Yeti Microphone - Recording High Quality Audio On The iPad Paul Colligan demonstrates the use of the Blue Yeti as a recording device for the iPad. Nothing tricky here - just a Blue Yeti, the iPad camera connection kit, and a free iPad from the App Store.

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Author Rakan Algonaisi (6 months)
This work on any device just buy an otg it just 1$ and it work on any mic
whith usb plug

Author abu hudhayfah edwards (9 months)
will this work with Skype / Google Hang Outs as well ?

Author Tess McKay (6 months)
very nice

Author El Guru (7 months)
and for ipadmini? 8 pines ? what should i bought?

Author عمر الخليفه (1 year)
Works on iPhone 5 please answer ؟

Author Vroomie360 (1 year)
+El Guru The 2020 works just fine, there isn't all the much difference
between the quality of the Blue Yeti and the 2020 if you do side by side

Author Onda Grave (1 year)
does your blye yeti mic still work, i want to get one but i hear some
comments about the buttons comes with problems and has a noisy audio
sometimes, what you recomended to me for recording electric guitars, bass,
and voice, i want to buy the at2020 usb i hear a lots of good coments ..

Author ApexSoundz (1 year)
If you press 5 really fast you cant hear anything

Author KieRMayyTe (3 years)
@paulsipad Mac?

Author Beautifier101 (3 years)
HELP! does this also work with the blue yeti pro??? PLEASE HELP!!!

Author championvideos (2 years)
I can't wait until my (click 3) (click 5)

Author chris56748 (3 years)
Would this work on an iPhone 4. Not enough money for iPad yet.

Author 1unisol1 (3 years)
@RyanEatPho The mic is also a speaker. What i mean is when you plug it in
and have headphones conected to the mic, it'll be the same as if you had
headphones conected directly to the computer.

Author paulsipad (3 years)
@ProductBoards only know the ipad stuff

Author Bagelis Dafermos (2 years)
Does it support phantom if a microfone needs it ??

Author Brian Noah (2 years)
Turn up echo or reverb on the track that you are recording.

Author TheMicahPerson (3 years)
@paulsipad so when you say that the yeti gets picked up as a headphone
device by the ipad, you actually mean that the headphone jack in the yeti
outputs your ipad's audio? Thanks so much for the video! And please respond

Author FanciiPenguin (2 years)
Keep pressing 7, :P

Author Gigi Jacobs (1 year)
You can get "Filmic Pro" for the video and then use the headphone jack
w/adapter for the sound. If you talk with B&H photo in NYC, they have a
contraption at least for the IPHONE that puts the sound through an audio
interface and then the charging port. Sound is better that way-then use
Filmic Pro for audio.

Author Wes Martin (3 years)
this no longer works on ios4.2

Author jamielynkirklander2 (2 years)
how about in laptop.. i am hella having a hard time looking for it.. :(

Author Joel Sanford (1 year)
no..... its only for screaming "SHIT!!!"

Author Rashad Coes (1 year)

Author The Photo Booth Chick (4 years)
Now, I could see this being used on a iMac or macbook... I noticed that
everyone is creating videos and not much podcast or audio only media. Do
you think that's the case? Should the Yeti have a webcam that makes it

Author Brian Noah (2 years)
It records 16 bit.

Author Brian Noah (2 years)
Yes. A microphone picks up sound, so you can use a microphone to record
anything that make sound. Including things that you don't want to listen
to. :)

Author setphaser (1 year)
I just went out and spent money on the camera connection thing because of
your video and it doesn't bloody work which I only saw in the oldest
comments. You need to be responsiible about your content and keep it up to
date or take it down.

Author gdjwarren2 (3 years)
Urgent! I also have a Blue Yeti, i have hardly gotten to use it yet, I
bought an Ipad2, but when i plug it in via the camera connection kit I get
a message saying the device uses too much power!

Author Coolstoryben (3 years)

Author owen lear (3 years)
if you dont have a usb mic can u use the blue icicle to turn it into a usb

Author MatthewK27 (1 year)
Can you record while you're filming?? ;)

Author remistofeles (2 years)
please update the description of your video: IT DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE. You
need a powered usb hub now, only smaller mics work plug & play on the iPad

Author Jon Anderson (1 year)
Do you recommend equipment, software, etc for capturing professional Video
and Audio simultaneously with an Ipad?

Author machinemasterV (2 years)
eeeew an apple product

Author DashboardCamera (2 years)
The headphone-out in the mic - can you monitor the audio, while recording?

Author Joshua Oliva (2 years)
how much did you buy the microphone adapter?

Author melliferatae (3 years)
The yeti will not work on an iPad, 1 or 2, running OS 4.2 or 4.3. No
setting change or use of a powered hub will enable it to work.

Author NarratorJack | (1 year)
I've used the Yeti for 25 audiobooks. I wonder, though, how a non-USB mic
would work with this setup (mic>USB interface>iPad). If the interface has
drivers, would the iPad load them?

Author cezanne ali (1 year)
yes. it can :) and it works very well!

Author Gigi Jacobs (1 year)
I believe B&H just came out with a new AR-41 device that can now be used
with Ipad to capture professional sounding stereo audio while filming. I am
using my IPad Mini although the camera on it is only 5mp and I'm getting
only 720p-but it sure is handy to film that way. With an IPad mini 2 or the
later IPads, you get better audio and the Mini 2 should film in 1080p when
it finally comes out. I recommend something from the company that produces
a holder for the IPad that lets you mount and all.

Author pioneer7777777 (3 years)
I wonder if you could figure out a way to hook this up through an Android
phone? With the right firmware and program I don't see any reason why it
wouldn't be possible. Any developers have input? Would be sweet, although a
standard $150 dedicated portable audio recorder would probably beat that
set-up with ease.

Author HoboStation (2 years)
does it work with the new ipod nano, the one with toutch screen?

Author ProductBoards (3 years)
@paulsipad okay xD

Author El Guru (1 year)
man, dont buy audio techica 2020 or 2500 is just mediocrey micro, buy this
one, is amazing for record stuffs like drumms, vocals, guitarr. man go for

Author Kingjames313 (3 years)
@RyanEatPho YES

Author iHelloway (2 years)
ne of worst quality, for mics u need preamps or sound recorders with
preamps, only than connect to such devices as Ipad. However I dont know
about quality differences when you record on same format on ipad or on
external recorder and than sync audio..

Author Gigi Jacobs (1 year)
I have the question of the day: Will it work as the audio as I plug it in
through the charging port but while I'm in "taking video mode"? See, I know
you can use the headset output with a TRRS jack-but for a different
purpose, I want to take audio in through the charging unit and run the
video camcorder aspect and get good external mic sound.

Author essellar (2 years)
You'll need a recording program that can do it for you. The basic Windows
sound recorder is *very* basic, and doesn't do much besides record. (The
same goes for a lot of basic webcam video recorders.) If sound is your
thing and you don't want to spend a lot, look at Audacity -- it's free (as
in speech and as in beer) and is fairly feature-packed (it's not Pro Tools,
but it'll do).

Author Gigi Jacobs (1 year)
Del, Yes, you can plug a mic into the headphone jack of IPhone, IPad, and
some Android smartphones and get so much better audio for your video clip
BUT, you have to buy an adapter for about $27 dollars that is called a TRRS
jack because it has an extra ring around it that handles sound to through
the headset jack. The way you can tell for others than the MAC line, is if
it's a cell phone that takes one of those headsets with the mic so you can

Author WiLLi3WaCKiN (3 years)
do you have to use it with the ipad

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