Eritrean New Music Remix 2013 A'dunya , Asmera Eway Asmera

Beautifully Crafted music art work!
Copy right reserved!

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Runtime: 6:50
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Author sam4237 (3 months)
Asmera Asmera geza koynu enbare nesa do tetilam. Thank you for this
beutiful and touching song.

Author daniel Gb (11 months)
Nice Remix Qetslyo

Author habtom ghebremariam (1 year)
How a fantastic tune! Thanks our sister.

Author Misgates (1 year)
@Habtom Bahre and Jirom H.Micael, thank you for the kind support!

Author 10Semira (1 year)
Seb do kab Asmera yiwetisie.. Men Kem Asmera!!! Love

Author fit (1 year)
Lots of memories returned back. Love it. Well done with the graphics. Need
to know the singer.

Author erena 365 (1 year)
what a lovely song love love it thank you well done

Author shamwoldu (1 year)
Asmara shikor teflilina ...ezy guhila kireba eyu gizau...kinerakeb ina deki
asmara shikor...wedi mama califo

Author Misgates (1 year)
Thank you habtom bahre!

Author Dejen Dawit (1 year)
i will come to asmara

Author BahreNeGash (1 year)
LOVELY, Home sweet home !!! Asmera-shikor,,, Nothing will ever come close
to your passionate beauty !!! Great music, nice rhythm, passionate lyrics

Author almaz311 (1 year)

Author Wise Berhan (1 year)
Nice one I love it ittttttttttttt this song make me cry, because I
understand the words of this song & I feel the same and thx Misgates for
sharing it with all of us.

Author Misgates (1 year)
Sami Tesfay, I hope love will rule us soon. And I hope you can play this
song again in Asmara too. Cheers mate!

Author Sami Tesfay (1 year)
my heart is touched by this song. i left asmara whn i was just 11 years old
and this song remind me of everything about asmara. i hope one day peace
and democracy will come to eritrea so that we can all go home.

Author habtom bahre (1 year)
well done beautiful Asmera !!!!

Author Wise Berhan (1 year)
We have to give our thanks for the heroes who risk & sacrifice their lives
so that we might be safe and 2 live in peace. Are not or were not motivated
by money but by a desire to give something back to their country.

Author 10Semira (1 year)

Author Misgates (1 year)
Thank you 10Semira!

Author JIROM H. MICAEL (1 year)
Well done, it reminds me good memories of life time...

Author Lemo Shikhe (1 year)
beautiful katema asmara ajkhom daki ERI :)

Author Misgates (1 year)
Thanks Wise Berhan!

Author Misgates (1 year)
Thank you Almaz, enjoy it!

Author Misgates (1 year)
Thank you for enjoying akid365.

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