I hate my autistic daughter (Dr.Phil)

At the moment I can not find the full episode,so put all the clips I found in one.

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Author Alisha Otter (12 hours)
She's just pissed that her child didn't come out of her all fucking
perfect. The reason she hates her daughter is because she's not making HER
look good by not acting like other people's kids, which is pathetic.

Author Becca Scarborough❤ (8 hours)
She just needs to learn how to cope with her and to understand how she is
she should go and learn about autism hopefully it would help. My two little
brothers 3 and 12 going on 13 are autistic and I don't know what I would do
without them<3 it is hard sometimes but autistic people just want to be
loved just like everyone else in the world and hearing her say all this
about her daughter really hurts to hear. 

Author Jordan Lefaivre (1 day)
The mother needs to read the novel, "The Reason I Jump". Then she'll know
nearly 100% of how a mind with autism works. I highly recommend to her and
everyone in general. It's only a 90 minute read. I have autism, I read it.
IT PRACTICALLY READ MY MIND... You can listen to the audiobook version on

Author Steven Pounsett (1 day)
This is terrible, poor girl just needs to be loved.

How can a mother hate her own daughter???

Author gooca96 (1 day)
I can relate. 

Author PonyTV (1 day)

Author Steffi Jackson (1 day)
This lady doesn't deserve to be a mother....

Author SaiyukiGS (2 days)
I push her because she's pushed me? Who acts like the 8 year old here?

Author SkullMarine Ravage (2 days)
The bitch is beyond dumb, that's about it. And by that I mean the mother of
course. Poor kid tho.

Author Mckenzie Post (3 days)
Oh you deserve this you bish. She is AUTISTIC! She can't help it..GOD

Author skeleton jam (3 days)
hold finger on 8 if you want to see her have a stroke

Author Gabriella Patterson (3 days)
WITH OUT HER SHE IS MY JOY AND HEART ,..!!!! i,am SO bless to have her in
my life she is pure joy and sweetheart ,... this so called up there mother
,..nothing but a self center bitch !!! and she the one with issues is
herself not her daughter ,.. mother need learn patience ,.. love
understanding and empathy ...what a cold hear-ted bitch you even see she
evil she has the frown lines to show it ,.... i feel so bad for her
daughter ,....... 

Author Jocelyn Mendes (4 days)
My cousin has autism and I admit they are a handful but they are HUMAN!
Sometimes she pushes me to my breaking point but I take a huge breath and
remember that she's special and is not like everyone else which is ok. I
love my little cousin to death and I would NEVER, EVER say I hate her just
because she's different. The daughter is not the embarrassing one, the mom
is. This is just sad. The daughter needs a mom who truly loves her even
though she has autism. I don't feel an ounce of pity for this woman what's
so ever. 

Author Hallie Ervin (4 days)
This woman is abusive. 

Author Apple Wang (4 days)
I feel so sorry for the mother who has suffered her whole life. She has
already had enough in her past but now she is suffering from her child

Author Ethan Mullins (4 days)
What a bitch

Author Hatsune Miku (5 days)
She has a harder life than her mum, the mums simply an idiot.

Author osama binladen (5 days)
i want to fucking kill that mom

Author TheZoruaGirl (7 days)
Why does the mom whine so much?

Author SuperModerngranny (8 days)
What a selfish person!

Author Joseph Rasmus (11 hours)
I understand how the mother feels.

Author Mel Brown (23 hours)
While I do not agree with the feelings of her hating her own child, I can
understand the stress that she is going through. I have two autistic sons
and heaven knows they have given me several hard times........I, however,
adore my sons and would not trade them for anything on this Earth. She
really needs to go to counseling, have therapy and even a parent support
group. I do all three in addition to working a full time job. Talking to
someone about your stress really helps.....and I have my sons talking to a
counselor as well. 

Author Oliver Ugh (11 hours)
How the FUCK are you gonna spread your legs and let a dude hit only under
the condition that your kid comes out perfectly?! This is so stupid. Grow
the fuck up, lady, I mean you're a little too old to be 'embarrassed' 

Author Lorenzo Veloz (12 hours)
looks like mommy's gonna burn in hell

Author Donald Newton (10 hours)
I'm autistic. And this pisses me the fuck off. I know the child has issues.
But to say you hate your own child. For fuck sakes. Yeah, you dont deserve
it because you're not good enough to raise a disabled child.

Author 66scrapmom (5 months)
Wow just wow

Author titi avila (5 months)
A mother is supposed to love their own child no matter what. Autistic
children are different and difficult to handle at times but they are
brilliant. It is not the child's fault that they have autism and they do
not choose to act this way, they just can't help it. But that is why they
have interventions and therapies to help them and their families cope with
the way they are and help them learn to be independent. My little brother
is autistic and I can't love him more than I do now.

Author Katherine Licata (5 months)
That doesn't make her behavior okay. And who cares if it isn't uncommon?
That doesn't mean she isn't at fault.

Author ash8732 (5 months)
What a disgraceful piece of shit of a child deserves to be
treated that way EVERRR. .it's not her fault she has autism no one's the
blame. You should give her up for adoption, she deserves a living family
who can deal w her autism

Author ashhenabbyaha (5 months)
Wow heartless!!

Author Rasmus Lundqvist (5 months)
(°_o) *Autism intensifies*

Author Aditi Sharma (5 months)
This woman doesn't deserve to be a mother.

Author Baxter Phillips (5 months)
No it's not? I don't blame the mother.

Author David J. James (5 months)
Surprise surprise.

Author Morgan Williams (5 months)
Yeah there is a saying "like a normal child", she knows that the child
ain't normal so why would she expect people like us to be normal if we're
not normal.

Author Kiara Jack (5 months)
u r a horrible mother

Author starrx008 (5 months)
This mom makes me sick... I feel bad for the daughter..

Author Alexander DePew (5 months)
You Piece of shit cunt, i hope you develop cancer of the mouth and slowly
choke to death on the tongue that spoke those vile words you whore!

Author Denise Rymer (5 months)
Dr. Phil - Why Is She Being Disruptive In The 7th Method? / NS/Conrail
Train Wreck

Author Emily Williams (5 months)
She didn't say she relied on God.

Author Debra Vincent-Turner (5 months)
I see these children regularly, working with them to make their lives
better. I understand the parents frustration but these children don't want
to be this way.

Author joey Galileo Hotto (5 months)
You are a waste of oxygen

Author Ann-Sofie Engberg (5 months)
This adult dosen't know any fucking thing of what she's talking about.

Author Sid Richards (5 months)
Hate is a strong word........

Author legosolgefilms (5 months)
I really hope you just.... die. people like you should just die. you are
the idiot in this situation, you call me a faggot, I am not gay. You are
obviously a psychopath that likes hurting handicapped children, you need to
shut up. fuck you.

Author nastacia crowe-missens (5 months)
my brother's friend is autistic and he is 14. whats the proble

Author LPS Drew X Elly videos (5 months)
No u do deserve it. Ur selfish, crude, and I feel as though being
borderline autistic, it's sick to not give your daughter the proper
nurishment. This is an autistic child were talking about! You're making her
worse by abusing her. I feel terrible for the father a

Author 4gasem (5 months)
You can sing your song of how hard it is to be a parent to a special needs
child and I TOTALLY AGREE, but for a GROWN ADULT to tell their child that,
that they HATE them or can't stand them is WRONG!!!! "I hate her because I
don't deserve it"??? Own up to it and learn how to better deal with it.
(How the hell did I end up here?)

Author Mister Lister the Titty Twister (5 months)
Holy fuck i feel so bad for that poor poor girl, imagine going through the
torture of having to live with that heartless emotional bitch always
staring at you with hate. Being told hurtful things or not being told
anything at all, that poor poor mother having to face this autistic beast.

Author TheBoon14 (5 months)
Exactly! More people need to see this comment.

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