HMN - Rip And Play Gamecube Games From SD Card (DML)

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If you don't already have the Homebrew Channel checkout
HMN - Guide: Softmod Any Wii - WiiHacks

You'll also need:
-SD Card (with atleast 1.5GB free space)
-Gamecube game disk.
-Gamecube controller.
-Gamecube Memory card.

The version of DMLizard that I used in this video is outdated. Just use the latest version and go through the Wizard. It will help you download and setup everything.

1. Download DML:
2. Extract using WinRar.
3. Run DMLizard.
4. Press 1 then Enter to Download DML wad.
5. Press 3 then Enter to Download CleanRip.
6. Press 4 then Enter, Press 2 then Enter, Press D then Enter to Download USB Loader GX.
7. Press 0 then Enter, Press any key to exit.
8. Copy the "apps" & "wad" folders to the SD Card.
9. Remove the SD Card from computer & Insert it into Wii.
10. Go to the Homebrew Channel, Load Yet Another Wad Mgr.
11. Install the RVL BC, DML & USBLoaderGX WADs.
Do NOT install the RVL mios wad. You'll need it to load Gamecube games from the Disk Drive.
Exit when finished.
12. Load CleanRip, Select Front SD, Insert Gamecube disk.
Rip the Gamecube disk to the SD Card.
When finished, Removed the SD Card from Wii & Insert into PC.
1. Run DMLizard, Press 5 then Enter.
2. Drag and drop the .iso file from SD Card to DMLizard, Press Enter.
3. Press C then Enter to prepare the .iso file.
4. Press 0 then Enter, Press any key to exit.
5. Delete the .iso & .bca files from SD Card, Copy the "games" folder to the SD Card.
6. Remove the SD Card from computer & Insert it into Wii.
7. Load USB Loader GX, Press B to load without external hard drive.
8. Uncheck Wii Games, Nand Channels & EmuNand. All that should be left is Gamecube games.
9. Launch the Gamecube game ripped earlier.

To load Gamecube games from the Disk Drive.
1. Install the RVL mios wad

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Author HackingModdingNerd (5 months)
HMN - Guide: Softmod Any Wii - WiiHacks

Author kingkholera (10 days)
I can't drag'n'drop onto DMLizard even after running both of the in-program
registry edits to make it work, and while running as admin. Is there
anything else I should try? Can I just forgo the processing of the GC isos?

Author johan lyzell (12 days)
How do you do if you want it on the hard drive?

Author Drag Lee (3 months)
Where can i find the DML link to dl to get started? you have the exact dl
page up already you need to tell us where to go to get to that exact dl

Author AnonymousAnimator (5 months)
When I go to load a game, it brings my back to the Wii menu.

Author Drag Lee (4 months)
Is that link still active to dl 

Author Final flash (6 months)
lol lets get started 

Author supersecretweasel (7 months)
I installed DIOS MIOS and my gamecube backups work perfectly, but now my
wii backups are not working properly (such as levels taking a long time to
load and the music not working). Any ideas on what I did and/or should do?

Author Stephanie V. (9 months)
the link for dml doesn't work.

Author Ethan tale (9 months)
Not working for me it's shows a error 

Author Christopher Garcia (11 months)
can you make like a tutorial for third step of converting the game.

Author Aaron Stanbridge (1 year)
it does not even show up on the home brew chanell 

Author Seniku Moonjewel (1 year)
Sound quality is terrible

Author Zac Landry (1 year)
I get " Incorrect Config Version. Please Update you loader!" even though i
just installed the 3.o version of usb loader 

Author Pack Man! (1 year)
Is this DEFINETELY safe to download or is there a risk of a virus or

Author lee w (11 months)
Hi I'm having a problem my GameCube games they play from my USB
Loader GX but my GameCube controller won't work and there is nothing wrong
with my GameCube controller any help how to fix this would be great

Author MegaHam12 (1 year)
I finally got the ROMS working but I am having one problem. I downloaded
the Super Mario Sunshine ISO and started it on the Dios Mios Booster. The
game loaded successfully but my GameCube controller won't work on it. Can
somebody please help me fix this problem?

Author erthany (2 years)
It says Windows cannot find update.exe.

Author Niroshan Jeyarajah (2 years)
I keep getting stuck when your suppose to press "a" on ios249. Is there a
way out of this? :(

Author Omar M. Brooks (1 year)
I have 2 problems, the wad doesn't appear in my homebrew & when I attempt
to drag and drop to DMLizard, nothing happens.

Author kenshin01ful (1 year)
man you are awesome i had downloaded most of my emulators and roms from
your videos

Author TheAdam179 (2 years)
ya me too

Author sonicfan11o9 (1 year)
Do you ABSOLUTLY need the gamecube memory card?

Author CosmoCortney (2 years)
could someone help me? i have some GC Games saved on my usb drive. usb
loader gx offers the option to copy the game to the sd card and boot it
from there then. after copying the console tryes to boot up the game, but i
still get a black screen. what's wrong there? missing .wad?

Author HackingModdingNerd (1 year)
Just do what I did in the video 6:04 and DMLizard will set them up.

Author aidensilva (1 year)
Awesome tutorial, can you make a tutorial on how to do it with a USB
external HDD?

Author arlis05 (2 years)
ok 3 things 1: can i use GBA to GC features? im gonna try to rip Final
Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and play it with my gba 2: how many games can
you put on an sd card with 2GB? 3: do you need a pc to rip gamecube games?
im gonna rip games like Super smash bros. melee also what gamecube backup
loader you recommend? i cant use neogamma my wii crashes everytime i load
it hope u reply soon cus' im gonna get my laptop back from a friend whos
gonna repair it Thnx! ~arlis

Author lawlsauce5207 (2 years)
My Wii can't read discs. Is there any way I can rip my GC disc on my
computer instead?

Author DXG (1 year)
Thank You. I was confused :D

Author phil khoury (2 years)
the dmlizard don't update

Author arlis05 (2 years)
i tried to convert a gcm file and it still is not saying 1 game in batch
and i have enabled drag and drop, what am i doing wrong?

Author Sammy Eang (1 year)
Do the GameCube iso's run at full speed?

Author filipeledo123 (1 year)
Also tried to google it, which gives me the option to download it at
rapidshare, but it says the download is not available for me, for some

Author ClassicModernGames (1 year)
is there a way to save the games to the disk drive? (like after they're

Author millgiass (2 years)
I want to play off USB. Do you happen to know how to do that too?

Author AlienFirefox (2 years)
does this work for double disk games like metal gear solid twin snakes?

Author William Keough (1 year)
It won't let me drop the iso into the window, also it closes when I type in
the directory and press enter. Please help! :/

Author SuperSprudle4427 (2 years)
Hey, man. My usb-loader won't read my usb flashdrive after I did this. any
solutions? please help!

Author Night Lithium (2 years)
I used neogamma, but Gecko worked really, really well. You can also try USB
loader GX, if you're in the market for something with those features.

Author HackingModdingNerd (1 year)

Author zakkattakk89 (2 years)
Just to confirm the cards work fine on my actual Gamecube system, so
nothing wrong there.

Author zakkattakk89 (2 years)
Oh yeah one more thing, lol. I have this problem with my Wii where if I
create a save file on my Gamecube memory cards (I have 2 Joytech 3rd party
GC cards) The files always corrupt. I can save, but when I shut the system
off and come back to play later the save file has to be deleted Do you have
any idea why this is, or if there is a solution? Thanks for the third time.

Author jlo138 (1 year)
If you have a soft modded Wii (I do thanks to your video), HDD, and a
attachable Wii screen it is just as portable. Just need an outlet. I was
just saying emulating Wii and GC isn't practical for most of us.

Author FlyingNimbus (1 year)
HackingModdingNerd can you please do you video on how to play GameCube
games from usb. Like if you want to see it too

Author Efrain Figueroa (2 years)
does this work with the black wii

Author Сэмюэль Декемпер (2 years)
How can I obtain the Disk ID for a gamecube ISO? I cannot open them through
witGUI or through WBFS manager... sorry to ask

Author Shaun Fitzgerald (1 year)
question. I've heard that some GCN backup players disables the use of
actually using GCN disc's. Could you let me know if this is True or False.

Author Christian Chapo (2 years)
yo u should make is vid on how sneek and uneek/di work cause there arnt any
good video show that good stuff

Author Juan Bustamante (1 year)
Can you use a Wii Motion plus controller because there are other videos
that say you need a older wii remote and ive tried doing this but my remote
keeps on resyncing

Author Night Lithium (2 years)
You'll need to download a new copy of update.exe, and be sure to extract
the .exe before attempting to load it. If your file extraction program does
not recognize the archive type, try using a free tool that recognizes more
formats, like 7zip, Alzip, etc. Please pass that along to
'asupersonicfan900', Youtube won't let me make the same comment twice. Good

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