Lecture 30 Encoders and Decoders

Lecture series on Digital Circuits & Systems by Prof.S.Srinivasan, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Madras.For more details on NPTEL visit

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Author Sunil Thapa (5 months)
Isn't the instrumental music from the movie LOVE STORY? Smiles.

Author Md Imam Hossain (3 months)
Best teacher ever

Author Abigail Suhru (8 months)
Impedance ....awesome example sir...!! :)

Author Kia Sanora (6 months)
Thank you so much sir! Its only because of you that I got an almost near
perfect score on this subject. When I started watching your videos, I had
absolutely no idea about the subject. To be honest, I'd say, I was very
intimidated by the whole concept of this subject and couldn't understand
anything, though I did try to learn. But, you made everything so clear
through your detailed and absolutely amazing lectures, that I can now not
only think logically, I can explain it to others too. Thank you so much for
making this whole subject seem so beautiful and easy. Thank you sir for
your kind help to thousand of students like me. Wish everyone had a teacher
like you!

Author IEM RVCE (3 months)

Author Mahi Dahagaonkar (1 year)
can u plz send us practical data with kit & design

Author Manir Faisal (1 year)
Amazing videos. You sir are a genius!

Author Komal Vibhandik (1 year)
thanku sir its very helpful..

Author sachintha kawindu (1 year)
wht the.. cannot understand ur english

Author Supermanu15 (3 years)
your lectures are very very helpful so i want to thank you for explaining
what the enable is,ive been trying to figure out its significance in IC's
so I thank you professor,hopefully i can answer the finals exam tomorrow
with ur clear explanation...again thanks a million :D

Author Terry Taylor (1 year)

Author 3bood3bood3bood3bood (3 years)
impossible man!! i cant describe u !! u r a real legend! u survived me!!!

Author dhruv patel (1 year)
it is in Sanskrit(Indian ancient language and it is Shloka which is taken
from Veda(ancient book written by enlighten masters)) meaning of Shloka:
Together may we be protected Together may we be nourished Together may we
work with great energy May our journey together be brilliant and effective
May there be no bad feelings between us may Peace in world,may Peace in
world,may Peace in world hope you will understand... sorry for my

Author Raj Kumar (8 months)
my teacher was sucks ...I..

Author hifatsoos (1 year)
Was that you singing in the beginning?

Author Adhiraj Jaryal (1 year)
great lecture sir.. thankyou.....

Author FBicoolshaman (2 years)
Thank you Sir

Author Sjag4ever (3 years)
Great Lectures, fantastic resource a big thumbs up from me. To implement
the 1 bit full adder function using the 74LS138, 3-8 decoder I think the
output combinational logic should consist of NOR gates not NAND gates.

Author Volkan Toklu (1 year)
what a fuckin eng...

Author crmehak (2 years)
aswm lecture sir........feels like studyng digital ol tym.........thnx a
lot 4 ur effort.........

Author Sompong Tungmepol (11 months)

Author AlwaysHopeful87 (3 years)

Author Slicksz (2 years)
25:28 He teleported... These lectures are great, I have a midterm tomorrow
and this is a great review!

Author dre5x1 (2 years)

Author sekhar raja (10 months)
thanks for ur valuable lecture

Author Suraj Motee (3 years)
JUst love these lectures!!!!!

Author Komal Khandekar (11 months)
nice video

Author Sindhu G (1 year)
Very crispy explanation!!!!

Author Martin Zio (2 years)
Great lecture sir, maybe just try to not to rush that much while talking,
sometimes it is hard to follow ;)

Author Wagner Nunes (1 year)
I wish to have a bit of your Knowledge,Master!!! Thanks!!!

Author maharaja338 (9 months)
sir i have some doubt, in encoder what the logic is used to get truth table
of input & output as like logic gates

Author Subjective Nonsense (11 months)
very beautiful

Author TheHarsha49 (3 years)
we can also use max terms if we have active low outputs of
will help to reduce the extra nand gate

Author cutietifftiff (2 years)
Exceptional lecture....thanks so much...

Author ali20503 (1 year)
شكرا لك

Author fender7802 (2 years)
Thank you for the lecture.

Author Dma Rage (1 year)
Hoooo sahana habata tummm

Author Julioceaseless Machira (1 year)
these tutorials are very helpful...a reason to miss more classes and figure
things out better. thank you

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