You Rock Guitar - Dan Mumm - A Glimpse Beyond

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Performing my original song "A Glimpse Beyond" on a demo You Rock Guitar, courtesy of Inspired Instruments. The You Rock Guitar is absolutely incredible. More videos with the You Rock Guitar to come.

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Added: 3 years
Runtime: 3:48
Comments: 86

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Author Jonny Deth (1 month)
People do a good job with these on youtube but I still see it as a
professional's toy.
It just feels nothing like a musical instrument.
Plastic, silicon and small.

It's still a really cool tool though.
Great for midi and synth work on PC.
Live performance with it is just so overboard to me.

Author Guitareben (8 months)

Author aurelio agosto (8 months)
wow!!!! very nice!!!!

Author Danny Hood (8 months)
That might be a great guitar, but looks very nerdy

Author You Rock Guitar (3 months)
+Brian Sheu It does have onboard sounds! The second generation comes with
30, and we are currently working on downloadable content (DLC) for users to
grab from the internet and put directly on the YRG!

Author Mark Miller (8 months)
I love all the "constructive" criticism from some of those commenting about
this guy's technique - which is, as far as you know, awesome since it's a
MIDI guitar and inherently different. The point is he put together a great
sounding demo of a MIDI guitar without relying on an over the top VSTi.
What have you haters done lately? Played Stairway to Heaven at your local
music shop? Great work Dan!

Author luabfr (8 months)

Author Geir Offenberg (3 years)
is that touch sensitive or does all tapping give full midi volum signal?

Author Davide Dopesick (3 years)
@RuiCarinhoso this is a midi guitar. Means that it sends a digital signal
to the pc, that interpretates it as you want. You can even use it as a
slide trombone, if you have the software LOL

Author WarriorOfMetal RoadOfKings (1 year)
Yes I know but for that you have to change the sound is not like a (dont
know the name in english) pedalboard that you press and change, in computar
you have to take the mouse and change, do you understand what I saying? For
exemple min 1:44.

Author DanMummSolo (3 years)
@IcantDiedeadenough It's a You Rock Guitar. It doesn't need to be tuned
because it has no actual strings. It's a midi guitar that plays and feels a
lot like a real guitar but with infinite possibilities. It's the first midi
guitar I've played that actually has allowed me to use techniques like
sweep picking and high speed runs.

Author Aurenae Amrouche (1 year)
All you do is fantastic !

Author halfmastmutiny (3 years)
@DanMummSolo Do I need a specific hook up for it or can I just plug
something like this into my amp and go?

Author ipuyac87 (2 years)
Buenísima la interpretación, pero QUE WEÁ MÁS PENCA DE GUITARRA!

Author DanMummSolo (3 years)
@greekshredder Indeed! Thanks for watching!

Author immobile2005 (2 years)
The unfortunate thing about this guitar is that it really takes the lame
standing still and focusing to make sure you don't accidentally remotely
brush any of the other notes or strings. I can play all these licks on my
guitar, but I try to play then on the you rock guitar and man.. its just
very very unresponsive. Half of the time the strings randomly sound if it's
not in tap mode.

Author Steven Brown (2 years)
as good as this dood is as the technique , it's playin still sucks because
it's got no emotion.

Author chandlerbird617 (2 years)
@jaicdc1 You could probably sample harmonics. I have one coming in the mail
and i must say that i'm really excited. Although the samples would have to
come from some other program lick reason, pro tools, logic or cubase. I
doubt they have a harmonics patch on the You Rock itself.

Author Brian Sheu (1 year)
Does it have its own onboard sounds like a keyboard (meaning you can plug
it into an amp without going into a computer via midi)? Sounds good. I'm

Author Ronnie Holt (2 years)
He's not using it in a very clever way. He's got chops but not a whole of

Author munckass (1 year)
could you share your settings?

Author DanMummSolo (3 years)
@JAYcovey706 Thanks a lot!!

Author Cody Behymer (1 year)
I'm left handed... so how does that work?

Author Dino Archon (3 years)
A fantastic new instrument used in innovative ways....

Author Rubius (3 years)
@DanMummSolo Sweet, looking forward to it!

Author DanMummSolo (3 years)
@mickusb80 Because of all of the tapping techniques used in the song it
would be impossible to play it not in tap mode. You have to understand that
it's capabilities are incredible, but it's not going to work exactly like a
regular guitar. For this style of playing, it should stay in tap mode
cosntantly. It is running a clean guitar sound through an amp emulation
software while simultaneously running the midi through a synth. Thanks for

Author shatonaturtle987 (3 years)
sounds like mario music from like bowsers castle

Author matthewVancouver (2 years)
very good!

Author DanMummSolo (3 years)
@valkiris Thanks! It's the You Rock Guitar. It's a midi guitar that can
also work as a controller for games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. They
sent it to me to demo and review. My next video will be a full review of
the guitar as a musical instrument.

Author DanMummSolo (3 years)
@halfmastmutiny You should really learn more about midi first. However, it
does have the capability to just plug in with a quarter inch jack and use
sounds from an internal sound bank. It has a wide variety of sounds built
in. But it becomes truly amazing when you use it as a midi controller. Then
it can sound like anything you want it to.

Author blind082008 (3 years)
I have a question is there any point anyone should get that guitar because
I have been playing for two years and I'm fine with my Dean custom guitars.
I was just wondering besides gaming why should anyone get that guitar. BTW
The song was amazing I love it.

Author megaluisdeth (3 years)
Dude you blow my mind everytime!

Author kgsolomanfivethousan (1 year)
I just ordered my gen 2 today. Cant wait!

Author WarriorOfMetal RoadOfKings (3 years)
Is this video true? How to you changes the instruments sound without doing

Author RarelyMediocre (1 year)
The song is great, but the product most probably would not work for me,
since I love to mess around with the keyboards (even though I am a
guitarist), cause it makes me think different and the music i write in this
way is more creative...

Author Therioz (2 years)
Holy crap that was awesome. I am a guitarist who has been struggling with
playing keys for midi control. You make me really want one of these.

Author youtubeuserwilly (3 years)
Can you play "The Girl From Ipanema" on it?

Author Dmitry Chumak (1 year)
That's a good point to make; just seeing the notes differently changes your
approach, but this fact cuts both ways. Writing a piano part can be greatly
more creative with a YRG since you get larger ranges and odder shapes than
the conventional ways of playing certain chords. Besides, there's no reason
why you have to stop using your keyboard.

Author hipnoninja (2 years)
you have taken the instrament too the next level , well done! you ROCK! iv
got one these and useing it for bass .

Author metal1324 (3 years)
@blind082008 look at some of jan laurenz's videos with it.

Author MMPKev (3 years)
I'd like to know what your control panel settings are to get such good
response from the tracking. Could you post a screen grab perhaps? I also
really like the emulated guitar sounds... I have most software like that,
but it is still hard to get such even, but full sounding amps like you have

Author ZerchronTheDestroyer (1 year)
dude that was amazing... this is probably one of the best peices of music
one could hear

Author berighteous (3 years)
ok that's the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. Awesome playing too.
How much is this thing?

Author bluwng (2 years)
U always impress and inspire me as a guitarist. Not only are you talented
and unique but a pleasure to listen to as well.

Author Joey Massa (3 years)
@pheervegas You can't play harmonics on the guitar but i'm sure you an find
a harmonic midi patch to load onto the guitar

Author Maki Schrodinger (2 years)

Author Will Smith (3 years)
Hmmm... will it do harmonics?

Author Jai Breisch (2 years)
@pheervegas No harmonics or special effects besides tapping, whammy, and

Author MADrums Media (3 years)
Awesome. Well done dan

Author SpenceHWF (3 years)
Awesome song! and that guitar is pretty good

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