Tokyo Mew Mew episode 53 .... Funniiness

Last episode fandub

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Author iadoptedapenguin (5 years)
Onee-sama, why did you rate it one star? ;(

Author mindy135 (5 years)
LOL pudding's part was funny =)

Author iadoptedapenguin (5 years)
Thankyou so much =3

Author iadoptedapenguin (5 years)
ONEE-SAMA!!! WOOT YOU'RE HERE! how come you're on? I thought you were in

Author Laura Ascolani (4 years)
sorry, just 1 star for you... -_-

Author JaraFeeDeNooijer (4 years)
Wtf? I was shocking. This is not funny. >:(

Author aquaprincess100 (4 years)
horrible no offense but arent you supposed to say what the subtitles say
not just say whatever you want and this is epiode 27

Author Deepbluesama (4 years) still cunfused..I CLICKED WHAT?! uhum. okays..uhm rated five
because..i feeed like it =3

Author iadoptedapenguin (5 years)
comments please

Author StRaWbErRy199514 (4 years)
che schiffo from italy

Author Mark Jackson (5 months)
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Author Illusions (4 years)
y dos this say last episode becuse it isnt

Author ruthypianista (5 years)

Author ExceptionallyCaustic (5 years)

Author iadoptedapenguin (5 years)
XD Oh I love that xD

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