Block your license plate from cameras - Photo Mask Cover review


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This is a product review of the Photo Mask Cover, which is a camera-blocking license plate cover. It will prevent you from getting traffic light and toll booth camera-tickets, and protect your privacy as well.

I got mine a while back and I am happy with it. works well.

Check them out at

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Author bioschlock (4 months)
is this illigal in Australia?

Author samdomding (4 months)
I have a better idea, if you put a couple of powerful Infra red lamps or
LED's all around your number plate, this will blind the camera's auto
retina, system, and will produce a picture that shows the bright surround
with numbers not visible, but dan it, some cameras are now filterd for
infra red light!

Author Sandman Actual (4 months)
im just sayin', but if the government really wants to take a picture of
your plate, they WILL find a way to outlaw these

Author Matthias Dailey (6 months)
I think I remember that the fresnell lens did not block the camera, via

Author guidelineuk (19 days)

Author TheFilipinoBoxer (4 months)
i love the idea but im sure the cops here in texas will pull me over in a
heart beat if they see anything obstructing the license plate

Author Angel Storm (7 months)
great freaking Idea , great Christmas present for my little cousins !

Author DaringSaturns (3 months)
Your a paranoid dumb fuck that thinks the government is out to get them.
You really think anyone is going to believe that gay fucking excuse. Admit
it, your a piece of shit that wants to drive by your own rules. And with
them busting your dumb ass for red lights would be a good thing. I hate
having to wait at a green light because fuckers think they can just drive
through the red.

And the government doesn't give a shit about your info, since they already
have everything about you. These covers were made just to bock the cameras
to avoid tickets.

Author SB Tuning (3 months)
He looks like the kid from Toy Story :P

Author Jacob Gonsior (3 months)
i noticed your fl gators blanket and i bet you're mad they just got beat by

Author Casey Clymore (6 months)
lol, the government is interested in seeing people drive to mcdonald's, and

Author Kelly Fletcher (5 months)
I like it but I think they are illegal. But Im not sure
I think they will just get you pulled over

Author rectal scope (2 months)
I'm not a conspiracy faggot like yourself but i'd freely handover all my
info to the gov if it helps ticket scumbags like you. My only beef is that
along with the revenue the camera tickets generate, points on the vehicle
owners license should be accessed regardless who was actually driving. If
your the owner and loan your car to an asshole, too fucking bad...!

Author 2Smart4Uapes (7 months)
I heard the krylon crystal clear spray paint works good.. can someone
confirm this ?? if not which spray paint to use? P.S Fk corporate codes. 

Author DontDent MyCar (5 months)
today our citizens are becoming increasingly paranoid. 1:38 "we don't need
to be treated like slaves" so get a license plate blocker? You know hiding
evidence is a crime, so using this is in effect a crime, and if you did
something illegal like run a red light how could someone prove you did it
in a 'court of law' if you blocked your license plate? So what you really
mean is 'if I'm dumb and do something intentional or not intentional I want
to make it as hard a possible to be held responsible for my negligent and
reckless actions'. If you 'slip through a light' and smash into a family,
no problem right? Maybe you should just focus on yourself and becoming an
adult who will take responsibility for all your own actions and ignore the
very unlikely notion that the government is watching you. BTW plate covers
are illegal in NY and probably many other states.

Author Max Headroom (8 months)
Too bad it's 50 bucks x2. I just use black spray paint.

Author bravo kiera (2 days)
website been taken down

Author sun Tao (7 days)
This cover sells for $50-what a freaking rip-off!

Author Restita DeJesus (1 month)
"Accidentally" slip through a light? And "getting out of a ticket *isn't*
the main reason behind this"? Good luck getting over the Canadian border or
any border that notes your license plate with a camera at the guard box.

Author Eric Reicher (2 months)
I live in CROOK COUNTY, Illinois. Chicago is broke, the state is broke and
the state pensioneers don't give a rat's ass about the taxpayers. They are
used in Chicago and surrounding counties to pay for crushing debt burdens
and public pensions. If the taxing authorities want these speed cameras up,
they should also install LED WARNING signs that tell you how many seconds
until the light changes to yellow. This would give us TAXPAYERS time to
slow down or sale through the green light. The speed trap cameras make
everything more DANGEROUS.

Author Gabriel Pop (29 days)
Block your license plate from cameras - Photo Mas…:

Author Sam m (28 days)
problem is most jurisdictions this is ILLEGAL, here is a solution don't
drive like a douche!

Author tony smith (23 days)
they gave me a ticket here on miami florida, 150 dollar and points, i send
the ticket to the ticket clinic and dint have to pay the actual ticket and
no points, however i had to pay court fee, 280 dollars, yeah not worth it,
just go to home depot and get a super gloss clear and spray it on ur plate,
and you'll be okay with all the cameras that have flash, its cheaper than
buying photo bloker and it works!

Author Bruce Aiken (21 day)
Government is illegal and all those that work or support it are the enemy
of God.

Author absinthe64 (5 months)
Obstructing a license plate in any way is illegal in most States. Obey
traffic laws and none of this is necessary.

Author John Galt (7 months)

Author kaplash (12 days)
Chk; john harris 1/5 Lectures ; google 

Author Carlton Wilson (5 months)
Seems like a guaranteed way to get pulled over and ticketed to me. I agree
that government intrusion into our lives is out of control, but obscuring
one's license plate is only going to invite more scrutiny.

Author Deeman Riv (1 month)
WORD IS: the government is planning on bar coding all vehicles on roof and
easy to read locations. even your helmet for motorcycles riders. License
plates will be a thing of the past. So says big brother. deeman 

Author Larry Ogden (8 months)

Author Rev. Mercado (8 months)
I recommend using a series of high lumen IR LEDs very easy to set up they
are nearly invisible from a close range and they produce a halo effect that
only the cameras can see the more you have the better. Here is a link to
show you what I mean. Infrared License Plate Blocker. Beats ALDR, Red-light
and Speed traffic Cameras.

Author Remkye Henriquez (5 months)
Lol and then they say America is a free country, my ass there are cameras
everywhere , police got no mercy in Williamson county here in Texas, is
stupid, makes me wanna get a freaking horse

Author Conner Harkness (7 months)
I agree. This is not about breaking the law at all- this is about privacy.
People that use cameras and exploit technology to invade privacy are
subjected to being served by people that use plate covers to exploit the
laws of physics and the refraction of light.

I will happily pay a ticket if they catch me willingly breaking the law,
but in some instances, photo radars might flash a car stuck in an
intersection. To track people without their consent is unlawful by the
constitution. Amendment IV clearly states that "The right of the people to
be secure in their *persons*, houses, papers, and effects, against
unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated...". Unless the
camera was put up for a specific reason, the search for you and your
possession (your car) is unreasonable.

These traffic cameras are designed to help the police meet their quotas.
They serve multiple functions, such as: Capturing speeding drivers,
observing traffic patterns, and recording footage. They capture everybody
and their everyday commutes to and from work. There is no way that the
camera was designed to keep the public safe from YOU.

If you are challenging a ticket, I suggest requesting information on when
the last time they checked for faulty equipment and also request that they
get the equipment checked before the court ruling. Not only will it buy you
time, but the expense of having the camera checked might cost more than
your "traffic violation" and the charges might be dropped... if you're

Author Christopher711 (7 months)
The snow has just piled up on my back license plate and I just let it stay
there. :)

Author 911mporsche (7 months)
I completely agree on this. Its a good idea and invention. so in that case
I bought 4 of these for my 2 vehicles. thanks so much

Author 2012ANONYMOUSA (6 months)

Author Undi Valencia (4 months)
Go Gators!

Author Angel Ashley (5 months)
So cool. Thanks for sharing! I want one.

Author Rat City Productions (4 months)
yep, this shit don't work....

Author Shiftin Gearz (6 months)
LOL In many states its illegal to cover tags with ANYTHING. The first cop
that pulls behind you will have a feast. That cover is so obvious with the
magnification that its announcing the disortion of the tag. I get red light
camara tickets monthly. Under the VTL the single must turn red and allow
two full seconds for the vechicles front tire to be over the white line.
Everytime Im in the middle of intersection seeeing flashes then the
violation in mail. Mudda Fackers

Author superzapper (7 months)
A cheap way to block cameras at night is use brighter bulbs . mine had two
5 watt bulbs and by mistake I used two 30 watt bulbs which are so bright
you can barely see the plate . it really works because a cop stopped me and
said he couldn't see my plate . I pleaded ignorant and said the car came
like that when I bought it and he just shrugged and let me go .

Author MrProv271 (7 months)
Double rainbow comment at 4:49, hilarious!

Author buz Boutw (5 months)
all you got to do is spray some WD-40 on parts of your plate then the dirt
will build on your plate and hide you numbers
easy as pie... just don't spray all your plate just small parts like over a
number or letter or two or just part of some of them

Author jay disanto (5 months)
I have had these. I was pulled over several times for tinted windows
before one officers eventually confiscated it. I has saved me alot of
money. One time it saved me from a parking ticket because the officers
read it from the side and was off by a digit on the ticket. LOL!!!!!!!

Author John Turner (8 months)
It isn't about breaking the law. It is about preventing corporations and
the government from tracking where you go in your personal vehicle. Cameras
can log your license plate whether you break the law or not, and all of
that goes into a database that can be searched and used against you later
if they feel like it. Anonymity is a right. The government should not be
tracking where you go and there's nothing wrong with making it more
difficult for them to do it.

Author lockgiants (2 months)
So basically if a cop sees your plate from any angle outside of being right
behind you you're going to get a ticket. This sounds pretty smart.

Author Stealthplate (7 months)
Nice Video . Also check out the Stealth Plate For sale at
Stealthperformanceproducts thats dot com !!!

Author Bryan Barnard (2 months)
Sadly, these are illegal in Texas:

Author haywood16 (2 months)
Its illegal in NYS to place any cover...even clear on a plate.

Author GypsyKing7 (5 months)
Fuck The Piggggggggggggggggggggggggggggs!

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