Minecraft Xbox 360 - The Walls Download

New Map The Walls Made By CreationGamerRR
Trailer By Hypixel

Download Link -
The Rules (Player)
*Wait for host to give you a "cell" before the game starts. This is your starting position.
*Once the cell pushes you up, you can free to go and prepare yourself before the walls goes down.
*DO NOT break any sand blocks.
*DO NOT leave your zone delimited by bedrocks.
*DO NOT build over the sand walls height.
*You can create alliances, however only one player can win. Treasons are encouraged.
*Use your skills, intelligence and creativity to kill other players.

The Rules (Host)
*Place the players in their cells or "tubes" on the corners of the map.
*To start the game, press start when everyone is ready. You cannot reset! So make sure everyone is ready.
*Make sure to have a player assigned to the Zone close to the clock with 2 wires.
*Make sure your server have view Distance to 15.
*Make sure you have monsters OFF.
*If you want to play with the players, you have about 15 seconds to reach your cell and put back your gamemode 0.
*If you want the game to do on longer, you can give each players a bed and the goal would be to destroy your enemies's beds.

If this map gets enough views/download, we will find a modder to write a plugin to help hosts manage their games. Please support this map by sharing

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Author JakezHotDog 100 (10 days)
Cool Map!

Author Blake Butler (6 months)
How can I git it.

Author Paul B. (7 months)

Author Nathan Goodall (8 months)
If anone is hosting this game or hunger games please invite me gt:

Author wildflower2012 (5 months)

Author legoyeah01 (1 year)
This is fake hypixel made it.

Author ArduinoMaster (1 year)
Dose this cost. $

Author Renzy Wilke (1 year)
whats the seed number

Author BoothyStudios (1 year)
Adam come on dead island in a bit .

Author ViToFlips (1 year)
its the walls there working on getting the walls up and running for xbox
read the discreption before spreading shit yous soft people

Author captiansnowball (1 year)
me Me

Author drddude00 (1 year)
Hosting hunger games and the walls message SKORPION 780

Author thecoltsfan31 (1 year)
when I saw the fire charges I was like wow this guys a liar

Author Tyler Lay (1 year)
how are we supposed to play this. we cant turn off mobs on the xbox.

Author XxDaveXx77 (1 year)
So badass

Author rapidest corn (1 year)
I am play wall send me a message to join

Author BoothyStudios (9 months)
I has this map... My gt is Boothy jr x I have friends who will play it...

Author CraftAVideo (1 year)

Author DEVIL_CLAN (1 year)
I Downloaded if have a xbox ill inv you

Author perrytheply MordecaiTheBluJ (1 year)
pc idiot -_-

Author TeamsxPowerpupsx3 (1 year)
hosting game add mee remy 562

Author Johnny Aguilar (1 year)
I wanna play this, hmu on Zhrg

Author Tehh Apathy (1 year)
anyone who wants to play this msg me vT sWooZie

Author Ian Jake (1 year)
amazing trpas

Author BoothyStudios (1 year)
Please subscribe and check out my other video

Author TheepicJs (1 year)
how do you download it

Author CrazyxScopezZ (1 year)
Im Hosting a Minecraft Hunger Games Server on Xbox... Message TaKen CluTch
For Info...

Author Hunter Balfany (1 year)
Balfy84 hosting the walls join

Author IIIvIIvIII (1 year)
Hey I can do it add me GT- "Send Hyyerr"

Author retarted sponge (1 year)
im trying to play with u but u are not accept or responding to me gt:

Author tom1999ize (1 year)
no im pretty sure its pc because in august the update never had hunger bar
and the speed they are turning is mouse speed and finnaly the skins cannot
be bought on xbox point proven :)

Author SKILLZ (1 year)
yes it is

Author SwiftCr3w (1 year)
Testing out my new walls map. Add swiftcr3w on the xbox xbox to help me
test out the map

Author Hamish Hill (1 year)
my gt is actedhafling6

Author 1KillerMidget (1 year)
This for xbox right?

Author Chris dalli (1 year)
you need horizon and then save and rehash

Author Tom Nicklin (1 year)
Thank you captain obvious

Author Toni Jones (1 year)
for xbox right

Author Jorge Avila (1 year)
this isnt xbox because we didnt ou experience until 2013 and this video was
posted 2012

Author Ian Jake (1 year)

Author Pie Man (1 year)
Be PlausibleEmu friend i have survival games.

Author TheBestOneHere17 (1 year)
how do u put the world on xbox 360

Author sef frankinstine (10 months)
does anyone have this that i can friend and play with?

Author xXTheNetherCreeperXx (1 year)

Author Diego Gutierrez (1 year)
Wat u do after download

Author SuperMinecraftKanaal (1 year)
the trailer is i think from the official "the walls" but the savegame is
for the xbox 360, I thought that you was talking about the savegame, sorry
for that.

Author IproIwanXD (1 year)
That's not 360

Author Retarded Ninja (1 year)
hey dumbfucks y

Author Nikolai Belinski (1 year)
love this!

Author IAMCRISBAS23 (1 year)
fucking pc dummy

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