NFS ProStreet max settings

Samsung R580-JS04
Intel i5 520m
Nvidia GF330M

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 6:19
Comments: 287

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Author inas kapic (4 months)
Can I do it on mine?
Intel Core Duo 2.8 GHz
4 GB of RAM
Graphic card:512 mb
Please someone answer :)

Author Most Wanted (4 months)
best nfs ever hands down

Author มนต์นคร ทองอยู่ (8 months)
EVO 0-100 IN 2.60S. Top speed 403

Author Мосю Чаушев (5 months)
So this is what it looks like. God damn, it's beautiful!

Author niklasxd45 (4 days)
You think you can Drive ? Then have you Not See me Nissan skylin GTR V-Spec
with 500 kmh

Author Máté Molnár (2 months)
2014 and the game's graphics are not bad but the game is not bad! :)

Author Gauhar Urazkulova (1 month)
nfs undercover копия

Author IaMfallingANDfailing (5 months)
esli b ya ezdil s takoy skorost'u, menya by luboi bot obognal. lol

Author Armaiskaify Armais (1 year)
мой рекорд 7576

Author Lux0r97 (1 year)
Кто заметил гонщика Оливье Ярмитаж Ставь лайк :D

Author LEMON3705 (1 year)
i miss this game, cant get y every1 hates it :(

Author Niek Aalderink (1 year)
I hate ignorant pieces of shit like you. ''buy GT or Forza'' We can decide
what game we buy ourselves for fuck sakes, not everyone is interested in
completely realistic racing games. NFS ProStreet is not even comparable to
Forza or GT, they are different in so many ways.

Author MinecraftAddiction37 (1 year)
My EVO X goes 419 km/h (Stage 4 Parts)

Author maniaksin (1 year)
c 4:40 по 5:20 музыка Лысый лысый лысый а потом Лысина лысина :DD

Author Doc Shemp (1 year)
why do they brake check you?

Author Gašper Medved (9 months)
you're crap!

Author R3DS70N3 (1 year)
my pc samsung serie 7 intel i7 nvidia geforce compatible cuda

Author Brian Nguyen Horan (1 year)
And this is on a laptop. Damnnn

Author кирилл Тронин (1 year)
был я там на porshe 911 gt3 rs я бы его просто бы как стоячего

Author Eze okezie (11 months)
Sorry I dont speak what your speaking can you say that again I didnt
understand you.

Author himynameisdandanbob (1 year)

Author BRUNO PALHETA (1 year)
Carrinho Fraquinho ^^ Skyline Passa dos 400

Author Getsuga Sakura (1 year)
uhhh no.

Author BoobieNizer (1 year)

Author vignerot quentin (1 year)
hein je ^parle francais mwa !!

Author Lu Tianyi (1 year)
No, your graphic card is too low to meet the requirements.

Author Lucas Rocha Prado (1 year)
Turn off the music during the races! ;)

Author fernando dicristofano (1 year)
naada que ver ese evo 419 nada que ver putoo

Author Patrick Kronberg (1 year)

Author KONSTANTIN (1 year)

Author Eight Tray (10 months)
fucc u motherfukker!далбоеб ебучий

Author MinecraftGp2 (1 year)

Author Wolf Riner (1 year)
My lambo goes 411 km/h =)

Author Austin Sanchez (1 year)
This was the first game I bought when I got my first PS3 ahhh the memories!

Author ferrari jon (1 year)
i hit 218 mph in my ford gt 40

Author martino161921 (1 year)
you can't remove it...

Author Axy Slyxx (1 year)
How to remove it?

Author MinecraftGp2 (1 year)
I'm download but i have a car (on other save) my car (dodge charger) is
about 415 Km/h

Author Сдобный туруру (9 months)
Потому что много людей название вводят это игры по английски, вот почему)

Author Vladimir v (1 year)
одна из лучших игр

Author გიო მათურელი (1 year)
2:12 lucky ))))))))))))))

Author dazzlebong (1 year)
shit guys, stop bragging about how fast your car is. The point of the video
is the graphics, not the gameplay

Author кирилл Тронин (1 year)
lamporghini твоя обосорется если поедет с porshe gt3 rs

Author farra rachmawati (1 year)
my zonda speed is 400 km/h-425km/h

Author Bobbie Downard (1 year)
Clearly u hqve it on kilo meters instead of mph u foolin no 1

Author Павел Конюшков (9 months)
Да)) Это меня дико выбешевало)) Особо, правда на игре не задержался, кроме
кастомных обвесов в ней ничего интересного не нашёл.

Author echolife188 (1 year)
Can i run this on max on core 2 duo 2.8GHz ATI Radeon HD 4350 1GB 2GB of RAM

Author diggerollocady1 (1 year)
My gt with everything maxed hits about 235 or so. I wish I knew which pipes
I put o that Nissan to make it spun like that.

Author Jovan Pavlovic (1 year)
HHhahahaha we dont give a fuck xDD

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