Grave Digger Freestyle (Backflip) - Monster Jam Philadelphia 2012

Dennis Anderson has a vintage Dennis Anderson freestyle with some huge air, great momentum and even, A BACKFLIP.

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Author Gaming Andrei (1 month)
He didn't land it :(

Author Moody Owl (4 days)

Author Rafael oliveira (3 months)
o como e o nome da musica ous 00:04 segundos

Author Hoa Binh Nguyen (23 days)

Author zac morrell (1 month)
Grave Digger Freestyle (Backflip) - Monster Jam Philadelphia 2012

Author Richard Andrews (1 month)
Must be nice to WAIST all that money on a nice truck like that then go Tare
it up....

Author Lendo Perry (2 months)
I seen this already because I w0as ther wene it happend

Author Leonardo Teixeira (3 months)
What's the name of song on 0:04?

Author Noe Bustillos (3 months)
Northern nightmare sucks he's a luzer

Author Hector Mendoza (3 months)

Author Richard Chavez (3 months)

Author Noe Bustillos (3 months)
Northern nightmare sucks he's a luzer

Author Darrell Fults (4 months)
My little bro likes monster truck

Author jon doe (7 months)
My F150 Raptor can do that!

Author Noe Bustillos (3 months)
Northern nightmare suck

Author Chris Wines (5 months)
If grave digger goes slow for a backflip still he does 1 1/2 if goes fast 1

Author Max Mojo (5 months)
a quien le gustan los montruo-camiones?

Author Samantha Brewer (5 months)
How tall are these trucks and how much air do they get 

Author hydrapenelope (1 month)

Author elfejer badreddine (6 months)
used to play this game on windows millenium :D

Author madisonblue96 (2 months)
Grave digger is by far my favorite monster truck!

Author EDL UCM (7 months)
NORTHERN NIGHTMARE is way better he can actually land a front flip and back

Author Ryan Wehr (8 months)
I cant believe how much air these trucks get

Author monsterjam1fan (8 months)
your video was used during a Nashville preview of Monster Jam on live TV
and knew it was your vid right away.

Author Shift Twistt (8 months)
Yaaaa I was here in was in the back row to the left of the stadium :)

Author Mark Walker (3 months)
lmao never thought a heavy ass monster truck could over rotate lmao

Author Kain Day (8 months)
i was there this show was definatley fun

Author musicman3005 (9 months)
that was awesome !!!

Author Jonathan Öhrn (9 months)
Go Dennis!

Author Mykol L (9 months)
that was f-in awesome

Author musclethings1 (10 months)

Author musclethings1 (10 months)
Grave Digger is the BEST!!!!!!!!

Author jlui02 (9 months)

Author Michael Pierakos (1 year)

Author James Dicker (1 year)
That backflip was fucking awesome

Author Oromero1 (1 year)
Pablo in the "Digger" used to have some of the BEST freestyles ever!

Author lopezd91 (2 years)
are you getting footage from east rutherford???

Author Nibor Ice (1 year)
Monster mutt

Author tempo1889 (1 year)
Actually it isn't. His son did it first in Grave Digger and landed it a few
years back.

Author Run1NGunFr34K (1 year)
it has been the same song for like.... ever! How do you not know this?

Author jabawaki164 (1 year)
Max d is awsome

Author maxd4ever (2 years)
Wow I love the shock setup on this truck. He should keep it like this

Author KadyiumOfficial (2 years)
Tom Meents-Las Vegas 2009 lol

Author 125miley (2 years)
he looked like he was going for a double

Author monsterjam0000 (2 years)
Nice backflip from Anderson! Great videos, keep up the good work! What
camera do you have to record?

Author Jarek The Gaming Dragon (1 year)
How the fuck do you not know this?

Author kamryn lee (1 year)
i cant want for this monster jam

Author FastN Furious (2 years)
its about time noww all the anersons have done one or has adam not done one
yet? a successful one cause i know he did one in baltimore

Author lakeelsonirestorm (1 year)
But he did do a Corkscrew/360 Thing at WF 13 But it wasen't him :(

Author mthwildcat827 (2 years)
Probably a Max-D fan. lol

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