YouTube Poop:What happens during the NightShift...

God, this title sucks.
What demonic experiences will Spongebill and Skidward go through during the NightShift?You'll just have to find out.



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Author Scar Jolteon (28 days)
what ia the song at the start

Author Billy Mays (3 months)
5:21 i cant breathe

Author darkpikachu27 (3 months)
Me:Gettin booty at night!
Goku:Going Super Saiyan at night
Link:Smashing stuff at night
Miku:Drinking veggie juice at night
Kirby:Coming right back at ya at night.

Author Eric Sneed (7 months)
If anybody wants to know what it feels like to be on drugs, this is it.

Author IH8Surveys (29 days)
Whats the name of the first song that plays?

Author Chase (5 months)
whos that anime character on the floor?

Author Mary Fuentes (2 months)
wacky waving inflatable arm failing tube man

Author LedaKorn22 (6 months)
Wtf I just watched? But really, what is YTP?? :D

Author BlackLight (3 months)
2:51 did squidward just um.................cum

Author Inspiration (5 months)
Song 2 min in please?

Author Dave Strider (22 days)
... So if you have no soul... you're safe? o _ o... *realization*

Author Kaptian Keyboard (7 months)
2:15-2:20 If feel a little offended. ):

Author slimburg1 (4 months)
rip headphone users :)

Author RedDiamond (6 months)
2:25 link with soundtrack please

Author Urist McTubedwarf (4 months)
song at 2:04?

Author daniel52951 (1 month)
whos that tomato guy? 1:31

Author FlyShyGuythePurple (5 months)
Love that Kirby reference.

Author lotrrotk (7 months)
What's the song at 0:09?

Author Dylan H (8 months)
Watching porn on the ceiling...I wish I could do that

Author Dragonk116 (4 months)
Squidward "wait... I have no soul" - atheism in a nutshell lol. 

Author sprtsfanatic1 (5 months)
hahahaha Squidward's soul going through some interdimensional porthole,
only to be awakened by Rainbow Dash.....LOL.
Also, I lost it at the CHOCOLATE fish going Super Saiyan

Author The Zerg Queens Zergling Pet (2 months)
R.I.P #HeadphoneUsers

Author Claire Christie (3 months)
Has no one noticed that squidwards eyes are red DON DON DON

Author Megabyte1835 (5 days)
6:19 - Squidward: Wait, if that w-that was you on the phone, and you were
the dumps, and Spongebob and Mr Crabs on a bus, and I was standing right
here, and spongebob in red, I'm 1-2-3, and you were cutting the patties,
BUT, It was a sponge, and the pie you ate has across the street and you
were already DEAD!
Shaggy: Well what I wanna know
Squidward: At 3:00 in the morning,
Bugs: WAI- *Gets cut off by ending.

Author MIchael Lugo-Bonet (6 days)
4:32 has slinging slasher right bac at cha'!

Author shadow77281 (9 days)
Did anyone noticed Squidword Suicide at the beginning 

Author Provyseals (11 days)
6:18 when squid starts talking nonsense. i cant breath XD CUTTTING THE

Author Tazilla1999 (18 days)
I have no soul

Author John190assman (21 day)
4.54 source?

Author Omar lópez (20 days)
4:31 WTF kirby?

Author Megabyte1835 (5 days)
What is music at 2:24?

Author waterblonk (1 month)
Breaking Benjamin and System of a Down in one video.
Take my like, sir.

Author jarin radford (5 months)
whats the song at 2:31

Author Gamin Luna (1 month)
4:20 lost everything

Author Superboboe Films (1 month)
0:34 Rock Mother Fucker!

Author ilikeover9000pies (1 month)
Disliked for the constant ear rape

Author Carly Marcin (1 month)

Author BestOfs (1 month)
5:22 Hhahahaha 

Author Kirsten Nieto (7 months)
This was the first YTP I ever watched. :)

Author Bob Call (1 month)
(sees Squidward Suicide)
Me: Well, Fuck.

Author Jin Kisaragi (1 month)

LOL the Pokemon Silver and Gold encounter music

Author joe stonell (1 month)
breaking benjamin dear agony.

Author Adrian Bryan (1 month)

Author Ann Kunzelman (1 month)
strange isint it! GRRRRR gotta go fast! XD

Author jesse lasalle (2 months)
what's the song at 2:15? it sounds weird

Author Zmario116 (2 months)
I love the Nero song you used at 2:04 - 2:17

Author Harley Adamopoulos (7 months)
4:25 SOAD!!!!

Author Pommy MacGuffin (5 months)
Amazing ! I just got 3500 RP code for totally FREE ! Come and download code

>> <<

Author Hypercide (2 months)
"Hey faggot how ya doin'?"

Author highplainsethan (6 months)
This is my second-favorite YTP of all time. My number one is SpongeBob is
Mean to People, where Weegee keeps appearing. It's a Fools in April YTP and
the guy with the ice cubes swears at him and bleeps out all the words. I
forgot who did it, maybe ghostshadow25. Mr. Krabs' Unquenchable Blood Lust
by EmperorLemon is probably just as good. This YTP is still awesome,

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