Block your license plate from cameras - Photo Mask Cover review

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This is a product review of the Photo Mask Cover, which is a camera-blocking license plate cover. It will prevent you from getting traffic light and toll booth camera-tickets, and protect your privacy as well.

I got mine a while back and I am happy with it. works well.

Check them out at

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Author Garlicjr Made (1 month)
Cheaper, Safer solution. Sun screen or sun block, Sun screen blocks uv
rays as we all know, but it also blocks any type of light also, and if you
know anything about cameras you will know they are all about light. Spray
it or rub it all over your plate, with the naked eye you cant tell any
thing is on your plate, but to cameras it will just be a big black
rectangle. Cheers.

Author TheWhoLive73 (3 months)
Excellent my friend.... However here in Florida were I live it might be
illegal..I guess the only way to know for sure is to put it to the test..If
they pull me over asking about the cover on my plate I will cooperate with
the officer. I never been in trouble with the law 50yrs on earth, so if you
have nothing to hide, Fuck them and there camara's..Its a intrusion and
complete scam to go to your mailbox and get a $145.00 dollar ticket for not
obeying the 3 second rule at a stop sign...I was ready to throw the mailbox
in the street when I found out a camera caught me rolling through the
sign.."Sons of Bitches" Were do I order this Fucken thing. I'm in!!

Author jpsmart59 (3 months)
You can't beat your Big Brother, he is bigger and stronger than you and
will beat you Only the Lord can defeat the coming NWO!

Author 1Smoking Lizard (13 days)
Guys, this stuff won't hide your license plate identity. I work for a
private company that does nothing but vision inspections. With today's
vision software; there is image correction, multiple electromagnetic
spectrum analysis, and other technologies to capture anything coupled with
computing algorithms. Besides, the stupid On-Star shit attached in GM cars
is already a government GPS tracker. You can't hide anymore.

Author Deepwest (21 day)
Got pulled over in Maryland for this cover. Did not get a ticket, but they
made me to take it off. Cop said, state needs my money and won't tolerate
my disappearance from thousands of hidden cameras. 

Author Dieter Krzyz (1 month)
If you go through a red light you should get a fucking ticket thats how you
kill people you dumb american cock

Author DWings (1 month)
I'd just call on ppl to eventually start lone wolf destroying the cameras,
air rifle can get them at a good distance! 

Author 3914hwood (1 month)
This does in fact not defeat traffic cameras at all.

Author RussianCat2 (1 month)
Why not just get a radar detector that warns you when you are approaching a
traffic camera.

Author Jordan Wagner (3 months)
guess what thats illegal. BOOM fail

Author restlesswikiinfo (1 day)
Almost every traffic camera in North America actually do not record the
driver photo. If they did then they could give the driver demerits. Also,
can you please just take your medicine for doing
something potentially dangerous and not run a red or go over the limit for
speeding. Also, do you really want people to get away with driving drunk. 

Author Infidel Atheist (3 days)
Margret Thatcher used license plate readers during the Coal Miners Strike
in the 1980s to track the cars of union members moving around the UK .

Author Ernesto Gutierrez (3 months)
You all stupid, all you need to do is take the license plate number, making
a clone of the original (very 1st one),friends that have high performance
cars do it here in LA , it's pretty big

Author Kid Cisco (17 days)
Thanks for the info. However, this video is too long. You keep repeting
things over and over again. It could have easily been 3 min long TOPS. Just
make it more efficient. Thanks again!

Author Lawe olelo (3 months)
You mentioned, "...I don't want the government to collect all this
information on me;;;" duh ... who do you think issued you the license
plate? Deceptive conduct will cause your thinking to be paranoid. Guess
what, obstruction to license plate is the first tag you are going to get
... speeding tickets is your driving and nothing todo with the license
plate ... you'll get it ... sooner or later ...

Author Jon Kirby (1 month)
Have you considered a couple of IR led lights on your car? It would be
invisible to the eye, and block all cameras from filming or snapping a
picture. Some state do not allow the covers.

Author tomwielful (1 month)
covering your plate with anything is illegal

Author samdomding (9 months)
I have a better idea, if you put a couple of powerful Infra red lamps or
LED's all around your number plate, this will blind the camera's auto
retina, system, and will produce a picture that shows the bright surround
with numbers not visible, but dan it, some cameras are now filterd for
infra red light!

Author Kean Campling (1 month)
Land of the free and the home of the brave my ass.

Author Scorch1028 (1 month)
The rectangular section of my photo mask cover that bends the light and
distorts the photo flash, turned "yellow" and in spite of many scrubbings
and bleachings, I cannot turn it clear like it was when I first bought it 2
years ago. I believe that it turned yellow from the combination of
weather, humidity, and years of exposure to direct sunlight. I also think
that because of the color and texture of the rectangular plastic strip,
that it cannot be made "clear" again, so I am stuck with the yellow film
which is a dead give-away that that I am masking my license plate. I took
the yellowed plate cover off so that I would not get stopped or ticketed by
the police.

Author Bruce Aiken (4 months)
Government is illegal and all those that work or support it are the enemy
of God.

Author ruben hernandez (2 months)
Informative but useless .....

Author guidelineuk (4 months)

Author Sam m (5 months)
problem is most jurisdictions this is ILLEGAL, here is a solution don't
drive like a douche!

Author bioschlock (8 months)
is this illigal in Australia?

Author Sandman Actual (8 months)
im just sayin', but if the government really wants to take a picture of
your plate, they WILL find a way to outlaw these

Author Julio Marchi (2 months)
The Law Enforcement is based on the folowing statement: "It is illegal to
mount license plates frames, colored glass, plastic or any other type of
covering on your license plates that alters or obscures the letters,
numbers, decals or the state where the vehicle is registered, and when the
registration expires.". As such, the device is illegal simply because it is
a "plastic covering the license plate" (not even talking about the
obfuscation aspect of it).

Please, notice I am not saying one shouldn't try to avoid being tracked (in
a privacy matter). What I am saying is that if a person is really concerned
about being tracked, they should first think about blocking their
windshields against photos (as most cameras take photos from several
angles, includding from the driver) and be less concerned about the license
plate. Block the license plate alone sounds to me as a basic attempt to
freely "speed" and "run red lights", which by itself is stupid and
shouldn't be attempted, period!

Lets be realistic here: a person nowadays can be tracked by cell phone (and
other devices), by face recognition, by credit-card usage, by devices in
the car and even be followed in the old fashion way... That's why, IMO,
this "license plate cover" is not more than a law breaker tool instead of a
personal protective device.

Author Big-T Beatz (3 months)
This was a great idea. I wish I would've thought of this.

Author Charles Robinson (3 months)
Good deal anyway I can screw over the political prostitutes is good news to

Author Steven Iron Horse (3 months)
Oh yeah. That'll get your ass pulled over immediately. 

Author bravo kiera (4 months)
website been taken down

Author sun Tao (4 months)
This cover sells for $50-what a freaking rip-off!

Author Mega Destroyer (14 days)
TheLordHumungus..You're a complete idiot..The Govt doesn't give one sweet
fuck about your hippy ass. Shut up.

Author Jared Guess (7 months)
This is an ingenious idea, and it does work if properly installed, spaced
etc. However, I never bothered with this because a friend of mine locally
bought one.. and rarely got pulled over before, after he installed it..
because it obscures the view of the license plate even from the next lane..
police WILL pull you over for that alone. Once you are pulled over it's
open game for the police to try and search your car, person, etc. So, to
me, these , for some, cause more harm than "benefit". Your mileage may
vary. :)

Author kaplash (4 months)
Chk; john harris 1/5 Lectures ; google 

Author tony smith (4 months)
they gave me a ticket here on miami florida, 150 dollar and points, i send
the ticket to the ticket clinic and dint have to pay the actual ticket and
no points, however i had to pay court fee, 280 dollars, yeah not worth it,
just go to home depot and get a super gloss clear and spray it on ur plate,
and you'll be okay with all the cameras that have flash, its cheaper than
buying photo bloker and it works!

Author ScopedKilz (4 months)
I'm pised right now. I just got a ticket for my truck saying that I was
going 90 mph! I can barely get to 60 in that thing. The guy that was
speeding wasn't in the camera shot and I was! Thanks I will put these on.

Author SB Tuning (7 months)
He looks like the kid from Toy Story :P

Author Gabriel Pop (5 months)
Block your license plate from cameras - Photo Mas…:

Author drrobotnikmeanbeanma (13 days)
Can a police scannner still detect your license plates with the photo mask
cover ?

Author Jacob Gonsior (7 months)
i noticed your fl gators blanket and i bet you're mad they just got beat by

Author Restita DeJesus (6 months)
"Accidentally" slip through a light? And "getting out of a ticket *isn't*
the main reason behind this"? Good luck getting over the Canadian border or
any border that notes your license plate with a camera at the guard box.

Author Deeman Riv (6 months)
WORD IS: the government is planning on bar coding all vehicles on roof and
easy to read locations. even your helmet for motorcycles riders. License
plates will be a thing of the past. So says big brother. deeman 

Author pickin4you (4 months)
Yep, these are illegal. If a cop off to the side of the road, watching
traffic going by, cannot read your plate, its blocking, so its not legal.
The only reason I know you would need one of these, if you are breaking the
law, or hiding from warrant.

Author Eric Reicher (6 months)
I live in CROOK COUNTY, Illinois. Chicago is broke, the state is broke and
the state pensioneers don't give a rat's ass about the taxpayers. They are
used in Chicago and surrounding counties to pay for crushing debt burdens
and public pensions. If the taxing authorities want these speed cameras up,
they should also install LED WARNING signs that tell you how many seconds
until the light changes to yellow. This would give us TAXPAYERS time to
slow down or sale through the green light. The speed trap cameras make
everything more DANGEROUS.

Author TheFilipinoBoxer (8 months)
i love the idea but im sure the cops here in texas will pull me over in a
heart beat if they see anything obstructing the license plate

Author jay disanto (9 months)
I have had these. I was pulled over several times for tinted windows
before one officers eventually confiscated it. I has saved me alot of
money. One time it saved me from a parking ticket because the officers
read it from the side and was off by a digit on the ticket. LOL!!!!!!!

Author charly evans (1 month)
ha ha is this sold in Canada? if not ill have to order from the USA.

Author Bryan Barnard (6 months)
Sadly, these are illegal in Texas:

Author Restita DeJesus (6 months)
"Accidentally" slip through a light? And "getting out of a ticket *isn't*
the main reason behind this"? Good luck getting over the Canadian border or
any border that notes your license plate with a camera at the guard box.

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