Breath of Fire 3 - FINAL BOSS: Myria

No scenes.
Only the fight.
She's kinda easier than i remember... Oh well. :P

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Author rurounisld (18 days)
Easy one of the best games i ever played. Very balanced with a great story!

Such a huge classic!!! The only bad thing about this game is that damn well

I ve played Bf 2 and 4, 4 was good but 2 pissed me off alot...

Author Robotdemon205 (18 days)
i try to get the game for comp but i cant get the ps emulator

Author swaggerrrr777 (1 year)
its funny, I trained peco to have high defence, hp and attack power If yo
use him right he can be the strongest character in the game,

Author GEtThaFCKout (2 years)
one of the best games for ps1 !!!!

Author Fr0zenNightmare (3 years)
This boss is a really slut. She didn't even wear a bra or something! She
says "Hello!" to you with naked boobies.

Author deinz27 (3 years)
@smashbrolink you should go with 3!!! it's the best series among all of the
others... but for me, this is more like the best game ever!!!!

Author mirr1984 (3 years)
Myrmidon > Kaiser

Author kilkolio (1 year)
yeah warrior is easiest drops out the most damage, but then kaiser can use
all ryu's original spells hence he can act as support and do sick damage,
only when ryu has ridiculous amounts of AP kaiser is usable though

Author janimuuh (2 years)
@manu231188 kaiser is sicker, its power is higher and when u use
controllable kaiser u can use 2x focus and shadowwalk / aura and boom

Author Christian199157 (3 years)
one of the best battle music´s ever!! x3

Author Shadow60f (2 years)
beat this boss easy for the first time ever with ryu, nina and rei sadly
nina seemed a waist to a point but regardless my health was well higher
than that (somehow loong time ago lol) but my damage was the same, used
that command ability on rei so the boss was attacked so much fun when he
attacked first sometimes :( x2 lol

Author smashbrolink (3 years)
This actually looks.......sorta fun. I never really bothered with the
Breath of Fire series before. Never been a fan of traditional Turn-Based
RPG's due to the slow combat speed, with the exception of games like Golden
Sun. Would anyone recommend I start with 3? Or should I start at BoF1 and
work my way through them for the sake of the storyline?

Author kilkolio (2 years)
@Cyril86 building him around dragon forms does lead him to be a good healer
to make good dragon/healer just raise AP up the ass

Author Joe Carne (3 years)
@dannielsqualleonhart How very mature of you *sarcastic clap*

Author Marcel El Assadi (6 months)
Wow, you've been very tactical, I just overleveld the crap out of my Team,
copied a lot of Items in the Fairy Village and grinded all the Wisdom
Fruits can get, Mirmydon and Aura Non Stop till she was dead

Author Peterelli027 (3 years)
why do all of u say" Why dont u do it this or that way"? He beat it didnt
he ? so i think his Tactic was good PS: good battle :D

Author FroslassandGallade (3 years)
Wow, Ryu's health and mana :O my ryu at level 42 had only 135 ap, and his
health was 180 :( I suppose he was trained VERY differently. . .more to
focus on his healing abilities, than for extensive use of kaiser :P Again,
a lot of people think its idiotic to se Ryu for his healing, but I;ve
always found it tp be more effective to overbuff the characters at the
beginning f bosses (except against myria, only once she starts using
holocaust, then I blast Assist magic and celerity)

Author GuiLingKwek (3 years)
@keroro1122 hey thanks for replying : ) i already completed the game and
yup, i managed to return. its all part of the game.

Author DD2225 (1 year)
Best way I defeated her was to equip Rei with fire-based weapon, and have
the other two party members equipped with fire proof/absorbing armor. Have
Rei go weretiger and let him devastate her or give a MAJOR health boost to
one of your own people.

Author Yuri Greghi (10 months)
Try using aura it takes tons of damage

Author AncientRune (8 months)
lol i remember destroying her in one hit well 9 actually as it was a super
combo. Rei's atk was something like 800.

Author MetaWolfakaZERO (2 years)
First rpg and I broke it, lol fail

Author Chrno34 (3 years)
@tubeshark @tubeshark Yeah, look at FF12. Easily the most impressive in
terms of graphics in the FF franchise....but has a schizophrenic plot, the
blandest characters I've ever seen(except for Fran, Basch and Balthier)
that make Squall look like three-dimensional and a gameplay system that
plays itself--rendering the meaning in playing it literally unnecessary.
When it comes to RPGs, graphics should never be the first and foremost
priority. Anyway, nice gamplay video, Cyril86

Author Tiago Fonseca (2 years)
I trained my Ryu to have much AP, only masters of magic (with the exception
of D'Lonzo, to learn skill Steal, my other masters were Emitai and Giotto).
I could transform into ANY dragon long, although he prefers transformations
in Dragon Force(HP balanced, great attack and skill Focus). And the battle
formation was the Chain Formation, with Rei in the group. Whenever we
attacked first and all had extra turns.

Author yamibalus (3 years)
@aznalucardboi That's basically what I said... I mean NOT using Bonebreak
in Kaiser form is a mistake.

Author bladesofadrith (8 months)
It encourages you to take a swing at people as a drunk jerk. Kinda makes
sense XD

Author GamerDude 89 (1 year)
Super Saiyan Ryu @2:30?

Author enriquevt1 (1 year)
Love how the sounds reminds megaman games

Author kingofbudokai (3 years)
@duskcloud0032 at level 44 using just the radiance gene he does 3000+ with
his sword. and if you use 'influence' you can control it.

Author kingofbudokai (3 years)
dude, you have WAY low health, what level are you in this?

Author LeoBreath (1 year)
Hey guys, what you think: Garr or Peco? Nina or Momo?

Author Cyril86 (3 years)
@kingofbudokai I generally just apprenticed under whoever. I know how to
abuse the masters in this game but i usually choose not to. Also the true
"tank" of the game is Peco apprenticed under Fahl(+4 HP, +1 PWR, +3 DEF, -3
INT, -3 AGL) all the way from level 1. (Highest HP in the game, 50% counter
rate, percentage based HP regen)

Author TheOrigGuitarHeroes (8 months)
Myria was a giant pushover. lmao

Author urdakar (3 years)
@MrSnow288 I think yes, I do it with rei and garr

Author fubbyquacker (3 years)
I fought her with this party: Ryu level 38 Momo lvl 31 peco lvl 28 It didnt

Author Payne368 (1 year)
2:23 Ryu goes Super Saiyan !!! LOL

Author Edrian Gaspar (1 year)
i really like this fight with myria as the last boss in BOF 3 ;)

Author kilkolio (1 year)
myria is way scarier and sexier though

Author jun ladines (1 year)
yeah all party member has need to equip magma armor or ring of fire...

Author cortez rex (2 years)
to all of you guys who's playing this game, i defeated myria w/o using any
magic and miracle gene,,, how? because of the weapon that i have... i used
deadly blade for ryu, dragon fang for peco and icicle for rei... all this
weapon has the ability of critical blow % up, i used attack form... ryu's
damage to myria is more than 1500, rei 1200, and peco 2300, peco's power is
stronger than ryu and rei...

Author mmmmmarcus (2 years)
It always pissed me off, how BOF4 got rid of the bitchin dragon designs.. I
was so angry when they decided the make the dragons in 3d, because they did
such a half-assed job. The warrior in BOF3 was badass, but then the warrior
in 4 just floats there and raises his arm.

Author Breathof1470 (2 years)
I have both "Breath of Fire I" and "Breath of Fire II". I think they should
remake the games suitable for the leading systems (PS3, Wii, X-Box 360,
PSP, and the DS or the 3DS). But at the same time, make it into a trilogy
game like "Metroid Prime Trilogy" where all 5 games are on each copy.

Author Tyrant Kragith (1 year)
Why blow all your ap on kaiser, just go for a cheap warrior for 16ap and
spam the crap out of aura, its stupidly overpowerd.

Author kookoon (2 years)
Infinity + Radiance + Trance = GG I won

Author Shin Timberwolf (1 year)
My Team: Rei (skilled on speed and attack), Ryu (attack and defense) and
Garr (defense and attack) (first one more than the second one). Rei:
Weretiger, Ryu: Kaiser, Shadowwalk, Garr: Attack, Support, use Influence
(because Rei) Killed Myria in 6 minutes (on PSP) xD she was very much
easier than i remember in my childhood (on PSX) ;P

Author uzibox (3 years)
Hmmm... The song sounds like "Ultimate Show" From Super Paper Mario

Author janice delos reyes (6 months)
So..This is Deathheaven means myria,deathheaven said deis kill/bit this
girl. :O

Author randomstickfigure (3 years)
where ´s Pecoros try putting him to fahl lv 1 oh yea level 32 397 hp BEED

Author GuiLingKwek (3 years)
Hi guys. I'm playing this game for the first time. Just stepped into Lost
Shore with the black ship. I need to return to Rhapala and Wyndia to meet
my masters. How do I go back?

Author REGIAKURUSU309 (2 years)
@dannielsqualleonhart No Your wrong this gameplay is not cheated its just
that since he started new game every characters path to take like the
teacher has already been planned at the start there are a lot of type of
character through masters since if you planned to choose a master you
should already know the skills you can get

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