I hate my autistic daughter (Dr.Phil)

At the moment I can not find the full episode,so put all the clips I found in one.

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Author jamster 96 (22 days)
She doesint deserve this? She is the worst mother I have ever seen she's
right she doesint deserve her daughter because her daughter deserves more
of a mother than she could ever be.

Author dynodish (1 month)
That poor mother, she's had enough of this defective idiot child. The girl
needs to be given into state care and that poor poor mother needs to be
free. No one deserves a life sentence like this one.

Author Ernst Stavro Blofeld (2 months)
Suicide would be the best option for the child. Its just a burden on
society and wasting resources.

Author Matt Pace (1 month)
i dont get the autistic hate. my little brother has autism and yeah he can
have his outbursts and yeah he doesnt understand social situations but hes
one of the nicest people i know. 

Author Nichole Sinclair (3 months)
This mom hits her daughter. She blatantly said it. She's mentally abusive
too... What the fuck is wrong with her.

Author conman823 (1 month)
This woman should have the option to send her child away to an Asylum, but
unfortunately all the liberals had then closed.

Author Martin Kove (2 months)
shes a good mom its not her fault that her daughter is WRONG and treats her
own mother like shit...

Author Lucy Mcnerney (1 month)
This is just wrong.

Author HarryPotter87 (1 month)
I'm very sure the mother didn't mean to say that she hates her own
daughter. She was just upset 'cuz she felt ashamed on raising an autistic
child. Parents who raise children like that feel jealous of "perfect and
normal" families.

Author Em Winnie (1 month)
I hate children (thank god I don't have any) because they're annoying and
gross but if my mom said I hate you to me I'd cry 

Author Mahkyla (3 months)
If the mother hates her child so much, why wont she give her away?
For fucks sake, don't these people think?

Author Krowman84 (5 months)
Thats why China gets it right by geting rid of useless human's like this
that are a burden to society and really hold no fuction or value.

Author Mik Jong Soo (1 month)
and you guys know, I don't like my mom and I am also Autistic, because she
doesn't understand me.

Author SuperModerngranny (4 months)
What a selfish person!

Author Nick Orie (4 months)
Ill be the first one to say, she isnt obliged to love autism. Sure being
harsh and hitting her child is wrong, but she has no reason to love and
accept autism.

Author Menace Matt Dennis (4 months)
I wanna shoot this lady in the face

Author SydroSnipin (4 months)
why the fuck does the bitch goes to tv with this? shes not even ashamed to
tell this story to the whole world, fucking money and attention whore cunt

Author Ezio Audacity The Refrigerator (4 months)
This is fucking golden. I'd smother her in her sleep. 

Author Chestney Chiller (4 months)
This woman is so pathetic she needs to be locked up for child abuse her kid
is autistic she can't speak or act normal because she doesn't know how to.
Did dr Phil lock her up for this ?! 

Author INeverDrank, Nigga Juice (4 months)
I say cut the fat ass daughter up and sell her for pork rolls

Author gooca96 (4 months)
I can relate. 

Author Mosspath (2 months)
I hope you realize that abnormal people like that kid need to be put in
they're place 

Author LaserDroid (4 months)
Horrible family life yet she has a child.....she isn't very bright.

Author Cravingskies1 (5 months)
Why not just get rid of the bitch (Julia)? She'll find her way lolololol.

Author David Woon (3 months)
so this dumb bitch doesn't know what autism is, doesn't understand it and
doesn't know how to handle it AND SAYS SHE HATES HER DAUGHTER BECAUSE SHE
OUT FINE.....BULLSHIT!!! also we only see her daughter have a normal
autistic moment and that's it, I bet you all anything you like she isn't as
serve as HER MOTHER says Hell most likely she's like me someone with minor
autism I mean I remember when I was 14 years old and I had moments though
rare and far between each other, they don't even ask for the girl's opinion
on HER MOTHER just the other way round and yes I will say it "Mother is The
Word for God on The Lips of Children"

Author jaggerbug (3 months)
(this could be a bad time to say it) I have a Dad who really don't know
or(excused my language but I need to be honest) give a shit I have
autistic. so he hate me.

Author chaos55t (4 months)
I have an autistic sister, and most people who knew she had it, walked up
to me and said to me in the face, "Your parents should of had an abortion
when they should of had the chance."

Author Jamaican QueenBee (4 months)
Ok, so you dnt like your kid.. why not give her up? Maybe she'll get the
live and affection she needs else where. This kid is sick, I have an
autistic niece and she screams and throws tantrums in public but who the
heck gives a damn. We dnt. This woman is a heartless person who doesn't
deserve to be a mother, I imagine God was testing her and she failed
miserably. Get the child involved in programs, make use of the help that's
provided for special needs. I'm not saying that dealing with a special
needs child is easy but God damn, to go as far as to say you hate your own
kid????... This woman is the devil...

Author Yuricraft (3 months)
This fucking racist whore!

It's not her doughter's fault!

Author Brittanny Pegg (5 months)
Some women ought to be sterilised at birth this bitch doesn't deserve to
have children or anyone in general in her life

Author James Fitzgearld (5 months)
I'd hate my daughter too if she had severe monkey autism. This mother does
not deserve this. At all. Dr. Phil, and the whole audience can go fuck

Author Barack Obama (7 hours)
I'm sorry but even if that little girl did't have autism she looks like she
would be a little spoiled bitchy brat.. she gets it from her mother. Just
my opinion.

Author Oksana Holland (1 day)
How does Gloria hall wipe her wet asd

Author GamerDude881 (3 months)
This bitch is so offensive. I have autism too. Send her to the nearest
insane asylum immediately. 

Author KOTHFanRantsandVids (3 days)
This is why I hate women, not only that, she's fucking fugly as fuck.

Author Karlee Craziness (4 months)
What the hell is wrong with people like this! I get she gets frustrated but
damn you should love your kids the way they are! She can't change that! 

Author debs woo (4 days)
sick person

Author matthias66 (3 months)
I'm conflicted about this mother of this autistic girl. For the record, I
am a high functioning autism with P.D.D-NOS (Pervasive Disorder- Not
Otherwise Specified). My autism is even slighter than Aspergers, and in
actuality, my autism is almost completely non-apparent.

But I digress. I feel pity for this woman, but at the same time, I think
her behavior is inappropriate.

If I were to put myself in her situation, I'd see it like this: She was
probably excited and happy to know that she was having a baby girl. She
expected her to be born normally, without mental or physical defects. But
as her daughter started growing up, she (the mother) started realizing that
her daughter wasn't acting normally for a girl her age.

She would have frequent temper tantrums in public, showed delayed cognitive
reasoning, wasn't able to socialize with others normally, and other
problems. As a parent, she probably wanted the best for her daughter, but
when she realized how different her daughter was cognitively and socially
from everyone else(and how her future would be limited because of her
cognitive delayments), that must have broke her heart (understandable), and
led to bitterness and resentment.

But oddly enough, instead of resenting or blaming God for making her
daughter autistic, or resenting the autism itself as opposed to her
daughter, she blamed her daughter instead, a transference of blame from
what would be expected. This deviation is where her behavior and attitude
are in the wrong- it is wrong to blame her daughter for something she has
no control over. Being angry at God is one thing, blaming your child for
having something they can't control is another thing.

I'm sure this mother had a lot of frustrations and stress with dealing with
her autistic daughter, I cannot blame her for that. But her bitterness and
anger towards her daughter for being autistic led her to physically slap
and attack her daughter, and that is wholly unacceptable. Her intention for
slapping her daughter was out of bitterness and resentment, as opposed to
getting her daughter's attention so she can focus. Two different things.

Just in the same way making fun of or teasing a mentally retarded child is
horrible and unacceptable, so it is with blaming someone for having
something they can not help.

Author jetshockey5 (8 days)
You should always love your child but people need to realize that it takes
more than just love to raise a child with mental disability. Love doesn't
just put food on the table and clothes on your back, money does! It takes
more than just loving your child, life isn't cheap or free. It takes
hundreds of thousands of dollars to support these types of
Children. You think the insurance companies are going to say "oh we feel so
sorry for you and your child, we're going to cover all costs" never gonna
happen, get real. And unless you're rich, you need to work full time to
keep up the cash flow, and guess what, daycare for autistic children and
those with disabilities are very expensive and they don't give out free
care, not how it works. Your lives always shift to your kids when they're
born, but every aspect changes with a disabled
Child. Between doctors visits, psychiatrists, psychologists, special day
care and babysitters, school tuitions for the special needs, those are
hundreds of
Thousands if not into millions of dollars over the course of a childhood.
The average family would ruin itself financially for life for a child that
would never be able to support itself, sorry but it takes more than love,
life is expensive and these children REQUIRE very costly services and care
throughout their ENTIRE life. Do you have that kind of money plus mortgage
payments , car payments etc? Most families don't. People don't pity the
disabled and say "oh I fell bad, our services and care is free of charge"
it's about money, and money, especially to those who care for disabled, is
an absolute NECESSITY. 

Author Joshua Cheplick (8 days)
It's not her falt girl she's artistic it's not her falt you should be
ashamed of your self

Author Emily Jones (15 days)
It's sickening, the woman acts like she is a victim and can't see past
herself to notice she is ABUSING her child! This woman is selfish. End of.
God help that poor kid.

Author The PD1 Network (4 months)
She is the mother of her daughter she is supposed to guide her daughter
through life and tell her about autism I have it and that's what my parents
did, and her saying that she hates her because of that is just disgusting!

Author Linkfan99 (4 months)
Hell, everyone's defending the autistic child but the mom's clearly got
some mental problems too. Anyone, I don't care how perfectly sane you are,
anyone, will be mentally and emotionally affected if your mom stabs your
dad almost to death at age fucking 4.

Author toiletroom (4 months)
None of you go through what she does. You judge like you get it. You dont.

Author Alex Enschede (18 days)
My thought? I think she has it, in lesser extent, too. Daughter probably
got it from her side of the family.

Author AwakeningCamiria (5 months)
So many hateful comments. First of all, this woman needs psychotherapy. She
is emotionally immature, has low level of tolerance to frustration,
absolutist and irrational thinking (why this happened to me, I do not
deserve it). She also did not heal wounds from the past. The burden she
carries is heavy. She needs CBT therapy. It is very hard to care for a
child with special needs. Any parent would be challenged. Especially one
who needs help as well.

Author Natalie DeHoff (23 days)
I hate the Word autistic . A child with autism they are a person first they
have autism second. Oh and the unnormal thing gets on my nerves no one is
normal. We all have issue to call someone not normal is rude. Just because
it does not fit into the Box of What you See as normal or been taught to
believe is normal does not make you right that its not normal.

Author Kimberly Nee (4 months)
there is something wrong with her. u should never ever ever say that to
your own daughter, it lowers self confidence. its so mean. if she puts her
daughter up to adoption, maybe her daughter would be happier. not to be
mean or anything. 

Author Gabriella Patterson (4 months)
WITH OUT HER SHE IS MY JOY AND HEART ,..!!!! i,am SO bless to have her in
my life she is pure joy and sweetheart ,... this so called up there mother
,..nothing but a self center bitch !!! and she the one with issues is
herself not her daughter ,.. mother need learn patience ,.. love
understanding and empathy ...what a cold hear-ted bitch you even see she
evil she has the frown lines to show it ,.... i feel so bad for her
daughter ,....... 

Author Shadowy Clouds (25 days)
My younger brother has autism and I'm sorry to say he is horrible. She
didn't diagnose him until I hit high school and almost threw me into a
mental institute because she believed I was abusing him.

Needless to say it isn't his fault but I honestly would feel no sorrow
knowing they died and could go my entire life never seeing them again. The
woman should give away the shitty kid and free herself from the torment.

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