How a cartridge functions in a firearm

How a cartridge functions in a firearm.

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Author The rapper (1 year)
Buen video. (y)

Author agadhahab1 (4 years)
@kaaajeee When the powder in the cartridge burns, the gasses push on the
bullet, propelling it forward, and on the slide, pushing it backward. The
barrel and slide are locked together and move back a short distance, enough
for the bullet to leave the barrel. As they continue to move back, the
barrel unlocks from the slide and the slide continues to move back,
ejecting the spent case and chambering a new round.

Author Jeff William (4 years)
normal !

Author lilham10809 (4 years)
"anywhere from 300-3500 fps" a .22-250 can do 4000

Author alzlon (5 years)
i think he was trying to drop a not so subtle hint as in you should show
this to the kids.

its a casing

Author BoagsOutdoorTV (3 years)
@lilham10809 Do they make a pistol in that caliber? JW

Author SmartGuyMan (5 years)
Great video, comprehensive and explanatory.

Author kaaajeee (4 years)
this one shows how that gasses push the slide back while bullet is still in
gun. on YT there is another "glock function animation" and that shows that
only recoil after ball escapes the barrel makes slide go back. i allways
thought that recoil operated handguns doesnt work with gasses pushing slide
back. the recoil which is blocked by shooters hand on frame must be then
absorbed by slide and that makes it move back. am i right?

Author Sektor14 (3 years)
@STARPHOX14returnsHA That's so dumb and cliche lol... Actually it's people
kill people.....with guns! Anyway nice vid

Author POOOp164 (1 year)
god dude, I know how guns and bullets work already but it's so cool to
watch again XD

Author torontothegood (1 year)
nothing to dislike... i am "like# #177.

Author patsfanczar (3 years)
@kaaajeee You are very correct, it is the law of action and reaction that
drives recoil operated handguns. They are not driven directly by gasses, as
a blowback or gas operated firearm is. The breech is locked to a moving
barrel, thus making the bolt/bolt carrier NOT a piston, so it operated
purely of of the same force as that which is pushing the bullet.

Author Mathe212 (5 years)
what makes it bad for kids?

Author googlensky (3 years)
I think there are a couple of errors here. First, when the gun is simply
cocked by pulling on the slide (0:22), the barrel does not tilt. Second,
when the gun is fired (0:35), the breech should remain locked until the
barrel begins to tilt. The way it's presented it looks like a simple
blowback action.

Author curseofa5r5a (3 years)
@Sektor14 agree but remeber people kill people ...with guns, knifes,
poison, various tools, barehands, cars, gasoline well we are retty eficient
at killing each other with anything we have

Author L Lawliet (2 years)
casing is just another term for cartrige.

Author Thales GM (5 years)
Very good for kids !

Author bas949 (4 years)
it's a springfield 1911

Author DylanC2036 (3 years)
Like a good neghbor, state farm is there with.....

Author BF2mods (5 years)
omg awesome

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