This is a step by step instructional video on how to transform from an average guy into a hot and tempting young woman.

To see more of this sexy bitch choose from the following links:
Other channel (vlogs and transformation videos)
live performance
comedy skits

The music playing in the background is written by Anthony (MongiDrew).

Filmed by, Flora (MongiDrew) and Rie.

Written & Edited by Anthony (MongiDrew)



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Added: 3 years
Runtime: 8:22
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Author ChristianWoman2013 (1 month)
This video is stupid, he looks like a man in a dress, the guy isn't even
feminine looking. People can better employ their time doing something more
constructive then making videos about men in dresses.

Author Jamie Ruffing (3 months)
gawwwwwwwwdd this is ridiculous 

Author tantalove muke (1 month)
hhehe funny

Author forseti52 (3 months)

Author tayx9000 (2 years)
@evol8700 Just do all of the donts in the dos and donts section. =P

Author mollebjornen (2 years)
Fun! :D But about the honks... I hardly doubt you can get 1000 honks in one
minute - because not even with a full car line, that would be impossible on
that road. ;)

Author ItsSkyla15 (1 year)
lol chinese girl thinks to manly

Author Warren Cotton (1 year)
Fishnet stockings aren't sexy.

Author Brendon Chavez (1 year)
This is hilarious!

Author 916wow916 (1 year)
yhm, thats disturbing!

Author Ah Ming (10 months)
why you want to eat 10 unit hormones pill?

Author overratedprogrammer (10 months)

Author Victor ocasio (1 year)

Author Sandra Lopes (2 years)
Haha this was fun! I wish I could take, uh, 4 or 5 minutes to get fully
dressed like the video implies ;)

Author glitzgirly2 (7 months)
Lol at the dos and don'ts :-)

Author KingEpicGaming (11 months)
Relax. It's supposed to make you laugh. Relax. Take Smosh for example:
Smosh gives "advice" Yeah, he didn't mean to hurt your feelings. It was
directed toward a different audience. Sorry if you were being sarcastic >.>

Author MongiDrew (2 years)
@evilmaniac12 Good luck with it xx

Author LawlKillcam (10 months)
why da fk am i here

Author izz123ish (1 year)
oh man ! Shemale

Author kandeequeen13 (1 year)
Haha LOVING da way he walked into da room ...SEXY!!

Author Darina Evstafieva (10 months)
Ну у нее изначально пасс хороший. А зачем она гормонов налопалась перед

Author LadyLolitaJenny (1 year)

Author drumsanddrumming (11 months)
want to see him in a twinset cardigan!

Author FeStaBmTh (2 years)
OMG this is the funniest thing I have ever seen, doesnt even look

Author Anjali Ravichandran (7 months)
Yeah, 15 year olds are gonna ask their parents to come supervise when they
watch this. Riiiiight.

Author Nick Hill (7 months)

Author Chris Dykes (1 year)
So what you are tellingme isthatthere were almost 7,000 vehicles that
passedwithin that half hour? Thats not logical.....

Author spirotheorcale (1 year)
but you still walk and dance like a gay man

Author UnknownDisturbance (3 years)
lol solution, sticky tape xD

Author tayx9000 (2 years)
I am actually jealous of how effortlessly you pull this off. Must be your
overly girly figure haha. I think I just need boobs and I'll be set. Hey
have you ever tried keeping your legs shaved for a long time or do you let
it grow back? How often do you have to shave them when you do. I epilate
mine but what you did seemed so effortless. Were your legs really really
smooth or did you have pricklies? Epilating is kind of a pain in the ass...

Author Dogz317 (2 years)
I also try to dress up for kobietę.już I bought clothes and cosmetics and
women's wig, and 10 pairs of pins.

Author ARaNDOMPaNIC728 (1 year)
Did anyone else realize that he said "Privates then face"? That is a bit
sketchy to me !!

Author Ezequiel Sosa (1 year)
damn!!! 3347 honks!!!

Author john L (11 months)
Hilarious! AJ is gorgeous as a guy and girl!

Author Mercedes Adams (1 year)
Final ur ass off

Author BelfastBill (3 years)
awesome video and so much fun! LOL

Author 35uzun35 (9 months)
ı need you me please...ı am cd turkiş..0535 8987389

Author Susan Jackson (2 years)
The smile at 5.07 is gorgeous

Author HugzTiem (3 years)
unless I mean it xD

Author Jundel Golong (1 year)
Not good looking. She look veryyy verry clamsei not verry soft. Guerl and
femenin. Much better here in phil verry nice and good looking becous verry
femenin. Ts. And nice body

Author Shafkat Sharif (11 months)
LMFAO! Nice work, though.

Author evol8700 (2 years)
Next Halloween I wanna be a guy (I'm a girl). What is a good way to do this
and look real?

Author K. Bitz (1 year)
this is so STUPID ! This coming from a real transgender female ! and take
10 hormone pills OMG WHO GIVES ADVISE LIKE THAT ! how dumb this whole video
was ! PPL like you give us a bad name

Author Armando Jimenez (10 months)

Author Pedro Jesus Gonzalez (10 months)
esta es una loca total ...!

Author Illucid Morgue (1 year)
where did u get your hormones?

Author Thomas Coveleski (10 months)
People need to get a life

Author MrJoj641 (1 year)

Author Leo King (1 year)
Holy shit, this guy is cute <3.

Author chuleza87 (2 years)
very good video, funny as hell too!

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