God of War Ascension - God of War Ascension Single Player Trailer GOW 4 HD

God of War Ascension Single Player official Trailer GOW 4 HD God of war 4 single player Trailer

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Runtime: 1:55
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Author Yared Gonzalez Perez (1 year)

Author vanjakis (1 year)
this takes place before GoW 1 and GoW Chains of Olympus.

Author marzak hokage hamza.guermache (1 year)
wowowowowo !!!!!

Author MrLMFAOmofoful (2 years)
yea i do ive played all gow games i know what im fucking talking about

Author TheFlyingKaktus (2 years)
after what game of god of war is this game????

Author TheBadassTonberry (1 year)
Yeah I know, but how could it be in GoW 2 when it's possibly killed in GoWA?

Author Tier Harribel (1 year)
This is when kratos wasnt even a god. So its before Chains of Olympus and

Author MisterOvelhinha (2 years)
Kratos era mais cruel no passado

Author czar belaya (1 year)

Author czar belaya (1 year)
bitch!!!! it took you 3 weeks to get a reply? So, yeah, your a
motherfucking bitch

Author 187Ares (1 year)
oh my god oh my go oh my god I want THIS *-*

Author Amod Adate (1 year)

Author vanjakis (1 year)
No offense. :DDDDDDD

Author vanjakis (1 year)
So what?

Author crazy8slayer (2 years)
i love in how u brutally rip that elephants brain open when u kill
it.....saw them do it on a e3 preview of the game

Author MarcEraMusic (1 year)
...zeus its a pre-quel

Author Richard Jones (2 years)
Hey where did the hole go (In his Stomach) ?

Author MrLMFAOmofoful (2 years)
im done this is boring your boring

Author MrLMFAOmofoful (2 years)
it goes gow chains of Olympus gow 1 gow ghost of Sparta gow 2 gow 3 then
for the main story line its 1 2 3 but if u want details then its the other
way and im not sure if this should go first or last im guessing first
because it take place years b4 the others but maybe last im not sure but id
dosent really matter its the wrong trailer and thr games has online
multiplayer so yea

Author Juan Chope (1 year)
but if you see another trailer of god of war you can see that kratos have a
diferent costume and a different blade :/

Author TheBadassTonberry (1 year)
I see.

Author Luthando Buthelezi (2 years)
Since it is a prequel, maybe he isnt that strong compared to 2 & 3

Author Solid Snake (1 year)
:D i was JUST about to go to GoW wikipedia to see the order, time saved,
thank you!

Author Dmguitarist6 (2 years)
lol all of you are dumb the story takes place some time after he kills his
family and is in the process of breaking free from ares.

Author czar belaya (1 year)
i changes my name not account

Author Ethan Mars (1 year)
NO. its actually.. God of War God of War God of War God of War God of War
God of War God of War God of War Heavy Rain

Author Muhammad Nur Amjadh Amjadh (2 years)
hassan you must be islam right

Author flavio martins (1 year)
muito show mesmo

Author dRuMmEr Solís (1 year)
ala mierda esta perroncisimo

Author KoolKid5830 (1 year)
He's A Demi-God

Author TheBadassTonberry (1 year)
Wait, the Kraken? I thought he finished it off in GoW 2? How could it be in
GoW 2 when he's probably killing it in the prequel?

Author vanjakis (1 year)
i didn't see your comment you guy.

Author MrLMFAOmofoful (2 years)
lol i just love how much this pisses u off

Author samiret123 (2 years)
Dude, if this is Gow Origins, when was there an Elephant man in Origins?
Hmm. Oh yeah and, when was there A man with a flaming hammer in Origins?
HMM. You make yourself sound like an idiot. Goodbye now.

Author Charles Chua (1 year)
dont forget God of War Ghost of Sparta

Author Caza Recompensas (1 year)
So Ascension is going to be how all started?

Author czar belaya (1 year)
prove it how did you know?

Author 200000koko (1 year)
I dont want it

Author czar belaya (1 year)
So what?

Author maria luiza (1 year)
Eu viajo ns jogo

Author LucasxPlayers (1 year)
Para Mim Esse God of War Vai ser O melhor, não só dos Melhores God of war's
mais sim de Todos os jogos ja vistos. Estou doido pra que lançem logo estou
ancioso para jogar.

Author vanjakis (1 year)
yeah, i guess your right. Btw i can't wait for God of War Ascension!

Author Apparo (2 years)
best game ever

Author MrLMFAOmofoful (2 years)
that's not it at all you think u figured it out but u didn't ROFTLOL i
thought u were pissed off because u were using caps and the exclamation
marks plus u called me a name so yea u were either pissed of or frustrated
with me and that's why i said it if i knew u were right i wouldn't have
said anything at all i just played the game again and gameplay from that
video is in gow war ghost of Sparta witch is in gow origins

Author erick117O (2 years)
@rihard20000 this is a prequel to the series so he hasn't got it yet

Author MrLMFAOmofoful (1 year)
someones butt hurt

Author vanjakis (1 year)
When the hell did you change your YouTube account?

Author karimrakha (1 year)
3 was better

Author Kratos4ever94 (1 year)
Yeah, what fools, what fools... They think they have great balls, by
bullshitting arround, but in fact they got nothing, really just nothing. :D
If you want hte truth about everything God of War, you are right at home
here... by myself. ;)

Author رااكان الخالدي (1 year)
This game taboo name game war of God I am a Muslim and I want paradise to
me Lake

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