King-Kong Mod San Andreas

Read this first --- Leia aqui primeiro!!!


Mod Download:

Não, eu não usei cheats comuns, eu usei um HACK - s0beit Hack.
I didn't used the standard cheats, I used a HACK - s0beit Hack.


Esse filme mostra o Mod King-Kong do GTA San Andreas, que, como o filme mostra, você tem que matá-lo. Não é facil, porque além dele bugar toda hora, ele "voa" pro alto e você não acha mais ele.

This movie shows a little more about the King-Kong Mod in SA. Your goal here is to kill him (as usual). The thing is, he bugs a lot, and sometimes he flies up and away, so you can't get him again. Feel free to try.


O link de download foi apagado por mim.
The download link was deleted by myself.


Also, the music was swapped once again. If you still didn't like it, comment here and indicate a new music for me.
Eu mudei a música de novo. Se mesmo assim você não gostou, deixe um comentário me indicando uma.

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Author Roberto Rockefeller (11 months)
Qual mod/cheat usa para aparecerem as armas em volta, alguem sabe?

Author ViniciusTaba (2 years)
lol cara o kongão ai é foda

Author Matheus Andrade (3 years)
tem um bug a arma ñ aparece 0:20 no canto da telo tem a munição(quantidade)
mais ñ tem o ícone da arma

Author Marc Noval (3 years)
wtf are you saying

Author 12usernamepassword (3 years)
¸thank you for the mod

Author Alexandre Tsertsvadze (3 years)
what's the name of the song?

Author roberto jose (3 years)
what is 0:50 song name please?

Author jair felix (2 years)
cara que porra e essa o king kong voa nossa senhora,eu nunca zerei gta e
não sei se tem essa missão,cara se tiver,nossa senhora o king kong parese
um nija,cara eu não gostei do video

Author felipinho915 (3 years)
kk o king kong parece o carl

Author DasTogetherLP (3 years)
@GuiSoulM Hmm ich werd trotzdem Ein Mod sagen xD

Author Gustavo1710 (3 years)
como desinstala esse mod,me ajuda por favoooooooor ;(!!!

Author xXxjanoxXx1 (3 years)

Author roberto jose (3 years)
For all those who ask, The song is : Mothership Reconnection (Daft Punk

Author DasTogetherLP (3 years)
@GuiSoulM Eine Mod? Nicht ein Mod?

Author 11goofyskater (3 years)
ouch 2:25 good video

Author frankdark00 (3 years)
jeje q bien como se llama la pista????

Author hauptiii (3 years)
@GuiSoulM bullet and toogle 2 for mission (mod?)

Author mantracker113 (3 years)
does it work for ps2?

Author Lucas Guilherme (3 years)
2:48 carrinho sumiu com uma simples parada (cardiaca)

Author cadotmolin (3 years)
@GuiSoulM depois de muito procurar

Author GuiSoulM (3 years)
It's not as hard as it seems, but I'd recommend you to make a backup of
your files, else you could just screw it up. Anyway, in the majority of the
mods, there's a 'readme' file that has the instructions on how to install

Author Kanzaki ShiroNeko♥ (2 years)
Look careful in the bottom of the screen ! you hacked !!! =D

Author lucasdext11 (3 years)
qual nome do jogo

Author HockeyGamer94 (3 years)
Is there a mod where someone is following/haunting/hunting CJ? like monster
who is haunting, like.. umm.. predator?

Author hauntedsoulmaster11 (3 years)
2:24 he gets shot up in the balls XD

Author Joaquin Maldonado (3 years)
re trucha la gilada

Author GustavoGroove (3 years)
como remove o mod

Author 619heat (3 years)
It wasn't the airplanes.It was CJ who killed the beast....

Author Виктор Мурашов (2 years)
а меня кто нибудь поймёт-мод суперский

Author Dynex658 (3 years)
King Kong ain't got shit on CJ

Author Ben Devlin (3 years)
you jused cheats

Author Diego Cabrera (3 years)
Look at him! all king kong and shiT!

Author Annie Oviedo Zegarra (2 years)

Author kanna gutta (3 years)

Author Norbert Norbertsen (3 years)
KING KONG shuffel :D

Author spy2707 (3 years)

Author ninjocat99 (3 years)
wow fail wep... i would of tooken the rocket... and flamer

Author Pathos Verdes III (2 years)
vc e tao foda q ate deixou para as duas linguagens XD

Author Agata Marcowa (2 years)
Worst graphic i ever seen king kong isnt quaderlike and he cant go trought
the walls xD

Author Guilherme Almeida (3 years)
Cara pode me responder? existe isso em PS2?

Author francapo223 (3 years)
jajaja re tonto king kong jajaja

Author xXxMatzhUxXx ! (3 years)
jajjajaaja le aplstaron su carro

Author igor99z (3 years)
@lucasdext11 GTA (Grand theaf auto)

Author dane alm (3 years)
king kong is pretty skiny in this

Author Dylan Kenny (3 years)
shit enough

Author Bacardi (3 years)

Author PexuJake (3 years)
@hyongpark dorgado

Author eddie haasnoot (3 years)
hey i got gta sa for PC are mods hard to put onto there i want the bigfoot
mod plz write back

Author TheYukitagila (3 years)
I Love Game GTA San Andreas iS Cool anD Nice....(^_^) Are You Ready to

Author Lucas Guilherme (3 years)

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