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Author BladedsnakeGames (20 days)
O.o Those noises.

Author AJoan (4 months)

Author Dai Thiensu (3 months)
The strange cat scares me so much 0:14-0:16

Author hunter mcgill (21 day)
He might like her

Author josh burree (1 month)

Author NickolayMiner5 Diamond Channel™ (3 months)
He has a gaming channel!

Author TJ Cashaman (1 month)
They sound like toddlers!

Author rene avalos (4 months)
Jack Scott

Author zephall (3 months)
Sound like female cat is saying "i luv yuu"

Author Oliver Packman (9 days)
No no noooooOOoOooo XD

Author Ergo Sum Adrieyl (4 months)
"Get outta here Tara. No bitch I SAID GO OR I'LL CUT YOUR THROAT!"

Author donny van (1 year)
cute kitty cat

Author apriliscool18 (11 months)
Lol, Otto said no in the begging

Author Maia Herringfish (1 year)

Author madcats131 (11 months)
I think Otto is saying "STRANGER CAT DANGER!"

Author Zmbklr12 (1 year)
they are more like gaurd dogs than cats

Author david galvez (1 year)
it sounds like Otto and Egon are saying noooo

Author ilovetocraft01 (1 year)
ROFL that's awesome

Author Lafalot54 (9 months)
lol I love how Otto's angry meow sounds. My cat doesn't sound like that,
she mostly growls and hisses if she is mad. And that black and white girl
cat is sooooo cute!!! :)

Author Chargal4 (1 year)
"Hey little girl!" "Hello!"

Author marlazinger5 (1 year)
feed her please :(

Author Yliannostus59 (1 year)
Haha while watching this vid my cat came to see this too. and his face was
like O.O

Author TheTekkGames (1 year)
Hahaha 0:13 Hahaha

Author 43nostromo (1 year)
Oh Zack, you HAVE to adopt her now. I mean, that meow...

Author SteelHyaena (1 year)
HEEHEEHEEHEE!! All three of mine fluffed up and my Bengal said NYAAAROWR!!

Author Louis Cowling (8 months)
It sounds like the no no cat

Author mjlover818 (1 year)
aww she has a crush on Otto! they could make cute babies :D

Author TheyCallMeNazty (1 year)

Author Betty Tache (1 year)
That noise is frightening at 3am...

Author Catgirljs247 (1 year)
Im watching this and my cats r freaking out trying to find the other cats

Author I cant pick a name (11 months)
pause at 1:13 awwwww

Author Ares Rivers (1 year)
they sound like kids <3

Author Niilo Chidick (1 year)
lol so cute i have 6

Author Nnaakkiittaa111 (1 year)
Hehehe cute!

Author geminidjc (1 year)
lol, after Otto done his first freak out my cat legged it. love to know
what Otto said. :)

Author Robb Bellon (10 months)
Oh my god what am I waching

Author marlazinger5 (1 year)
are you calling me stupid? you are stupid!

Author frikken20 (1 year)
awww it sounds like the cat said hello when he said hello

Author iMitty lubPiex (1 year)
she sooooo cute.........I WANT HER

Author Ali Alden (11 months)
My cat getting crazy all the time when I show her this video lol

Author MilkBlood (1 year)
stupid. if you do that they become dependant on humans and will starve to

Author skidrowsux1977 (1 year)
holy mad cat, batman!

Author Memoodyable (1 year)
Omg the black and white cat looks like sasha -our old cat that we never
owned!! :D

Author SuPeRbAsSdRoPzZ (8 months)

Author Jcoc888 (1 year)
Egon is yelling Nooooooo!

Author jo hellicar (1 year)
Zack:get of CAT its my window Cat Outside:NO its mine now MWHAAA

Author quita Smith (1 year)
my cat is going crazy looking out at the

Author SHIFTKICK (1 year)
RIP headphone users...

chato que chato vai te cata

Author 17hyperchick (1 year)
Awe the poor kitty just wants to come in and play :'(

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