YouTube Poop:What happens during the NightShift...

God, this title sucks.
What demonic experiences will Spongebill and Skidward go through during the NightShift?You'll just have to find out.



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Author HaloCraftDoesMineCraft (2 months)
whats the song at 2:07? some one tell me

Author Josie Blink (1 month)
Most fucked up poop ive ever seen

Author Dave Strider (3 months)
... So if you have no soul... you're safe? o _ o... *realization*

Author Megabyte1835 (3 months)
What is music at 2:24?

Author Scar Jolteon (4 months)
what ia the song at the start

Author Mary Fuentes (5 months)
wacky waving inflatable arm failing tube man

Author Victor Hauser (3 months)
What was the song at the beginging?

Author George Soltero (2 months)
Song at 2:44 ?

Author IH8Surveys (4 months)
Whats the name of the first song that plays?

Author Daniel29512 (4 months)
whos that tomato guy? 1:31

Author Jaq Gaeta (3 months)
You deserve to see this at least once in your lifetime. Just don't watch

*At night* ....

Author Landport Big Boys Skate Crew (4 months)
whats the song at 17:00 ?

Author John190assman (3 months)
4.54 source?

Author BlackLight (6 months)
5:21 did squidward just um.................cum

Author Bleach Crusader (1 month)
you didn't have to apologize at the end...

Author darkpikachu27 (6 months)
Me:Gettin booty at night!
Goku:Going Super Saiyan at night
Link:Smashing stuff at night
Miku:Drinking veggie juice at night
Kirby:Coming right back at ya at night.

Author Turd Burglar (1 month)
2:13 as an atheist this made me laugh my ass off

Author NeoboyHD (1 month)
What's that song or whatever it is at 3:25 

Author Anonymous .AMV (1 month)
anime refrences are killing me

Author DeadlyX12345 Productions (1 month)
What is the Darude - Sandstorm at 3:12?

Author Colwynn Stout (1 month)
2:47 "Just hearing know you're fucked".... 

Author sonicthegamer gamermaster (1 month)
i like the sound effect at 4:00

Author StewiebossProGaming (2 months)
What's the song at 2:44? The one with the dubstep.

Author kedo rye (3 months)
What is the song at 4:41

Author Robo - Nidai (2 months)
If this video were remade today, it would probably have something to do
with Five Night's at Freddy's.

Author Edgar Allen Bro (2 months)
Song at 4:20?

Author Cj Krienheder (2 months)
that dubstep moment at 2:43

whats the song, WHATS THE SONG?!?

Author Max Seuberlich (2 months)
Best part: 4:17 to 4:26

Author Ashes Legos (2 months)
Song from 0:20?

Author Insanious (2 months)
Aids o'clock XD 

Author Jackson Taylor (2 months)
Running gag, Squidward saying you like her

Author Anti-Venom (2 months)
What's the song at 0:10

Author 18aidanme (2 months)

Author Slim Shordy (5 months)
R.I.P #HeadphoneUsers

Author FrincesaSCR (2 months)
6:04 I want that gif....

Author John McGovern (2 months)
Excuse me, but exactly WHICH "Darkness of the unknown" Remix is present @

Author Takato Minemoto (2 months)
song at 2:30?

Author MrSaucyBeans (2 months)
I didnt laugh at most of this but i gotta say 5:19 had me in stitches when
spongebob scared squidward!

Author Yusuke c: (6 months)
5:21 i cant breathe

Author SomeRandomGuy558 (6 days)
Goddammit Viacom!!!!!!

Author Leah Mazur (3 months)
What's the song at 2:45?

Author James O'Malley (1 month)
Five Nights at Krusty's?

Author TheCreepahKillah1 . (1 month)
3:45 Zelda Reference + Youtube Poop = Subscribe on 5 fake accounts.

Author Captian ALPHA (1 month)
I hate pokemon

Author Over The Ashes (1 month)
5:20 My fucking sides have imploded

Author Rarecrazy (27 days)

Author Edmac12 (1 month)
This is one big fuf.

Author Random Entity (1 month)
1:56 "Wait a minute, this isn't hell." *Rainbow Dash shows up*
XD is how an anti pony would react if that was their hell. LOL! 

Author JustCallMeElla (4 months)
Whats the song at 2:44? Sounds really cool

Author Donny Kuswoyo (1 month)
Thats the most beautiful song thar i ever heard ;l thx for the song ;D

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