I hate my autistic daughter (Dr.Phil)

At the moment I can not find the full episode,so put all the clips I found in one.

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Author 66scrapmom (11 months)
Wow just wow

Author titi avila (11 months)
A mother is supposed to love their own child no matter what. Autistic
children are different and difficult to handle at times but they are
brilliant. It is not the child's fault that they have autism and they do
not choose to act this way, they just can't help it. But that is why they
have interventions and therapies to help them and their families cope with
the way they are and help them learn to be independent. My little brother
is autistic and I can't love him more than I do now.

Author Katherine Licata (11 months)
That doesn't make her behavior okay. And who cares if it isn't uncommon?
That doesn't mean she isn't at fault.

Author ash8732 (11 months)
What a disgraceful piece of shit of a child deserves to be
treated that way EVERRR. .it's not her fault she has autism no one's the
blame. You should give her up for adoption, she deserves a living family
who can deal w her autism

Author ashhenabbyaha (11 months)
Wow heartless!!

Author Baxter Phillips (11 months)
No it's not? I don't blame the mother.

Author Uncle Davey (11 months)
Surprise surprise.

Author Morgan Williams (11 months)
Yeah there is a saying "like a normal child", she knows that the child
ain't normal so why would she expect people like us to be normal if we're
not normal.

Author Kiara Jack (11 months)
u r a horrible mother

Author starrx008 (11 months)
This mom makes me sick... I feel bad for the daughter..

Author Dunke rusten (11 months)
There needs to be a law about killing annoying fucks!!1(obvious sarcasm)

Author Denise Rymer (11 months)
Dr. Phil - Why Is She Being Disruptive In The 7th Method? / NS/Conrail
Train Wreck

Author Emily Williams (11 months)
She didn't say she relied on God.

Author Debra Vincent (11 months)
I see these children regularly, working with them to make their lives
better. I understand the parents frustration but these children don't want
to be this way.

Author joey Galileo Hotto (11 months)
You are a waste of oxygen

Author Ann-Sofie Engberg (11 months)
This adult dosen't know any fucking thing of what she's talking about.

Author reiseRi K (11 months)
hhahaha fat cunt complaining. nothing new here. they got a roof top of
their heads and food in the fridge and complain complain complain.
privileged white fat bitch

Author Sid Richards (11 months)
Hate is a strong word........

Author LegoSolgeFilms (11 months)
I really hope you just.... die. people like you should just die. you are
the idiot in this situation, you call me a faggot, I am not gay. You are
obviously a psychopath that likes hurting handicapped children, you need to
shut up. fuck you.

Author nastacia crowe-missens (11 months)
my brother's friend is autistic and he is 14. whats the proble

Author LPS Drew X Elly videos (11 months)
No u do deserve it. Ur selfish, crude, and I feel as though being
borderline autistic, it's sick to not give your daughter the proper
nurishment. This is an autistic child were talking about! You're making her
worse by abusing her. I feel terrible for the father a

Author 4gasem (11 months)
You can sing your song of how hard it is to be a parent to a special needs
child and I TOTALLY AGREE, but for a GROWN ADULT to tell their child that,
that they HATE them or can't stand them is WRONG!!!! "I hate her because I
don't deserve it"??? Own up to it and learn how to better deal with it.
(How the hell did I end up here?)

Author Mister Lister the Titty Twister (11 months)
Holy fuck i feel so bad for that poor poor girl, imagine going through the
torture of having to live with that heartless emotional bitch always
staring at you with hate. Being told hurtful things or not being told
anything at all, that poor poor mother having to face this autistic beast.

Author TheBoon14 (11 months)
Exactly! More people need to see this comment.

Author Morgan Teare (11 months)
the kid cant help it like wtf lady!?! my sister is autistic shes 14 and im
12 and I no more than her.. u hav to hav the right stuff with social
activities and teach them new things and hav extra help so they get it
better my sister is an all A student in 8th grade and shes autistic shes
smarter than a lot of people in her grade SO BEAT THAT ur a dumbass if u
EVER say u don't love ur OWN child u r a waste of life

Author TheBoon14 (11 months)
Wow, you are such an ignorant prick. Believing in a God Is just illogical.

Author lolistarkiller (11 months)
This lady is a complete idiot!! The fact that her child has autism should
have prompted her to research the affects it has on children, and realized
that her child would never be "normal". I realize she herself has gone
though serious trauma, but to do the same thing that happened to you, to
your own child is disgusting.

Author Zaners (11 months)
We Minecraft now.

Author Corinne Corcoran (11 months)
My daughter is Autistic and I had a terribly abusive and messed up
childhood ...I DO NOT treat my child like that . No excuse for this . My
daughter was diagnosed a year ago this week and I've learned so much . How
does she claim not to know in 14yrs of her kids life? She obviously hasn't
tried that hard to understand her.

Author BreadLoeffs (11 months)
I feel so bad for the poor girl, I don't think many people understand
autism. These people do not have CONTROL over their bodies, but it has been
proven that they have a logical mind of their own. Imagine sitting there,
not being able to control what you do, and listening to a mother that
constantly hates on you for your whole life. What can they do? Nothing!

Author LegoSolgeFilms (11 months)
you need to fuck off you cunt.

Author Baxter Phillips (11 months)
You are a moron.

Author Mercaification (11 months)
I know plenty of people who have autism. Greatest people in the world.
Their mothers and fathers love them more than the world itself. There's NO
reason this woman should say that she hates her child. It's not fair on the
child. Whether he or she is autistic or not.

Author Backlash Gaming (11 months)
My neighbour's son is autistic. She has two other older kids and she
handled him very well. Even though he would be very mad, she still loved
him. He would punch holes in the walls when he's mad. He had certain words
you had to avoid saying or he would be annoyed. He was a very good child. :)

Author Jack Off Horses (11 months)
Fuck off you moron.

Author Sam Fiander (11 months)
Makes. Me. Sick.

Author Chi-Chi Webb (11 months)
im sorry i disagree, my son is autistic and i have NEVER hated him

Author Randagas Mayat (11 months)
Honestly, she's kind of a bitch! She assumes that a child should be a
certain way, gets angry when her child isn't normal; can't accept a child
she understands; and is literally too stupid to know how to understand her
child! Honestly, I see nothing wrong with the child, this women is just
really unprepared, and undeserving of being a mother! All in all, she's
just an idiot!

Author Secretstarz7 (11 months)
My mom raises two autistic sons. She would never say anything like this.

Author Liberator (11 months)
That's that hurt

Author PharaohAlmighty (11 months)
how dare that woman even TALK about her daughter???

Author cookiemonster41388 (11 months)
yea i agree with u2

Author TheBoon14 (11 months)

Author Darren Beaumont (11 months)
This woman is sick. And before you start hating me for saying that, I KNOW
that it is not too hard to bring up a child with Autism or Aspergers. At
the end of the day, My Aspergers is not ME is is PART of me. my mum has
gone through alot with me, But even after her having to watch me rolling
around the supermarket floor, And threatening people on a daily basis, She
NEVER GAVE UP ON ME, My mum is truly amazing and this disgusting woman on
this video does not to have her Amazing daughter.

Author mamaluke29 (11 months)
I agree with everything you said. What I was saying is they're not normal.
If you have mental illness, you're not normal because most people don't
have them. If you have one arm, you're abnormal. Capiche?

Author Patrick Desrosiers (11 months)
There's absolutely no excuses for the pain you have inflicted on your

Author Art Evol (11 months)
hey finally someone uploaded this whole episode!!! theyre under the
username Drphilforyou

Author Blazin' rTrees (11 months)
what is Aspie?

Author Denise Rymer (11 months)
Candice Safrit is jackboots, and also the NS/Conrail derailment caused the
chlorine explosion.

Author LegoSolgeFilms (11 months)
people like you need to die.

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