2013 Medhanie Alem Day - Eritrean Orthodox Church in Toronto

Medhanie Alem Day.
May 12, 2013 - TORONTO.
Medhanie Alem Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church

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Author Ben Zerai (2 days)
Amen Zemare Yesmaelna

Author Hagis Tesfahanes (17 hours)
Zimare melaeki yesmialna

Author ruti amanue (6 days)
amen zmare melakt yesmana

Author Berhane Ayele (1 month)
Very inspiring Mezmur. My Tigregna is limited but it is touching my spirit.
Keep it up my brothers & sisters. Tewahedo for ever.

Author Semere Ghirmsy (1 month)
wwaaww i so happey when i hear it ezgabiher ztemesgen ykun

Author Awet Tsegay (28 days)
Amen zmare melaekt yesmana

Author Awet Tesfazgi (27 days)
Zemare melakte yesimana 

Author Tsehaye msraq (3 months)
Mahlet zekidus Yared b Liqawinti abotatna mqrabu dess deble eu Egziabher
nay Agolgilot zemenom ybarko

Author OCaCaW Britiopia (3 months)
Amharic speaker but, I love this Mezmure cant stop listening it GOD Bless!!

Author Tsehaye msraq (3 months)
this is the most wonderful i ever seen thank you Eritrean Tewahado Orhodox

Author pawlos gere (18 days)
amn zemare malekte yesmalna

Author Andeym Ze Lalibela (3 months)
i like this mezmur

Author Awet Tesfazgi (27 days)

Author Ghenethabtom Samsom (7 months)
Amen HALELUYA. TEWAHDO ORTHODOX Tebarekuu zemarie meleakti yesmealena. 

Author yohana habtom (8 months)

Author Akberet Gedlu (11 months)
HalleluYAH!!!! The songs minister to me, forget the idols and what have
you.....this is REAL worship and praise. I love YAHUAH and my people!!!!
Tabareku. ♡ Akberet from Seattle

Author gashaye adugna (1 month)

Author Weldgebral Tekea (8 months)
Weldegbral tekea

Author Ezgina (11 days)

Author Betyy Sami (3 months)

Author Filipos W (9 months)
Vcg XPgt

Author Marta Binyam (9 months)
Egziabiher tsegau yebzahalkum

Author Ferdinand N.O Wanangwe (11 months)
Good work

Author Liyahs 132 Tyohannes (5 months)
I love it, Amen gwoti

Author Gebremariam Kidane (11 months)
It is very nice. That is the indication of the ancient truthful religion
which is not derivative. I would like to say " KAL HIWOT YESMEALINA" to all
persons who have contributed their talent and many to the preparation of
this Spiritual song and Zema. God Bess You.

Author Yafu Weldetnsae (11 months)
amen zemare melakt yesmealna, adena kdst dengl mariam mis kulna tekun, amen

Author samy berhane (1 year)
u guys are better than those Bunch of liars and pretender of Pentecostal

Author gossiet B (1 year)
God bless U all!

Author hana collinson (9 months)
Stop advert

Author EYOB SOLOMON (9 months)

Author dawit kidane (11 months)
i like this mezmur

Author sara Dichma (11 months)

Author lema don (1 year)

Author Semere Gt (11 months)

Author Rafi Tesfay (1 year)
Zmare melaekt yesmiekum. Goita aezizu ybarkum des zbl zmare

Author forto harnet (1 year)
BIta'emi des zebil ngdet: It was so amusing and May GOD bless YOU All, This
video give me hope whcih our fathers religion is still alive and keeping as

Author Aman Adu (1 year)

Author zdanielove (1 year)
God Bless you ,,, u really made my day ! ኣምላኽ ጸግኡ የብዝሓልኩም !

Author sirak mihreteab (1 year)

Author freweini maashio (1 year)
thank you for sharing May God Bless you

Author wdasi mariam (1 year)
wowow eleleleleleleleleleleleleleleleleleleleleleleleleGod bless you great
voice and great beale medhaniye alem oh my God bless your people all round
the world

Author Dawit Abraham (1 year)
Thx a lot for sharing this. It's really wonderful

Author senait ghebremeskel (1 year)
Thank you for sharing. How the 4 people dislike this lovely orthodox

Author sirak mihreteab (1 year)

Author Zantana Imaging (1 year)
I really don't know haftina, thanks for the comment.

Author Haile Arafaine (1 year)

Author fregubo ketema (1 year)
waaaaaaaaa fetari yibakeku girma kirstiyan tebelkum yilkeyena

Author Samuel Tesfa (1 year)

Author Senay Daniel (1 year)
amazing may GBU all

Author wdasi mariam (1 year)
one comment I do have and that is you dayacon you don't need to look in the
mobile that is not orthodox behave you need to momorise is not good looking

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