RF Online 52 cora vs 55 launcher

52 lvl Cora
55 lvl Acretia launcher

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Author Tissue Hime (5 years)
LOL stupid accretia..he didn't use chain

Author sonicspeed011 (4 years)
obviously scripted

Author Ace Andy (2 years)
good pvp but you are nood if not rl you die rly fast with no damage if you
hit him more than 4k it will be critical

Author juturna85 (5 years)

Author Jake Villaflores (2 years)
cheap. Archon VS normal. ^^, di lang marunong ung accre na napatay mo

Author Derick Randgris (2 years)

Author reylan mangubat (3 years)

Author apollo1325 (4 years)
its scripted.... accre dont use skill... and its not launcher... i think
its xclass or spec...

Author Jerry Yan (5 years)
xD The acc is in returnee's launcher and did 2k to u

Author (4 years)
@gidrogash4tigran ты короче либо тупой либо дурной. Одно из двух. Вконце
когда у ланча уже мало хп у него банки не юзаются 4 секунды. Посмотри
внимательно и потом что-то пи**и.

Author (4 years)
@SteamXjoseph If you weren't so noobish you could know that while sitting
in siege kit u're unable to change weapons, that probably launcher had all
that elemetary on damage that's why didn't wasted time on skills, that
would FOR sure hit into miss of cora.

Author Coo1eR 1337. (3 years)
@MrXJino пфф изоляцию на ланча лол блеать

Author BlackValleyRequiem (5 years)
Ehh archon armor is good for the battlefeild on newer servers where everyon
is around level 50ish and there aren't many talics kicking around for

Author Romeo Julia (3 years)
He cant use skill because he will miss...

Author jaireh13 (4 years)
epic fail.. scripted.. my striker 56 killed RL 65 cora mage too.

Author Jasck D (3 years)
acc lixo =/

Author nikc64 (3 years)
и еще лампа патра

Author L Noche (3 years)
the gunner didn't use any skill for some reason...maybe his friends with
the corite...haha...a giveaway kill...and aside from the the armor that he
is wearing i believe is just +2 or maybe +1...

Author Alain B (5 years)
look at his rings .... whats that ?

Author SuperDistort (4 years)
Мда... что за УГ игра?)))

Author john widson (2 years)
lol not at all as you can see right at begining of the fight acc used
compoud siege and hitted cora for 6,7k but since he was using lvl 30 siege
kit he couldnt use any other skill and his basehits sucked coz lvl 30 siege
kits doesnt give any attack bonuses

Author sheepysheepish (3 years)
how u got 170 dodge with 2 dagnu rings? mage-ranger?

Author gidrogash4tigran (4 years)
@crackdesign на видео с секунды 6 (начало дамага) по секунду 17 (смерть
ланчера) было нанесено 3871 + 5470 + 5016 + 5346 + 3597 + 3745 + 3759 = =
30804 дамагу (при боевом хп ланча около 11к) за 10 секунд было выпито 4
банок по 4к это 16к хп итого мы получаем 11к хпбыло+ Каждые 2.5 сек банка
16к минус дамаг, выйдет, что послдний удар выводит ХП ланча в минус, он
умирает... Вот я и думаю, зачем постить глупые комменты.... без банок бы
ланч упал после 3 удара.

Author FeelMyBack1998 (2 years)

Author Iskait (5 years)
Не смахивает а точно подстава)Даже если усталось 7 лвл её снять за 10 сек
даже обычными зелёнками можно.а он даже и не пытался да и кора кроме
усталости не каких дебафов не кидала!Да и акром какая нить корка сидит!

Author tokekliar liar (2 years)
wew --a noob say noob hhh --a dont have shame u rass noob too bahol

Author john robles (5 years)
ROFL Archon's armor is not for battlefield, it's only for posing and
letting everybody know you're an archon. and that guy's using the
returnee's launcher and a lvl 30 siege kit. ahahaha noob?

Author Krovrf (5 years)
cora has 170 dodge and launcher did not using skills because any skill
miss!!!! Launcher is 55 lvl and 4k pots cora: 52 lvl 170 dodge 50 int staf
+5 and 110% act + 55% shop pot

Author ArchAngeLx x (3 years)
hahaha so obvious naman at siege kit na gamit, dyos ko naman oo na malakas
na cora hahaha.. OO nalang ako .what ever yaya! ! ! hahahah accre rules pa
din. eto nalang comment ko para naman masaya pa cora, natural mas malakas
pa din damage ng cora kasi archon aura. oh ayan masaya na kyo cora hahahah
so cheap naman ng video na toh hahahah

Author gidrogash4tigran (4 years)
@Conker5655 try to see better and add all damage

Author bullyfan567 (4 years)
accre guys s not moving

Author darwin sineneng (4 years)
lol that's a noob ACC even 210 bell dodge acc striker can hit it and why
that damn acc didnt use his SKILL? lol beside that CORA is a RL lol more
attack bonus try it with the same RL of ACC let see if you can win..

Author werly tae (6 years)
striker archon has no pots or lag?

Author mark lester lazaro (5 years)
stupic shit the ACC is using different set not using a DARK SET so you can
see the attack speed is slow

Author daydeyd (4 years)
vidno blio 4o launcher stojal a ne strelal

Author MrXJino (3 years)
Херня а не видео,маг нуб не повесил изоляцию.А акр не дал не 1 скила.В
конце у акра не юзаются банки.

Author gorNegatiF (3 years)
correct me if i`m wrong - striker has not heal potions?)

Author rigelsucks (5 years)
scripted.. lol

Author iTHeoLdSchooL (3 years)
@Krovrf its obvious you dumb .. you are the race leader .. dont you even
know that archons spot gives more atk .. especially race leader what a noob
player .. just kill someone and happy about it... kid.

Author Metazio (4 years)
lol the striker didnt even use compound or doomblast

Author drid kan (3 years)
scripted !

Author lucas raditya (3 years)
nooooooooooob cora

Author Raziel l (6 years)
only other striker archon newbie... sry 4 my bad english

Author Vfqjytp (6 years)
не расмотрел это Вест сидит оказывается

Author ppcg2510 (5 years)
ac dont use skills and he has 1k pots -,-

Author bhelat6 (5 years)
wooooo X class CORA i love it it can kill more faster if she is an Arch
magus or summoner ^^ but she have a nice dodge ^^

Author darthmaul0011 (5 years)
да ну это подстроика там вначале видео еще он сам написал ГО

Author MatroxFlash (4 years)
Ухахах автор жжёт, да не вжизнь он бы не завалил ланча, ну если ток
афкающего как сдесь показано, убейся за такое видео НУБ

Author Coo1eR 1337. (4 years)
launcher use compound 6.6k... it old update kit only 30 or 40

Author IIShadowIXII (5 years)
I love how the ACC didn't use any skills. I also love how you could've
stopped him from using skills with debuffs but you didn't need to because
either that guys a dumbass (Which makes you a horrid debuffer) or this was
rigged. Either way, not so good for either of you.

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