Rust Repair Made Easy-Car Roof Replacement-Part 10-Using "POR15"

Rust Converter POR15! or 972-420-1293

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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 11:50
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Author 64impalaSS (2 months)
Can you paint por15 straight on rust with out those sprays ?

Author Mechanacae (2 months)
This stuff is mega-toxic, good on ya' Swampy for doing the right thing!
That stuff certainly can hurt you, says it right on the label. Way to have
some Good Sense!

Author billy gibbs (2 years)
good ole Swampy! God bless em

Author SuperOv10 (2 years)
Darn good vid......doin it advertised !!!

Author Gettin3xrated (2 years)
Hey Pete! When are you gonna put the next video up on this man! I've been
waiting! The videos are turning in to tinker toy series. Where you post a
few and the don't finish em! Ha ha! Keep up the great work! I'm a huge
fuckin fan!

Author diyautoschool (2 years)
According to the PDF on the POR15 it is compatible with fillers, paints,
and adhisives. I usually only use it for undersides and floors, so if it
where me, I would test it out and try it on a scrap peice of metal before
applying the techniques to the vehicle... Remember the ole sane--measure
twice weld once--well think of that when your not sure and practice on
something thats trash before using it on the keeper!!!

Author diyautoschool (2 years)
Yeah I got a hard hit job out back right now that need a rad. support
installed in it, I was going to make a video set on replacing it... Be
watching for it in the future. Pete

Author davemiii (2 years)
This is a great series, thanks bud.

Author diyautoschool (2 years)
Comeing up very soon...

Author majortomtogc (2 years)
Thanks. I'm doing the vinegar water thing first, then may just use a primer.

Author Dudly Doright (2 years)
Pete see your Personal messages

Author GasserGlass (2 years)
415 good stuff and now on my list

Author Rick Stokes (2 years)
Is that a DeVilbiss Brush #8 lol

Author manny dorado (1 year)
God dam it swampy

Author 70 Stang (1 year)
Pete,Can you use something like the "Must For Rust" instead of the POR15
and then shoot epoxy primer over it without a problem?

Author MrGurudude5 (2 years)
Thank, You Sir!

Author majortomtogc (2 years)
I just removed the vinyl top off my car and want to treat it. Is POR15
compatible with filler, primer, and paint if I decide to leave the vinyl
top off, or work with adhesive if I decide to use vinyl again? Thanks for
the vids!

Author diyautoschool (2 years)
no it's a binks #7 brush....

Author cotherman64 (1 year)
Pete, that was funny! Reminds me of working with my son!

Author diyautoschool (2 years)
All the other stuff that goes with it before you apply the POR15 is
BULLSHIT--You don't need it, it's just something they will sell you to make
money off you.. You don't need the prep up solvent. If your leery and think
you need to clean it better then shown here, use vineger water and steel
wool to wash the metal down then apply the POR15... Take it easy Pete

Author diyautoschool (1 year)
I can't comment on Must For Rust--never heard of it and never used it. As
for POR15 the company claims it is paintable once prep'd right. I have
never done it before but thats what they say..

Author MotivativeThinking2 (2 years)
Pete, after using this material on metal can it be painted over?

Author wolfzap (1 year)
Dude! Did he just drink paint thinner like a man ;)? Nah, just kidding!
Anyway awsome videos!

Author diyautoschool (2 years)
That will work too. Make sure you use an Epoxy primer for your sealer on
bare metal,,,,

Author Buckswoodshop . (2 years)
Love the mini-megaphone.

Author MrGurudude5 (2 years)
Hey, Pete are you putting the rest of these up?

Author jevchance (2 years)
lol Swampy drinking a clear liquid from a paint mixing cup would make me
nervous!!! 6:58

Author diyautoschool (2 years)
Sounds like the PPG NCT Primer--Some Nasty Expensive Shit!!!!!

Author Robert Gwinn (2 years)
cool stuff

Author Stu Mac (2 years)
The pete and swampy show.., F'n love it Pete, is Swampy still working with
you ?

Author majortomtogc (2 years)
Damn! That was my next question!

Author Greg's Garage (2 years)
The work looks sweet. I'm not a huge fan of the POR15... Sometimes it's
awesome, sometimes it lets go in sheets. Not sure why, I've prepped it with
all the sprays, with no sprays, over rust, over 36 grit clean, etc, etc.
Been happy and been pissed with the results. I guess that's life. Thanks
for showing how you do it Pete.

Author diyautoschool (2 years)
Swampy is in school and busy with weekend sports and school activities,,
hopefully he will come back to SWRNC someday soon.. Thanks for asking

Author Dudly Doright (2 years)
Its not a Primmer at all its a metal treatment check out my Photo bucket
account "Marvinator" on the 41 Ford and the Plymouth folders, Theirs also a
Rust acid folder that shows it but those pics don't do it justice in what
it does the Plymouth folder does. I know you don't like products like these
by watching your videos but this is an entirely different process their is
some science behind it, Its a cold galvanizing treatment and when done
properly the metal is Galvanized. Good stuff

Author soloM81 (2 years)
not a big fan of POR15 i think its junk. I rember when they where pushing
this stuff on many web sites just like spi primer. i will stick to sanding
the rust off and useing ppg prime on my stuff

Author coachD111 (2 years)
Cool Pete! I always wondered if you could just use the paint (black stuff)
step of the POR15 and not all of the other sprays that go along with it -
all of those steps really start to get expensive and it always seemed like
the actual por15 worked fine without all of those other sprays they try to
sell you.

Author SANTIBANEZism (1 year)
RUSTOLEM's 15 bucks at home depot!!

Author diyautoschool (2 years)
Yes,, it will be coming very soon.. PROMISE!

Author diyautoschool (2 years)
You can paint over this stuff but it must be prepped properly, make sure
you read all the labels and information on the product in question before
you do any type of refinishing on it.. Pete

Author queenteam74 (2 years)
been waitin on you big guy ... your realy entertaining like your style bro
.. no bullshit I'm a 54yr old coachpainter ie old school - Brush painting -
a longer process but boy do you get a finish that lasts for years , cheers
DOUGIE ..Scotland

Author diyautoschool (2 years)
Yep SIRRIE--The only way to apply this crap is with a brush,, They tell you
to spray it on but it goes much further with a brush and you get a thicker
longer lasting finish then spraying it... Its some good stuff, never had a
problem with it--except the damn lid gluing itself to the can and can't get
it open again!! Thats a one time lesson learned,, always use another can to
store it in...

Author Duke Nukem (2 years)
I like the POR 15, but it can be a monster. Get it on anything... and its
there forever! Get it on your hands, and your wearing it for a week. But it
works great, permanent rust converter and coating, you can hit it with a
hammer and it laughs at ya. Then if necessary you can sand and top coat.
Good video Pete.

Author zzzdogutube (2 years)
THAT IS SOME GOOD STUFF. How is Swampy doing? He doesn't work with you

Author Bizzy Z (2 years)
What car are you restoring? Once its restored what size of a motor will be
in the car? It will be interesting to see when it all completed. I find
this fascinating.

Author david sanjose (2 years)
Great job

Author Dudly Doright (2 years)
I have never tride Por15 but I will have to try it. I like DuPont 5717 and
5718 good for light Rust and Cold Galvanizing the metal, takes care of
light rust as it has a lot of Phosphoric acid in it as a Etching component
for the Process of Cold Galvanizing works great when used properly.

Author diyautoschool (2 years)
It's a 1969 Road Runner..

Author diyautoschool (2 years)
No, he's in school and doing his sports and activitys...

Author diyautoschool (2 years)
Keepin er goin till the sun sets in the west and rises in the east!!!!

Author ChakaCuz (2 years)
Great videos pete, one day could you do a video on radiator support

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