FiM: Mo' Ponies 6

In this episode I platform, stop some UFOs and escape a mine!

Mo' Ponies thread:

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro

Adventure Ponies (the code is HUBMLP8BIT):

Ufo Repel (with ponies!):

Mine Escape:

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Author jalyn carson (11 months)
Yay Derpy escaped!😃

Author Joan Lara (10 months)

Author Marie Menndoza (6 months)

Author CpNightmareGaming (8 months)
I played mine escape

Author FoxyGrandpaStudios (2 years)
Love your pony game play-troughs. Are you ACTUALLY a Brony though?

Author Mr. Nutt (2 years)
Eeyup. Also, glad you like the videos!

Author Lyric (1 year)
YES!!! I beat the UFO one with not a single pony captured and got a score
of 99270!!!

Author zorusia1 (2 years)
mam pytanie gdzie można pobraci legends of equestria prosze

Author peter malnar (1 year)
you ar a football HA YA

Author cheesepuff2001 (2 years)

Author Mr. Nutt (2 years)
Don't worry, an long as there are more FiM fan games, you will always have
Mo' Ponies!

Author Mr. Nutt (1 year)
As fun of an idea that may be, I've already shown I have no idea what I'm
doing when it comes to recording handheld consoles.

Author Mr. Nutt (2 years)
Thanks for the message, I've sent a PM to your P@P channel.

Author Ryan Perry (2 years)
Love the vids! Im subbin

Author Mr. Nutt (2 years)
I'd try promoting you but as you can tell from my Minecraft channel
(especially if you didn't know about it) I'm not very good at that. If I
joined your group, what would I be doing?

Author links randomness (2 years)
heh. The amount of time it took him to escape is a reference to halo. Ask
if you don't get it.

Author FoxyGrandpaStudios (2 years)
That's a group channel. This is my personal one. I can send you a message
form the P@P channel if you need confirmation

Author VocaloidIchigo (2 years)
legend of zelda music for that last game. oh the nostalgia and awesome

Author Bao Ho (2 years)
I saw derpy hooves

Author FoxyGrandpaStudios (2 years)
I kinda don't want people getting my channel from there XD Plus I'm making
a newer channel to add onto that one

Author sophie greenacre (1 year)
Play pokemon black 2

Author ^3^ Monkeydoodle314+Lovepop2468 ^3^ (2 years)
I suck at that game. I couldn't get pass the second boss XD

Author Zoe Moore (1 year)
You are awesome

Author Mr. Nutt (2 years)
Fair enough, but it seems odd to ask from this channel if you had that
PoniesAtPlay one.

Author FoxyGrandpaStudios (2 years)
I rather admire your videos. I know this MAY be considered spam, but me and
a few friends have started a channel "PoniesAtPlay" and we need more
people. If you could consider joining, or even promoting us, that would be

Author Minelittlepony12 (2 years)
Derpy is cute

Author Ryan Perry (2 years)
Awsum videos! Im subbin

Author SuperMadFishy (2 years)
Can i add you on steam please? (if you have steam) whats your name? :)

Author Donna Ramsay (2 years)

Author Four Leaf Clover (2 years)
During that game (as RD) I didn't get hurt even once (which surprised even
me) but then there was Discord...

Author kayla stephenson (2 years)
WTF the ponies look weiard?

Author Bao Ho (2 years)
you took derpy

Author FoxyGrandpaStudios (2 years)
If you were to join, you would be free to upload any game playthroughs that
you do with other members and you would be in the podcasts. We issue.
Though, I must warn you: As of current my mic is awful and I sound like a
six year old :(

Author SimplyStitches (2 years)
Why does Twilight need a teleporter? Isn't teleportation a very basic spell
for her?

Author Mr. Nutt (2 years)
While checking out the PoniesAtPlay channel I noticed it doesn't really
mention your channel. Sorry if I seem a little paranoid but I've never
really joined a group before.

Author ♥Cyberi♥ (2 years)
mrnut more this! plz

Author Mr. Nutt (2 years)
Yes please, sorry if I'm causing a fuss.

Author Соня Булкина (1 year)
Оооо у тебя игр

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