Waterman Apostrophe fountain pen review

In this video I review the Waterman Apostrophe fountain pen and, in less detail, the Apostrophe ballpoint pen. One should realize that these pens are on the cheaper end of the Waterman spectrum, and although the fountain pen nib may have some issues, it's not the worst in the world - just scratchy.

So if you're looking for a cheaper pen, or would like to get a cheapish fountain pen to start a collection, do consider this pen!

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Author bretmaples (3 months)
I can definitely hear the scratch you are talking about. I think a M nib
would probably be better.

Author sbrebrown (10 months)
I've never used one of those.

Author JustineBieberxoxo (2 years)
Expect €54,95. (In NL, one of the cheapest online retailers.) Overpriced

Author sbrebrown (2 years)
@JustineBieberxoxo I found one for € 34,95 (onlinekantoorshop (.) nl) :-)!
But I still wouldn't pay that amount for this pen with a fine nib. Perhaps
for one with a medium nib, but I haven't tried that...

Author Álvaro García (2 years)
Hey, sbrebrown. Thank you for this video, it helped me identify my
Apostrophe ^^ It was my first fountain pen, a gift from my father, and I
have always thought it is a great pen. The nib on mine (fine) is very
smooth, it only scratched when I flipped it to write a finer line (and
after a little work with a micromesh pad, it's also very smooth). I think
you got a bad one, what a pity :/

Author sbrebrown (1 year)
Yeah, it varies: my Apostrophe had a scratchy nib, but another Waterman I
own had a fine nib that was okay.

Author shadesofrgey (2 years)
Does Waterman still produce the Kultur? That model was even more
inexpensive. Great videos BTW!

Author sbrebrown (1 year)
Did I say it was $5? That must've been a mistake: this is not an expensive
pen, but it's not a five dollar pen :-).

Author sbrebrown (1 year)
Yeah, it varies: my Apostrophe had a scratchy nib, but I have another
Waterman which has a fine nib that is not scratchy at all.

Author Joe Bannister (1 year)
I'm sure this was the cheapest Waterman for a time, though I'm sure the
"Graduate" replaced it as the cheapest Waterman pen, and that to me had
serious issues that made this look like a Mont Blanc.

Author sbrebrown (1 year)
Yes, that's right.

Author sbrebrown (3 years)
@arguan Someone else pointed out that Watermans take international
cartridges, but Parkers do not. In any case, I use converters anyway ;-).

Author sbrebrown (1 year)
Exactly: if you have realistic expectations, it's not a bad pen.

Author Roflcopter4b (2 years)
True. It's actually pretty frightening. BTW, sorry for leaving comment
after comment on so many random videos of yours. I've been binge watching
them. Fountain pens are way more interesting than they should be. I think
you've made me an addict.

Author Roflcopter4b (2 years)
35 Euros is only $45 CANADIAN? What has happened to the Euro? I always
double it in my head to go from CAD to Euro.

Author sbrebrown (2 years)
@001blackfox I'll see if I can get a Kultur here somewhere!

Author sbrebrown (2 years)
@AloofObserver ;-). It is not as bad as it seems, but this is not my
favourite Waterman nib...

Author PicturaSonus (1 year)
Do you use Waterman ink, too? I have South Sea Blue from them, and it's
pretty descent, although a little thin.

Author 001blackfox (2 years)
I really do not know if Kultur is still being produced but one thing I am
pretty sure that it's still being sold. ;) I'm quite happy user of orange
WM Kultur.

Author sbrebrown (2 years)
The times, they are a-changin'. Crisis and all...

Author sbrebrown (2 years)
Yes, I have made many people addicts, I'm afraid. And just keep commenting

Author Marc Bardèche (2 years)
Eek. I really don't like how fine that nib looks!

Author sbrebrown (2 years)
Well, I did a bit of extra smoothing myself recently, and now it writes a
LOT better. So I can completely understand how smooth your Apostrophe is.
Incidentally, I think fountain pens make excellent gifts: they are truly

Author Nigel Lamb (1 year)
I have the medium nib. It writes smoothly but the flow is not so good. With
Akkerman Black #30 ink it takes a while to get the ink to the nib. It is a
cheap pen, so the expectations should match that.

Author sbrebrown (1 year)
@PicturaSonus Yes, I have South Sea too, as well as Florida Blue and Havana
Brown: all nice inks.

Author sbrebrown (2 years)
I smoothed this nib and it's better now. Someone else suggested a video
like this too, so I'll look into it.

Author dutchguywillem (1 year)
the material is electroplated with gold. that means that a thin layer of
gold is put on top of another metal by an electric current in a solution of
gold ions.

Author Jun Lai (2 years)
well, waterman+fountain pen + just being cool, no wonder you got a cold.
Take care. Again, professional review ~

Author sbrebrown (2 years)
@shadesofrgey Glad you like the videos! I can't find the Kultur on
Waterman's website anymore, so I have the feeling they may no longer be
produced, but I'm not sure!

Author sbrebrown (2 years)
@xiaotutucarrie Thank you!

Author sbrebrown (2 years)
@s0za98 Thanks! Great, so which nib size did you get?

Author nikolt2000 (1 year)
5 euro?? in the us it is 69 dollars

Author Ted Bear (3 years)
I would almost bet it only takes waterman cartridges, something I eally
don't like about waterman, the proprietary cartridges...

Author art of living yes plus (10 months)
waterman preface is also a nice pen....

Author sbrebrown (1 year)
@dutchguywillem Hm, that's interesting - thanks for sharing this!

Author thegreenchair1 (1 year)
Nice review! Carry on doing them, I really enjoy them. Personally I
wouldn't say that Waterman fine nibs are that scratchy. Have got one and I
think it isn't scratchy. So maybe it depends on what people think about a
certain nib.

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