YouTube Poop:What happens during the NightShift...

God, this title sucks.
What demonic experiences will Spongebill and Skidward go through during the NightShift?You'll just have to find out.



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Author Suke Saan (37 minutes)

Author darkpikachu27 (2 hours)
Me:Gettin booty at night!
Goku:Going Super Saiyan at night
Link:Smashing stuff at night
Miku:Drinking veggie juice at night
Kirby:Coming right back at ya at night.

Author BlackLight (11 hours)
2:51 did squidward just um.................cum

Author daniel52951 (1 day)
5:21 made me laugh really hard

Author Suke Saan (39 minutes)
5:21 i cant breathe

Author Claire Christie (22 days)
Has no one noticed that squidwards eyes are red DON DON DON

Author Chase (1 month)
whos that anime character on the floor?

Author Urist McTubedwarf (1 month)
song at 2:04?

Author Inspiration (2 months)
Song 2 min in please?

Author FlyShyGuythePurple (2 months)
Love that Kirby reference.

Author sprtsfanatic1 (2 months)
hahahaha Squidward's soul going through some interdimensional porthole,
only to be awakened by Rainbow Dash.....LOL.
Also, I lost it at the CHOCOLATE fish going Super Saiyan

Author slimburg1 (1 month)
rip headphone users :)

Author Jack Lloyd (1 month)
i meant what's the song at 4:31

Author Aaron Jameson (1 month)
6:00 Best part

Author jarin radford (2 months)
whats the song at 2:31

Author Wesley SJDAIKA (3 days)
I'm surprised that this video isn't the top one, it is clearly the best.

Author getdanicated281 (4 days)
2:50 to 2:56 akatsuki reference its their theme awesome

Author Skylar Samples (2 days)
Song at 2:43? o: 

Author Sharon Lee (2 days)
Antonio Williams 

Author B Jones (3 days)
Once I was NOMMING ON pizza and the lights flickered on and off once, and
the phone rang and there was no one there.Uuh

Author Ethan Chesher (7 days)
5:17....WHAT THE F*CK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDD

Author Antonio Brice (4 days)
whats the name of the song on 2:32

Author YouAre ReadingThis (5 days)
The first 8 seconds and I know this YTP is going to be funny shit

Author callofminecraft115 (9 days)
What's the song at 3:42? I kinda like it

Author TheCaptainEnderz (10 days)
Oh god Rainbow Dash

Author Alex Geise (9 days)
Song at :15?

Author Itsuka Kotori (15 days)
What the song at 0:08

Author Endergirl TNT (10 days)
What's the song at 2:44? Btw nice ytp :)

Author Miguel Fonseca (16 days)
not my favorite spongebob YTP but the chocolate guy with the vegeta theme

Author Kevin Green (29 days)
what that song in 0.08

Author Gree Sent o (26 days)
What's the name of the melody at the ending?

Author Kirby64Gamer (28 days)
and theirs a picture of Kirby 

Author AngryOrcGames (2 months)
Song at 3:19?

Author vegetasaiyainprince (29 days)
Lol Morpheusftw and street fighter. Collab

Author Michael Setyawan (17 days)
The God of YTP?

Author l NicKoDarrell Dixon (13 days)
whats the song called

Author gwladys mytherbale (1 month)
who is this music? 0:09

Author noah mclean (1 month)
whats the begining of that song at 3:19 want to hear it please write back

Author James Denny (1 month)
Fry: shut up and take my money at 2:47

Author frederick frazier (29 days)
1:48 Screaming will get you no- *Blackout*

Author Xander Otero (1 month)
so random after the last word of mr krabs

Author adex thirteen (2 months)
0:43 WTF

Author Trent Brownridge (26 days)
0:35 looks like a windows 95 screensaver

Author Caden Jamason (1 month)

Author Robotub-3_1 (2 months)
3:57 Hatsune Miku Popipo xD

Author cltnthecultist (1 month)
And disturbed

Author MarioMuffin1212 (2 months)

Author Jack Verhulst (1 month)
You should have put a troll face in when he was falling.

Author Gilamex (1 month)
4:40 best part... XD

Author MajorSkulls (1 month)
What was the song at the beginning

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