Sims 3 Seasons - Alien Abduction

An Alien Abducting a Sim in The Sims 3 Seasons!

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Author Vikabro (3 months)
'Hehe, it sounds like he said 'oh crap, oh crap'

Author Little19981 (1 year)
But he didn't, It's been awhile since that happened and I had no
notifications about that, and there wasn't an alien baby in his family
tree. But, then I invited an alien to my house and tried to make her
pregnant but it said that she's on some kind of mission and she is not
allowed to do that. I'm very confused now and I really want him to have an
alien baby. (sorry for bad english)

Author Little19981 (1 year)
my male sim got abducted and he had that weight gain moodlet but nothing
happend, is it because he is a male?

Author ratenna (1 year)
Hows your sim doing?:P

Author 0oWinterPeaceo0 (1 year)
Okay so i got abducted ,and the alien stepped out of her ship when she
brought me back ,so i added her to my family -with cheats- and now i have
her ship. Im abducting other sims now. >:)

Author IgitProduction (1 year)
Thanks so much!(:

Author bafendo (1 year)
I've had better luck with them somewhere on your home lot rather than the
Sim's inventory. The more you have, the better chance for alien abduction
or a visit by an Alien. :)

Author sim265freak (11 months)
OMG lol

Author bafendo (1 year)
As soon as the 'abducted' moodlet goes away, there's a chance that the
'unusual weight gain' moodlet will replace it. If it does, that Sim is
pregnant (acting as host) to an Alien baby with 100% Alien DNA. Also, the
'fertility treatment'' LTR helps increase these odds and the odds of
hosting more than one Alien baby. :)

Author Christopher Bishop (6 months)
0:19 "Oh hell, OH CROUW!!!!"

Author bafendo (1 year)
From my experiences, I'll say yes. Although you'll occasionally see them
wondering around town scanning objects or talking to a Sim. They will only
appear between midnight and 4am.

Author Karralmer (1 year)
Here's some helpful tips I've gotten from others. 1-use stargaze between
10pm and 3am. 2-space rocks are good! The more and the bigger space rocks
you have, the more chance! I read some people got abducted more than once!
3-once your abduction moodlet is almost gone, save! If you don't get the
unexpected weight gain afterwards, keep loading the game until you do, it
increases your chance!! I also have fertility treatment, just in case!!

Author KingHerkus (11 months)
OMG,i really want this expansion pack but it doesn't work...

Author IgitProduction (1 year)
How long after the "Alien Abduction" moodlet goes away that the "Unexpected
Weight Gain" starts? Any ideas? Thanks (:

Author chere100 (1 year)
I'm having trouble meeting aliens at all... :(

Author Karralmer (1 year)
It also said that while supernaturals CAN get alien pregnant, they only
have an 30% chance of inheriting their 'fathers' mental abilities, some of
which are SO COOL! Usually they take after the supernatural parent. So
you'd probably have an say vampire child with a little alien. And that's
for fairies and such, I have NEVER heard of an vampire or werewolf alien

Author 0oWinterPeaceo0 (1 year)
Well, now im gonna work on my Handiness. xD Thank you for telling me ,i
just got the game today. :)

Author Lance Jameson (10 months)
The moodlet was Negative Abduction.

Author Rusher4Evah (1 year)
I thought that too xDD

Author bafendo (1 year)
That's awesome!

Author eyeLiner001 (1 year)
In a trailer for seasons it showed a sim from the sims 3 come back
pregnant... I have tried doing stargaze every night, and my sim has 2 large
meteors in his inventory but still no aliens ;/

Author Cedes94 (1 year)
actually one of my sims got abducted while at the park. she was playing the
guitar and her brother was the one using the telescope. :/

Author Abby Earley (11 months)
He was saying oh hell oh hell sounded like it

Author diamondlinx (1 year)
how do i get my sim abducted because he has nearly befriended an alien
(sims 3 seasons)

Author bafendo (1 year)
I've never had any of my female Sims abducted before. Dunno if they will as
well or not. :( Also, the moodlet to watch out for is the "unexpected
weight gain" moodlet. It will sometimes appear after the "abducted" moodlet
goes away. If it does not, that Sim will not have an Alien baby.

Author loana006 (1 year)
Usted puede obtener una visita si tienes 5 rocas espaciales sobre el
césped. Pero si quieres conseguir secuestrados que necesita para comprar un
telescopio y utilizarlo. Al día siguiente de dos u debe quedar secuestrado.
:) i eso no funciona no se q decirte

Author bafendo (1 year)
Yes, they are exclusive to Seasons. Although some of their code has been
in-game since the base game shipped.

Author bafendo (1 year)
Correct! It's the water float thing that you can't get in Buy Mode. Nor can
you get it in Buy Debug.

Author loana006 (1 year)
yy cuanto te secuestran y todo el tema cuando se supone q debe aumentar de
peso ?? cuando se terminan las 10 hs ??

Author WorldofNene (1 year)

Author ILoveMyPets2447 (1 year)
you can get an umbrella in the shop or buy mode. cant remember. having
troubles with sims 3 that i am pissed off

Author simspeoplesandsuch (1 year)
Do you know if aliens only come on seasons? :)

Author Kristina Lanteigne (10 months)
a female sims CAN be abducted but will not be pregnant. only the male can
return home pregnant.

Author grahanika (1 year)
Why does everyone want to get abducted?

Author Alyssa (1 year)
Thanks for the reply, I have about 13 meteors (3 large 10 small) on my lot
and 2 telescopes and I make the dude use them too haha. Guess it isn't ment
to be.

Author WhovianSimHorseLuver OfSimGallifrey (11 months)
I have a trick for that. If your not really patient waiting around for
aliens to come out I do this. I do the cheat thing then the code. I then go
to my mailbox and hold down shift while selecting 'Make Me Know Everybody".
Go to your "People you know thing" and scroll through it. There is always
an alien or 2. Lucky if even 3. You can invite them over and stuff. I did
it but I married a couple of mine.

Author bafendo (1 year)
Sadly, no. However, there are new cheats to change the Season and type of
Weather along with it's intensity.

Author 2cat007 (1 year)
How can you get your sims abducted because I waited outside at midnight
until 3 a.m. but nobody came.

Author vTHExUNKNOWENv (1 year)
Thx 4 ur comment

Author Di@ (1 year)
in english? lol

Author bafendo (1 year)
There's a few ways to increase the chance of it happening, but I don't
remember what they are. Something about having meteorites in your inventory
and other stuff. That and if it happens, it usually won't happen to that
same Sim again for a few days. Also, if using a telescope, always use the
'star gaze' interaction. That and the abduction using that method usually
happens between 1am and 3am. Unlike in Sims 2, abducted Sims won't always
return pregnant either.

Author 0oWinterPeaceo0 (1 year)
I don't even know, I started to, but every time I tried my game froze. 3:

Author bafendo (1 year)
Sometimes they will be "pregnant" after the 'abducted' moodlet wares off,
but most of the time nothing happens.

Author vTHExUNKNOWENv (1 year)
Weird kidds you all are... Thank goodness this never happen to any of my

Author bafendo (1 year)
I think under outdoor activities in buy mode sort by room and hobbies in
sort by function.

Author Daniel156657 (1 year)
i once heard that while abducted your needs will go completely insane

Author sculptureofsound2 (1 year)
that sim definitely said "oh crap...OH CRAP!'

Author ratenna (1 year)
oh well staying up late was a horrible idea.Well I got tomorrow to try

Author bafendo (1 year)
If it happens, it'll be between midnight and 3am. Sometimes 12 am to 4am.
The meteors/space rocks need to be placed on your lot, best to be outside.
The more you have on your lot, the higher the chance is for an abduction or
a visit.The greatest change for abduction is by using the telescope. Also,
once your Sim returns, save your game before that 'abducted' moodlet wears
off. If it does and there's no 'unexpected weight gain' moodlet, reload the
game via main menu. Save first.

Author bafendo (1 year)
Enjoy! :D

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