Infestation: Survivor Stories - WHERE TO FIND GUNS EASY!

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Added: 1 year
Runtime: 3:50
Comments: 195

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Author Infestation: Survivor Stories - Ravage (28 days)
Give the gift of unspeakable undead terror wrapped in a post-apocalyptic
package without breaking the bank.

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Author Brotza (1 year)
No, fuck that. You know it's true.

Author Nathan Hall (1 year)
Your not bad for being killed when you first start off. Most players don't
play in a group since everyone KoS. and really? "day fanboi" Don't say that
they are a fanboi just because they complain about this game. And btw dayZ
has a lot less glitches than this and is significantly better at this point
in time.

Author DevilKnowing (8 months)
Normally you wouldn't have to pay to be a beta tester..

Author Rickvsnewworldorder (1 year)
this game blows so hard, i want my money back. false advertisement.

Author mauricenz (1 year)
bring on PVP

Author watyoucallit (1 year)
it is a PLAY to win game but it isn't a PAY to win game.

Author Brotza (1 year)
What do you mean? Update?

Author fitzitz234 (1 year)
Making a game pay-to-win is a pathetic move. Fuck WarZ

Author Bigkingmonster408 (7 months)

Author PommesSchnitzelVids (1 year)

Author gizmofly870 (1 year)
These places will all become bandit hot zones.

Author halo2000100 (1 year)
ok, thanks

Author KaTana720p (1 year)
notice i said WE which means everybody. DUMMY

Author tunahh1 (1 year)
no just look in the right places and play on low pop severs I found a gun
in like 10 min

Author IRISHgamerKAIN Kain'sGaming (1 year)
Zombies can climb cars now. you'll need to hop up on a stand alone van to
be safe.

Author mekhix (9 months)
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8 weeks back he registered to a website named Master Attraction (Google it
if you want to learn more.) I'm so envious since I would like to just fall
in love as well. I'm gonna look into this Jake Ayres man's material and
find out if it may help a person like me. Surprising point is, he
previously had no luck with girls. How could you change that quickly? His
girl's like a model...

Author Manfred Albrecht von Richthofen (1 year)
yea i think so. last time i played anyway.

Author KaTana720p (1 year)
why would we care what you have to say you just wasted your time commenting.

Author Flacks0aka0Dave (1 year)
Nice video but something you forgot to mention is the fact that the quality
of the loot has been increased a lot for this weekend, the best places to
find guns after the loot spawning returns to normal is in any supermarket,
every time I go to one I find at least a Mossberg 590 and now after this
video the chances of getting PKed will be roughly the same here as in any

Author IAMSPLITTONGUE (1 year)
they didnt make it pay to win . you need to learn how to read sir. FUCK

Author Kivan Swift (1 year)
Who was talking about DayZ? I play both, but this was about WarZ. Your
comment is unnecessary.

Author TheRestlessEdits (1 year)
no your just bad...

Author IAMSPLITTONGUE (1 year)
im naked

Author Tictacmule57 (1 year)
Il be playing this a lot until Christmas cos I get my new computer ad then
il play bit of DayZ aswell just cause DayZ is more of a gun game and this
is melee game

Author coolshadowroblox (1 year)
its not i can find a shotgun in like 10 mintues

Author JohnTheGreat7822 (1 year)
Sounds like dayz

Author Silver (1 year)
Cant wait to get this game :P

Author Rem (1 year)
Scared from what?. You can't be scared behind your computer, go outside,
outside is good.

Author HDTechnoGamers (10 months)
Jeezz thanks man!This helped me alot!

Author Darifor3st (1 year)
Are you fucking retarded? We are both arguing about a game and you call me
a nerd? Stupid twat

Author Rem (1 year)
It's fun because a fucking nerd is insulting me from behind a PC. Would be
awesome to kick your ass.

Author Tictacmule57 (1 year)
Thank you for telling us this

Author TheLetsPlayMen (1 year)
False. I find weapons sooooo easy. If you want to run around aimlessly with
no weapons and bandits sniping you from every direction.... play DayZ

Author halo2000100 (1 year)
im annoyed the zombies ar climbing part of the car and kill me :(

Author JN02882 (8 months)
bugs? yeah every game has bugs especially games that are in beta

Author ALsabeast145 (1 year)
OOOOO ok thanks

Author rghZane (1 year)
hit the fuckers in the head and it should take about 4-5 hits.

Author freakinbreakin (1 year)
now it is easy to find weapon actually.

Author TheKelvinmelvin (1 year)
i would love this to be on console

Author 208heven (1 year)
I knew i sucked at this game

Author Isaiah Coe (1 year)
Thanks for the tip :)

Author TheRestlessEdits (1 year)
chill out... if it takes you a few hours to find a weapon you suck, just
learn where to loot and play servers without a lot of people

Author DevilKnowing (1 year)
If you want to be lied to, banned at random and enjoy paying for a bug
filled game that's still in beta.... Play The WarZ.

Author chris seaborne (1 year)
Great video Drew

Author Laurestoh (1 year)
And that comment was shit.

Author halo2000100 (1 year)
with hte beta, if i jumped on a car would the zombies still come after me?

Author Eddiejr gambler (1 year)
floating hat :D 1:08

Author noudinhho (1 year)
i walked an hour to a town today to get shot ... 4 times its hard to get
started in this game

Author ITSAJACKLE1234 (1 year)
lol i found an aa-12 but ran out of ammo and got raped

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