dealership entrance
90% blocked..I had a manager tell me he wanted my trailer

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