I hate my autistic daughter (Dr.Phil)

At the moment I can not find the full episode,so put all the clips I found in one.

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Author Aleksandr Patriot (8 months)
Having a special needs kid would be a living nightmare to me. My wife
didn't want to abort when the Dr said our unborn son had down syndrome, but
I pushed the issue because no kid of mine's going to ride the short bus and
droll all over themself. She was sad at first but now we have a healthy

Author Sophie Simmonds (2 months)
My god!! I was crying all the way through this because my sister is
autistic, and yes you have to listen to them ask you the same questions on
a daily routine, and yes you do have to ask her over and over again to do
something because they simply don't understand! And guess what you
horrible, horrible woman? IT IS NOT THEIR FAULT!!!!! I'm 12, my disabled
sister is 18, I love her to pieces because she is my sister she is my
family and everything what goes on in this world there is always a reason
for it. If it wasn't for Emmie being MY sister then I don't know we're I
would be without her. 

Author Nichole Sinclair (8 months)
This mom hits her daughter. She blatantly said it. She's mentally abusive
too... What the fuck is wrong with her.

Author a020399 (1 month)
tbh i dont really blame her, autism can be incredibly trying and annoying

Author Jade Bunni (1 day)

Author Nick Orie (9 months)
Ill be the first one to say, she isnt obliged to love autism. Sure being
harsh and hitting her child is wrong, but she has no reason to love and
accept autism.

Author Kristen Hill (9 months)
I think it's awful to hate your child god gave you the child because he
knew you would be strong enough to handle her how dare you be so rude and
inconsiderate you should understand that yes it's hard with an autistic kid
but saying you hate her makes everything even worse.

Author SuperModerngranny (9 months)
What a selfish person!

Author Chestney Chiller (9 months)
This woman is so pathetic she needs to be locked up for child abuse her kid
is autistic she can't speak or act normal because she doesn't know how to.
Did dr Phil lock her up for this ?! 

Author Kallista D.W. (4 months)
Really?! REALLY?! What the fuck is wrong with this woman?! She screams at
her child "I hate you," "Get away," "What is wrong with you," "I can't
stand you, I wish you would go away," & all sorts of other horrible things.
That is emotional abuse. She emotionally abuses her child. Seriously, she
needs to quit her fucking whining. She emotionally abuses her daughter &
blames it entirely on her. She blames her daughter for the abuse that she
does to her. Seriously, what kind of parent would tell their own child
"It's your fault that I abuse you." She herself was abused as a child. She
should know better than to abuse her own child, especially when she knows
that that feels. This woman isn't a parent, she's an ableist, emotionally
abusive jerk. She should not have had a child if she wasn't prepared to
have one. If she really feels like she can't handle raising an Autistic
child, then she should put her up for adoption, not fucking ABUSE her. 

Author Jade Bunni (1 day)
she would not go on tv

Author jamster 96 (5 months)
She doesint deserve this? She is the worst mother I have ever seen she's
right she doesint deserve her daughter because her daughter deserves more
of a mother than she could ever be.

Author Mahkyla (9 months)
If the mother hates her child so much, why wont she give her away?
For fucks sake, don't these people think?

Author osama binladen (9 months)
i want to fucking kill that mom

Author Gabriella Patterson (9 months)
WITH OUT HER SHE IS MY JOY AND HEART ,..!!!! i,am SO bless to have her in
my life she is pure joy and sweetheart ,... this so called up there mother
,..nothing but a self center bitch !!! and she the one with issues is
herself not her daughter ,.. mother need learn patience ,.. love
understanding and empathy ...what a cold hear-ted bitch you even see she
evil she has the frown lines to show it ,.... i feel so bad for her
daughter ,....... 

Author MissLink8908 (23 days)
As an austistic person myself, I find this lady very offensive! Just
listening to her made so angry. What's to hate about autism? Sure, autistic
people have different behaviors, but that doesn't mean she should abuse her
own daughter because of it. Autistic people aren't cursed, they're just
wired differently.

Author Jamaican QueenBee (9 months)
Ok, so you dnt like your kid.. why not give her up? Maybe she'll get the
live and affection she needs else where. This kid is sick, I have an
autistic niece and she screams and throws tantrums in public but who the
heck gives a damn. We dnt. This woman is a heartless person who doesn't
deserve to be a mother, I imagine God was testing her and she failed
miserably. Get the child involved in programs, make use of the help that's
provided for special needs. I'm not saying that dealing with a special
needs child is easy but God damn, to go as far as to say you hate your own
kid????... This woman is the devil...

Author toiletroom (9 months)
None of you go through what she does. You judge like you get it. You dont.

Author LaserDroid (9 months)
Horrible family life yet she has a child.....she isn't very bright.

Author Mitchell Leary (3 months)
Day after day, all this drama and negativity; presented as good old
fashioned entertainment. Don't shoot the messenger, I'm just pointing out
what's really going on here, and the sick people behind the camera that are
selling it to us. Some people even like watching this poor women getting
burned at the stake.

Author Miss G6 (9 months)
I can relate. 

Author Krowman84 (10 months)
Thats why China gets it right by geting rid of useless human's like this
that are a burden to society and really hold no fuction or value.

Author chrsmllr5 (1 month)
hit that little shit, you go mom

Author YuriCraft (8 months)
This fucking racist whore!

It's not her doughter's fault!

Author Brittanny Pegg (10 months)
Some women ought to be sterilised at birth this bitch doesn't deserve to
have children or anyone in general in her life

Author 0ffline [NL] (1 month)
And i cannot stand ignorant idiots like her.
Yes i have autism, yes this makes me extremely mad.
And yes, to be honest, this brings very violent thoughts in my head.

Author chaos55t (9 months)
I have an autistic sister, and most people who knew she had it, walked up
to me and said to me in the face, "Your parents should of had an abortion
when they should of had the chance."

Author JG33 Boiii (24 days)
420/69 "2mlg4IGN" ~ IGN

Author Gamer Hacker Reporter (4 months)
It's not the daughter it's the mother.
All those words she said to her are disgusting.
" I Hate You " Yeah I hate You To!
What a bullcrap mother

Author Jessica Cano (1 month)
Parents like that make me want to puke. What if they had special needs and
their parents hit them and yelled at them all time. That girl might feel
like a burden to her family because her mother fucking hates her

Author HarshlyAttackAutists (7 months)
The mother and the autist are inbred idiots.

Author Krystal Harwood (3 months)
2:51 they don't treat their mothers mean? Karen, you should get out more.
Even normal kids treat their parents like crap

Author jetshockey5 (5 months)
You should always love your child but people need to realize that it takes
more than just love to raise a child with mental disability. Love doesn't
just put food on the table and clothes on your back, money does! It takes
more than just loving your child, life isn't cheap or free. It takes
hundreds of thousands of dollars to support these types of
Children. You think the insurance companies are going to say "oh we feel so
sorry for you and your child, we're going to cover all costs" never gonna
happen, get real. And unless you're rich, you need to work full time to
keep up the cash flow, and guess what, daycare for autistic children and
those with disabilities are very expensive and they don't give out free
care, not how it works. Your lives always shift to your kids when they're
born, but every aspect changes with a disabled
Child. Between doctors visits, psychiatrists, psychologists, special day
care and babysitters, school tuitions for the special needs, those are
hundreds of
Thousands if not into millions of dollars over the course of a childhood.
The average family would ruin itself financially for life for a child that
would never be able to support itself, sorry but it takes more than love,
life is expensive and these children REQUIRE very costly services and care
throughout their ENTIRE life. Do you have that kind of money plus mortgage
payments , car payments etc? Most families don't. People don't pity the
disabled and say "oh I fell bad, our services and care is free of charge"
it's about money, and money, especially to those who care for disabled, is
an absolute NECESSITY. 

Author Rebecca Young (2 months)
Everyone criticising her, she clearly isn't coping. She doesn't take pride
in hating her daughter she just needs the right help and support! She
admits she doesn't understand and know what to do! Show empathy. 

Author Banana Jeff (3 months)
what a fucking asshole yes its your daughters fault she has autism
deffinatly what a fucking ignorant peace of shit.*watches more of the video*
LIKE im gonna give this lady a autistic baby to this lady.what a fucking

Author Anna Banana (2 months)
That little girl is way better than that inhuman bitch. You got it
backwards. That mom should be euthanized

Author Natasha Murray (1 month)
Good on her to speak the true

Author Ezio Audacity The Refrigerator (9 months)
This is fucking golden. I'd smother her in her sleep. 

Author brysonsheldon (2 months)
Is this mom just retarded or what because she obvioulsy doesnt know how to
properly deal with autsitic children and she abuses and screams at her own
fucking daughter!!!! i camt stand the shitty kinds of people in this world
that need to be put in fuckin prison

Author B8killerPan (3 months)
Lol little fat cartnan ugly disgusting pink pig deservers her , Look at her
, fat and disgusting.

Author ganondorfchampin (4 months)
And I hate you, stupid abusive bitch. 

Author Clayton Wiedenhoft (2 months)
Guys stop it. Stop laughing. How dare you guys like this video?!? >:(

Author Tre Anderson (4 months)
This is fake.....she just admitted she hits her child for no reason she
would be in jail, not on doctor phil

Author aiden ventura (2 months)
This lady is cruel she can't control it and there's no cure I know what it
feels like but that is just so cruel

Author Jesus Christ (5 months)
Treating a child with an autism spectrum disorder the way this woman does
is ridiculously stupid, and it's dangerous.
Being treated this way is painful beyond belief. If your mother hated you,
that would destroy you. Now imagine what you'd feel and multiply it by 5,
and throw in suicidal depression and very intense homicidal thoughts.

If you try to be the incompromisable, unfair and untrusting parent toward
your child, they will grow up to be unsuccessful, their life will very
likely be ruined and you will be in danger. The reason why is, when you
want them to do something and you do not give them the space or trust to do
it the way they know they can get it done, they will not do it. That
non-compliance is not their choice, they want to do it really badly but
when you gaze over their shoulder out of distrust and threaten to take away
things important to them, they are put under immense stress. And when under
this stress they completely lose the ability to make themselves perform.
Turning to this method of parenting would probably work for a normal kid,
but for an autistic kid all you're going to achieve is make your child hate
you for the rest of their life. They could care less if you died at that

Author David Woon (8 months)
so this dumb bitch doesn't know what autism is, doesn't understand it and
doesn't know how to handle it AND SAYS SHE HATES HER DAUGHTER BECAUSE SHE
OUT FINE.....BULLSHIT!!! also we only see her daughter have a normal
autistic moment and that's it, I bet you all anything you like she isn't as
serve as HER MOTHER says Hell most likely she's like me someone with minor
autism I mean I remember when I was 14 years old and I had moments though
rare and far between each other, they don't even ask for the girl's opinion
on HER MOTHER just the other way round and yes I will say it "Mother is The
Word for God on The Lips of Children"

Author junrocks (5 months)
I mean, I get this woman is ignorant and stupid, but you do not have to
dislike this video. This is not her channel and she did not upload this.

Author PS4gameplay+more (2 months)
I have a A 54 Yr old uncle that lives with us and I love him to death i've
kniwn him since the beginning of my life and i feel so bad for this woman
because she is such a Cunt.

Author Scabloonshki (9 months)
She is the mother of her daughter she is supposed to guide her daughter
through life and tell her about autism I have it and that's what my parents
did, and her saying that she hates her because of that is just disgusting!

Author Brittney Allen (3 months)
Like mother like daughter. She shouldn't have children. 

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