The Pledge - Poem written by Elvis

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Author lucy presley (2 months)
I saw the interview by Billie Smith! He said he was just a kid, told Elvis
something in confidence, Elvis said he wouldn't tell it and did! Billie
would not speak to him for months, felt very betrayed....Elvis wrote it and
sealed it with each others's his pledge even in death!

Author Ann Thompson (2 months)
I have never read that Elvis wrote poetry.

Author ahasmithy1 (17 days)
beautiful music :)

Author janice peck (1 month)

Author janice peck (1 month)

Author Rita Fellin (1 month)
Heart touching!!💔💙

Author JODY CRAWFORD (2 months)

Author Cheryl Phillips (2 months)
Beautiful poem!

Author janice peck (1 month)

Author Alan S. (6 months)
Again another beautiful video. Thanks so much. I love the piano music. A
wonderful song.

Author Rita Fellin (3 months)

Author Jane Ewart (6 months)
so so lovely x

Author Jacqueline Clements (6 months)
Was not a fan as a young person but did learn to appreciate his beautiful
music and voice ...... browsing/listening today I came upon this poem he
wrote which really touched me.

Author Gisela Kocks (7 months)

Author Glen Cauthon (6 months)

Author myriam manou (7 months)

Author dave burns (7 months)
great !

Author Lisa Anthony (7 months)
So moving!So touching! beautiful soul.

Author michael figaro (7 months)

Author Janet Hallmark (7 months)

Author Liisa Auvinen (3 months)

Author Margaret Gaskell (4 months)

Author Elvis Presely (4 months)
U Can C That Every thing About this Man,,named Elvis Aron Presley
Is BEAUTIFUL...OUTSIDE & INSIDE.....Elvis had no ego, didn't think
, that he was better than Any body Else,....4 Elvis new he had
talent, but still was just A Human Being Like All Mankind...Once Elvis
said that he was not the KING---JESUS Was...

Author Louis Edward Foster (10 months)
"A Message From Elvis" by J.R.Leonard
A Message From Elvis - J.R. LEONARD

Author Maggie Mae (10 months)
I am wondering. Where you got the poem. I would. Think it would be in
Elvis' home .it is a beautiful poem. I like the pictures. I love elvis. 

Author joyce gilbert (7 months)
Beautiful poem!!!!!Thanks for sharing

Author maria domenica (11 months)

Author Luca Dioguardi (1 year)
Guarda questo video su YouTube:

Author Stephen Ellis (7 months)
♛ ♛ ♛ THE KING OF MUSIC ♛ ♛ ♛
♛♫ EL== V ═ ═ ஜ ۩ ♔ ۩ ஜ ═ ═ V==♫♛ ISEP
+++ Selah (To think upon)

Author MissEleane (3 years)
I love this poem written by Elvis very very much. I think Elvis could write
wonderful poems and songs. I strongly believe in that. He was very talanted

Author carl langford (1 year)
that was so powerfull and moving, it brought a tear to my eye. bless his
soul, and thankyou for sharing this lovely poem

Author FaElvis1 (2 years)
A beautiful tribute to this man called Elvis Presley Thank you so much.
Happy new year, my friend. Fátima

Author Karen Davis (1 year)
I can't see the words very well.. Too small

Author Abdelinoful (1 year)
And they said that Elvis can't wrote anything...

Author nope (2 years)
Don't want to burst anyone's bubble, but how do we know Elvis wrote this?

Author MissEleane (3 years)
@1943AngelEyes Bobbie, thank you for you words... Such a wonderful words
about Elvis! I'm with you absolutely.

Author CptnDaz (1 year)
Incredible poem, this man had a heart, a poets heart. a soul like fire ever
burning, and a voice of an angel. D

Author Elize Marais (1 year)
Thank you Miss E - this is absolutely beautiful. How come you know so much?
Are you the Mystery Lady perhaps? These are wonderful wedding vows - but I
will never do THAT again! So will just read it over and over. xxx

Author Lucky Buddha (1 year)
so amazing and beautiful...TCB

Author fiftysal (11 months)
Love the piano music.

Author 1943AngelEyes (3 years)
Dear Miss Eleane. This has to be the most beautiful poem I have ever read.
The heart of a man so kind and wonderful, will always come to mind when
anyone reads this. I believe that ELVIS PRESLEY was truly sent BY GOD FOR
GOD and he fulfilled his work and did it without complaints and without
mistakes. He Walked as he Lived . He LOVED PEOPLE and so did the LORD.
ELVIS was sent to bring about a new DAWN and a beautiful star now and
continually shines down upon us. Thank you for your Love. Bobbie

Author George Vreeland Hill (1 year)
This is wonderful. Heaven must be an amazing place because Elvis is there.
George Vreeland Hill

Author Mohamed Allouache (1 year)
it is great thenk you my KING

Author ELVISAPLOVER5 (3 years)
So beautiful..! Some say Elvis couldn't write untrue! Elvis was a
true unequaled talent..nobody comes close!Thanks for this..i love it! Elvis
Always Baby!! xxoo

Author Leland Harmon (2 years)
Beautiful. We lost Elvis 35 years ago today, God Bless him.

Author Medouar Scherif (11 months)
great music, may he rest in peace Elvis Presley

Author bigdaddyangel73 (11 months)
wow my Girlfriend was wowed by this .... thank you Elvis for getting me
vout of the dog house.and reading this i have much more appreciation for
her now

Author AdemPresley (3 years)
Excellent upload, my friend *********

Author Chris Clarke (2 years)
Thank you thank you thank you for sharing this, it is beautiful, tears are
streaming down my face. I love and miss Elvis so very very much.

Author MissEleane (3 years)
@knowingElvis Oh thank you so much for your kind words! Glad you like it.

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