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Author Richard Rauch (1 year)
does it have Bluetooth?

Author Yuko Tilton (1 year)
Will you show us how the GPS works?

Author Jboogiemomma (1 year)
how can i watch on this tablet? it keeps going back to the home screen
every time I try to open it.

Author Unan1mouz (1 year)
What was the specs of the bigger tablet? Does Big Lots ships
internationally? Interesting mini tablet! But is it useable for browsing
websites that has lots of text? Considering the resolution is only 480x272

Author shinyfuzzy (1 year)

Author milkweed728 (1 year)
it only has a front facing camera

Author April Walden (8 months)
i need help setting up the wireless hotspot,every time i try it gives my
laptop limited access.

Author carlos Romero (1 year)
thank you i have one of those tablets to and i was looking for a video
about it i tought it was a bad tablet

Author adorbjune96 (1 year)
Does it have bluetooth, and if so how do i access it?

Author Oso Takano (1 year)
I bought one on Black Friday - that was 12 days ago - I am getting ready to
go back to Big Lots for the FIFTH time to return it...when this thing
works, it is great - but it will just up and suddenly stop working, dead as
a doornail, and the only thing to do is take it back to the store. I love
it when it works...but this business of lasting only a few days?

Author Crissy Gurnaski (11 months)
Does anyone know if and how you take a screen shot on this tablet?

Author pulcinetto3 (5 months)
Useless video, a complete waste of time! "oprime" is just reading the
product label in a very annoying voice, with a horrible diction. People
like him should be banned from wasting network resources and people's time.

Author iFlurrify (10 months)
Idk if you can :/

Author Alicia Campos (1 year)
i bought this tabletand its soo slow i had a question..why doesnt my wifi
work on facebok and twitter?

Author Scott Jones (1 year)
What format do videos have to be to store and play?

Author zFFXz . (1 year)

Author Shaun Dewing (7 months)
no u cant

Author Alicia Campos (1 year)
I need help i bought this on christmas eve and the screen got locked & it
wont let me log in using my google account help?

Author milkweed728 (1 year)
yes google voice will work on this

Author Alicia Campos (1 year)
Do not buy it worthless

Author Tania Medina (1 year)
how did u add the andriod market?

Author Mxfly55 (1 year)
does the tablet have a front facing and back facing camera??

Author lsloan0000 (1 year)
The voice in this video is so annoying! I wanted info on this tablet, but I
can't stand to listen to this for almost ten minutes.

Author 19psi (1 year)
Works great, thanks for mentioning that version.

Author mike degrazia (1 year)
very good comprehensive review, thanks!

Author teresa miracle (1 year)
i got emerson 4.3 i were to down load songs how do i do it. its works very
will with everything.

Author Jboogiemomma (1 year)
Where can i get the Netflix apk version 1.8.1? I have the same tablet, but
the Netflix on the amazon app store doesn't open, but it downloaded

Author Sunny Flowers (1 year)
I downloaded the firmware from the website and it totally screwed the
tablet up. The touch screen will no longer work!

Author Name (1 year)
Ive had mine a month, used it maybe 10 times, it wont power on, even while
plugged in to a charger

Author OdaKa (1 year)
Would the Camera on this be able to make a video with quality comparable to
this one that I'm commenting on?

Author 19psi (1 year)
Just bought one today and there is no built in GPS. Not sure why he
mentioned it in the description. It is a slick tablet though. Capacitive
touch screen is phenomenal and it's extremely fast with no lag. Wifi power
is excellent too.

Author thebrianhurst (1 year)
i bought one on black friday this tablet sucks i will be returning it cant
access google play and it wont connect to certain wifi connections for the
price i guess it isnt bad but it didnt tickle my fancy your better off
forking out an extra 50 bucks or so and get something better stay away from
this tablet

Author R. Zeke Fread (1 year)
Thanks, My first ever tablet and got in on Black Friday for $45.00. Still
trying to figure it out, however, ya'll have made me feel I did pick a
decent Tablet to start with.

Author Mark Podmore (1 year)
I just gave two of these away for Christmas presents. I hope the recipients
like them!

Author logan hardin (1 year)
i forgot my password and i dont know how to unlock it someone help me and
tell me how to unlock it

Author swsalprin (1 year)
can you use google voice on this?

Author MyTrx1 (1 year)
have 1 of these, awsome idea. play games mostly on it.

Author SwingingInTheHood (1 year)
Any ideas on how to get a bluetooth dongle to work on this tablet?

Author Maceo Forte (1 year)
i have the same problem as far as the firmware upgrade. touch screen is
totally locked!!!

Author Alicia Campos (1 year)
Download the firmware i did the second time and my screen didnt screwed up

Author Mitchelhc (1 year)
Download firmware from the manufacturers website. It's going to reset to
factory settings though. Southern telecom. Go to google and type in emerson
em543 and it's the second link down.

Author Thomas Draper (1 year)
Has anyone been able to get Netflix or Flash 11.1 on theirs? I haven't had
any luck!

Author Robert Chicas (1 year)
@Moises Romero

Author whomee2 (1 year)
i have one of these and use it every day, mainly as an ereader and for
music or audiobooks at night. wonderful little tablet if you dont plan on
using it to take over the world or anything. these little tablets arent
meant for serious power apps and what-not, so don't expect them to do too
much. I love it and works great for what I need it for: a light, compact
version of a kindle fire.

Author TheJarlsDen (1 year)
just the front facing

Author Jboogiemomma (1 year)

Author Enrique garcia (1 year)
i give it a 5 star ....just the other day i bought one n i love it...
people should give it a try n you wont regret it....its just like an
android phone but in a tablet...text plus supported for free text near a
wifi hot spot and since it has a mic built in you can call also....

Author Shaun Dewing (7 months)
i hate it its a pice of shit

Author hugo fernandez (1 year)
is good o bad...please answer...thanks

Author WaWaWaAwsome (1 year)
how do i install drivers? when i plug in USB to my PC HELP!

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