Gerald Celente Trends- Economic Crisis, World War, Gold Price, US Dollar Collapse 2015

Visit Mr. Celente at Gerald Celente has been right for 20+ years, this is his 2013 outlook. An impending world war could happen within the next few years because of what is happening in the financial system. Listen to the full interview here:

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Author JimmMyHero (2 years)
I didn't realize that was sarcastic because the news is unreliable...

Author dogfromhell loveis (2 years)
i dont know about ww3 but i know a war is coming for the us to keep
printing and have a decent currency and hold on to oil dollar they need to
control the source of all oil countrys, usa controls saudis, barely irak,
and dosent control venezuela or iran, the reaon why usa is in afg. and irak
is to control the resources there but also to invade iran iran was in the
cards since 90s, usa fear is that china and russia who want out of the us
dollar wont let usa control iran, thats ww3

Author mj22jk (2 years)
I hasnt started but its heating up and it will happen from this week up to
six months.

Author Richard Coffman (1 year)
Not one mention of north korea

Author sfiorare (1 year)
what a joke he said the world was going to end in 2011

Author Drone Xavier (1 year)
You could say it already started?

Author Christopher .WalkenPNW (2 years)
The key phrase in what I wrote is "too many restless males in a population
that aren't doing anything." It's not the overall percentage of males to
females that matters, it's how useful the males are. I'm not saying I
completely believe in it, but there seems to be some truth to it. I agree
with you on the natural resources.

Author World Escape (1 year)
well they need to sell weapons, it is all they make now a days. Ways to
kill citizens faster. It is crazy, weapons are bought by world wide
governments using the people taxes to be used against it's people.

Author Jeremy Farrance (2 years)
And the banks will be financing and profiteering off all sides.

Author Morn Wood (1 year)
@Chronmonster185 Unfortunately it will be havoc to say the least. It's self
evident nuclear warfare is on the merge. The world is coming to a close
within the next 10 years. I guarentee you, it's so sad to see a government
laden in shit. America has started this for this world to become shit.
Greed is what has made us what we are.

Author Beo Nguyen (1 year)
jahtruth DOT net/ww3-2 DOT htm

Author Beo Nguyen (1 year)
the Bible said 1/3 of the population will vanish?

Author Christopher .WalkenPNW (2 years)
One interesting theory I remember hearing is that large wars happen when
there's essentially too many restless males in a population that aren't
doing anything. Any animal population needs a large number of females to
keep the population size stable, but the amount of males required is much
less (which is why when you're hunting typically females are off limits).
The recent recession has hit males a lot harder due to construction and
manufacturing job loss so it may be possible a war is coming.

Author MrCryospark (2 years)
Are you saying that hasn't happened? It's a matter of degrees and

Author Nizar Abboud (1 year)
I can see regional wars happening, but with many countries possessing
nuclear capabilities it is hard to imagine WWIII. What may happen is
internal strife in every region, or state. Then the larger powers will have
to do deals based on proxy wars success. The Syrian conflict is an example.
If it is going to threaten Gulf states, Turkey and Israel, then a deal
could come into play to stop. If the West manages to topple the Syrian
government, they will not be interested in a deal.

Author hotheadedjoelhaha (2 years)
Everyone can be off with exact dates, just as G.C. He is Correct in what he
says. Just for fun, when was the last time he was outright Wrong? Not on
timing but on subject. Watch the E.U. with GERMANY Leading.

Author SilverCoinNews (2 years)
lol I just saw ur comment now. I like GC, I see where you're coming from
but he does talk about all the important issues, plus he gets a lotta views

Author maria610421 (1 year)
What ever they have done once they always do it again, why because humanity
are morons, blinded by money & lack common sense.

Author JimmMyHero (2 years)
I actually get most of my info from Mr. Celente on his youtube channel. But
yea there has been tons of fighting for a while, troops being going into
position, battle ships surrounding nations. but for some reason it's being
neglected. In terms of unemployment and depression, that is certainly
current news

Author slabsides1 (1 year)
The devil is in the details. The fact IS, around the world the middle class
is being pushed into poverty. The entire globe for the most part is in debt
that CAN NEVER be repaid. The QE pumping of (fiat) paper currency into the
economy is a house of cards that WILL fall at ANY moment. World war is the
only way to clean up the mess and start from scratch with a fresh piece of

Author MissSilverQueen (2 years)
Great Video, may everyone be as prepared as possible! <3 MissSilverQueen

Author World Escape (1 year)
did he say "this Year" .

Author Arkymidis (1 year)
How do giant empires fall? They crumble. Different sections turn on each
other, because they are different cultures, and different genetic groups,
so they cannot possibly be all under one government without conflict. Which
is also why Communism doesn't work, not just why Imperialism doesn't.
Communism can only work when everyone is the same tribe or family, causing
them to not be in competition to be the future of the species.

Author dogfromhell loveis (2 years)
remember china has the capability to gather 200 million well armed
soldiers, plus russia can get anot 7 million easily plus nuclear arsenal,
if china wanted they could simply invade every country in asia and nobody
would do anything about it, if the usa picks a fight with china its a
loosing battle for both sides, on land ua will loose in sea they might win,
but in the end everything will be destroyed, but usa needs irans oil to
survive or else the dollar is dead

Author Arkymidis (1 year)
That's why the United States government is eliminating jobs (to redirect
what job people do), recruiting into the military like mad, increasing arms
production and sells like crazy, preparing concentration camps (they had
Japanese-Americans in camps in WWII - they better not do that again!), and
stocking up heavily on bullets. Is New World Order real? Yes. But, they've
been preparing for this war for years, on side of the N.W.O. stuff.

Author William Herman (1 year)
Les hope he is wrong

Author MrNDUDE16 (1 year)

Author dogfromhell loveis (2 years)
no jc isnt a troll, after all he died for all of us, the man was nailed to
a cross and you call him a troll? lol no respect no more. gerald celente is
great isnt he?

Author Nick Knight (1 year)
oh there we go factual statistics. then afterwards the magical icing drops
would scoop everyone up and take them on an adventure to sky cake world..
Something similar to that i think, hmm. Regardless Its all the same story.

Author silver john (2 years)
Celente looks like a doll

Author k91hugo (2 years)
lol this is fearmongering guys....yes ww3 is possible but he is just
preparing us like someone is preparing sheep for slaughter....there is no
country in EU, in which are millions of people demonmstrating and here are
no people without food. i live in EU. the problems are big but we have
food, we have houses and in the streets are mainly students and young
people without jobs. they are some thousands not millions.

Author Suff (1 year)
The reason for WW3 will be America not minding its own fucking business.

Author Arkymidis (1 year)
Continued. I would say there's a kind of duo-government in each country.
The N.W.O. puppets are one government group, with one agenda... But, then
there's the non-puppets, who are actually operating as the government of
their country. And, those latter ones are not really as concerned with the
whole plot of Europe to conquer all the world under Europe. Some want to
themselves conquer. And, many are preparing to DEFEND, rather than conquer.

Author SilverCoinNews (2 years)
Really WW3 is going on right now? I haven't checked the news today.

Author The1NdNly (1 year)
syra and iran will be the kick off for ww3. china and Russia wont let iran
fall and iran wont let syria fall. regional war will happen there and it
will spread.

Author SilverCoinNews (2 years)
one more comment like this and you're blocked. He called you rotten, no
need to wish death on someone.

Author Siegetower (2 years)
The men also need to be young. Places like Iran have a younger population
than Europe, America and the Anglosphere.

Author MRSEXY4EVER (1 year)
i like Celente, but he has literally (verbatim) been saying the same thing
since 2009 and none of his predictions have come to pass.

Author SilverCoinNews (2 years)
amazing comment, thank you.

Author matisyahup613 (1 year)
gerald celente has an impressive record of his predictions coming true. I'm
definitely concerned about this.

Author drkam6 (2 years)
While all these things may indeed happen, JC keeps failing in his dates. I
thought we'd already be in full civil wars, scavenging for food... as he
predicted for 2012. Happy New Year.

Author money man (1 year)
We better not join any war.

Author 666100hell (1 year)
i remember a few years ago celente said buy gold now look at it he also
said there's gonna be riots less jobs people loosing there homes mass
poverty looting he was spot on!

Author JimmMyHero (2 years)
I would love to discuss a topic normally but it's impossible with some

Author Arnautovic9 (1 year)
And this WR will be the most deadliest one ever. Lets hope it never happens

Author jattatheart111 (1 year)
and india and pakistan. India is having its own turmoil with minorities,
the Kashmiris, the tamils, The SIkhs, the Maoist all want independence. The
movement is growing stronger in India everyday. And lets not forget the
civil unrest in pakistan...this is going to be a huge war.

Author matisyahup613 (2 years)
The day Israel attacks Iran, ww3 starts.

Author Blaine Rouault (1 year)
I think you're insights there are pretty close.

Author Dahmian John (1 year)
The downfall always comes once we start to think the learnings from history
no longer apply e.g "This time it's different". The market will rally, the
herd will respond, exponential growth will be achieved and then the fall.
It will all begin when we hear "This time it's different".

Author 1berd4 (1 year)
Why can't we just All get along if we think together don't things start to
at least look a lil better to me I'll take it to save what we have left in
this once beauty to a far distance from a place we All live yet call are we for getting about our feature grandkids now I kan say At
least I ant a shellfish -gayfish-prick to me that's like calling a girl the
c word and that's bad

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