The Big 3 Podcast Premeire (part 1)

October 15, 2010 by B3cast

Welcome to the premiere of "The Big 3 Podcast"! Don Barris, Walter "Mole" Molinski and "Scary" Perry Caravello make up "The Big 3"! Best known for their 2003 cult classic film "Windy City Heat", and the number one rated public access show in America are back together again.

The Big 3 Podcast

Don Barris

Walter Molinski

Perry F. Karavello

Windy City Heat

The Ding-Dong Show

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Author ICEMAN595 (2 years)
I know The Hangover is one of the funniest movies that came out within the
last 10 years, but in my opinion Windy City Heat blows it away.

Author thewatcher999 (2 years)
love the big three.... where the heck can i find the theme song ? i know
its call vibrations by retrebution but i cant find it anywhere

Author wsochak1010 (1 year)
Don't forget to drop by 7722 Recetta Blvd #102 for a handjob and spaghetti

Author jalisco103 (2 years)
These guys are funny as hell.....big fan here!

Author drewsky684 (2 years)
Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig Three!

Author dw053408 (2 years)
god damn i hope they dont end this

Author HGeneAnthony (2 years)
You actually used unprofessional1992 as your name, funny!

Author wsochak1010 (1 year)
I haven't seen Percy Karreymello in year's...but remember that he always
bragged about being a big supporter of gay rights because of his dad,
Cookie, and his grandfather's persecution for being gay figureheads in
their chosen profession's.

Author jamesdpike (2 years)
Please donate to the Big Three Podcast. . If you are a fan of the show
please contribute in any denomination (e.g. $5, 10, 15, 20, etc.). All
monies go straight to the construction of the new studio and the purchase
of equipment. Donations via Paypal can be made by clicking the send monies
tab and typing (please do not cut and paste)
simplydonthepodcastnetwork@hot​ Also via snail-mail at: 7510
Sunset Blvd. #153, Hollywood, CA 9004, for a cash contribution.

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