Otto Goes CRAZY

My cat Otto FREAKS OUT when a neighbor cat stops by our window!

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Author BavanajSpinx* (1 month)
She doesnt like intruders. Or cats doesnt like intruders.

Author charlie uchiha (3 months)
XD I was watching this in my living room at night and Otto and egon (
mostly Otto) made my Westie Krystal jump and bark XD

Author didier Duval (6 months)
he is attcking the screen and standing on his hind legs... 

Author xxMK7Masterxx 100 (2 months)
this is completly normal for cats that dont know eachother, for example,
the beggining otto vs egon, they were fighting, so i gave proof, again this
is normal

Author Abdullahi Isse (6 months)
let the cat in

Author Jeremy Chincilla (1 month)
That little cat outside is like my cat Randy!

Author Thomas Nawrockyj (1 month)
Lol that was so funny😁😁😁

Author Luis Alonzo (1 month)
both cats
this is so funny

Author charlie uchiha (3 months)
Nearly woke up the neighbors

Author Nicholas Ricci (3 months)

Author Insanekoy0te (3 months)
Thanks for scaring the shit out of me 👌

Author Emily Klauzer (4 months)
I jumped so hard the first time Otto screamed xD 

Author Ethan Taylor (5 months)
Do your pet spiders have fan pages too?

Author Dai Thiensu (11 months)
The strange cat scares me so much 0:14-0:16

Author Supah Awesomeness (5 months)
If some of you had sense, you could tell that if he let the cat in his cats
would attack it!

Author Okbah Saleh (4 months)
My cat is the master of the cats in my naborhood

Author Jarkko Väänänen (5 months)
it sounds like the outside cat is crying

Author BladedsnakeGames (9 months)
O.o Those noises.

Author diego jaco (5 months)
is otto a female because it might make cence 

Author Copper Creeper (7 months)
My friends cat knows the stranger cat

Author timothy fu (4 months)
that cat sounds like a baby crying

Author didier Duval (6 months)
my cat started hissing when he saw this lol!

Author I'm Fishdogpigsquirrel (7 months)
"Eugene, what the fuck is that little Scott boy doin outside?"

"Oh just filmin his little pussies again. What a faggot."

Author TJ Cashaman (9 months)
They sound like toddlers!

Author lesley hernandez (4 months)

Author Asuna Yuuki (6 months)

Author Pennyforth (7 months)
Not sure if Egon shares the sentiment, or just telling Otto to shut the
hell up!

Author itiZz al Qodir (5 months)

Author Eduardo Zaragoza (5 months)
thats mean

Author Daven Thiran (6 months)
I love your cat otto

Author Sponge PvP (4 months)
Sounds like a baby crying XD

Author hunter mcgill (9 months)
He might like her

Author Tran Hiep (4 months)
Never get her looking Moooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnn

Author Darcel Colenso (5 months)

Author shashwat pandey (6 months)

Author josh burree (9 months)

Author aris mantis (7 months)
how is saying noo

Author AJoan Senaah W. (1 year)

Author zephall (11 months)
Sound like female cat is saying "i luv yuu"

Author Nick the Mii (11 months)
He has a gaming channel!

Author Lynn Slaton (7 months)
It was funny when Otto meowed

Author Oliver Packman (8 months)
No no noooooOOoOooo XD

Author Tran Hiep (4 months)
That Otto just like a wofl!!!!!!!!!!!!'

Author rene avalos (1 year)
Jack Scott

Author Michael Hubbard (10 months)
That is hilarious. Our cat, Kippy, who sadly, has passed on, would do the
same thing whenever a strange cat came outside our patio door. So funny it

Author BearGrillz IM BACK! (8 months)
How do you know its a Her?

Author Bubba Watson (7 months)
oooo long johnsonnn!

Author Ergo Sum Adrieyl (1 year)
"Get outta here Tara. No bitch I SAID GO OR I'LL CUT YOUR THROAT!"

Author donny van (2 years)
cute kitty cat

Author Maia Herringfish (2 years)

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