Kane vs. Sheamus - Viewer's Choice Match

Kane vs. Sheamus - Viewer's Choice Match

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Author Nebel Friedhof (1 month)
Das beste Beispiel für die Tatsache,dass echte Kerle,geschenkte Siege als
inaxteptabel interpretieren!!!

Author Laurens Jordania games (4 months)
This is not real this is fake

Author Freddy Jenkins The Clown (8 days)
Makes me wonder what Shemus would do against the Undertaker

Author carlos ortiz romo (8 months)

Author kyo kaze (5 months)
unthertaker is a beast

Author Rainbeau Miko (6 months)
Kane hands down...that wasn't even a fair contest hahahaha

Author 7Mick5 (1 year)
sheamus has so long hair o.O xD

Author Rossella Benassi (3 years)
@lifeguard9601 Not at all :D mmm, this is not to say you know for sure
because I have not noticed that the same surname, but I also heard the
couple's "Brother of Destruction" ... In fact, I wonder too :) Excuse my
English, but I'm Italian :)

Author IDynamiteProductions (2 years)
sheamus would never run away from a fight now

Author Dusk Phoenix (3 years)
Kanenites 4 LIFE

Author Ryan Slabaugh (1 year)
Kane = best in the world

Author Ravan Arbashiyev (1 year)
Kane wins

Author Pablo Calegari (2 years)
2:11 Look a false blood xD

Author Metalguy696 (2 years)
Lol Evan is gay.

Author aquantomeffect (2 years)
@smokeweedallday170 go say that to his face smartass. fat or not he can
still fucking knock you out with one punch

Author gorboy (2 years)
Anyone else notice Kane ALWAYS wins these voting things?

Author Musaddak Hossain (2 years)

Author lifeguard9601 (3 years)
Please, can anyone answer my question? What happened to Kane's eye? I can't
find it anywhere.

Author Dominva (3 years)
0:21 bournes gay

Author mohd iman (1 year)
evan is so handsome when he did that thing with his hands

Author mateus oliveira (1 year)
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hfghbjmklçppyjht9876543wertfgyuhikujhygtfdsfrgtyhgtr fdesf gthyjuy hgf tyu
tyhgtfr ghju hygtfs ghjgh gfrdgty uh gfth jy

Author Rishad D'souza (2 years)
1:28 look at kane's titty bounce, its a pity that a wrestler who once
brought tremendous awe and charisma with him (masked kane) is now so pussy.

Author Jake (2 years)
kane mad because he want to win by pinfall

Author Egorj25 (3 years)
The face of sheamus!!! jajajaja

Author Jesus Christ (2 years)
@numb4z did you see sheamus vs great khali? he raped a guy TWICE his size

Author andersand2500 (2 years)
look evan bournes face at 0:23 xD

Author thuschoo (3 years)
1.28 i see kane's bosom is jump

Author David Campos (3 years)
kane is crap

Author fier no (1 year)
sheamus best

Author gorboy (2 years)
I love Evan Bourne but that peace n' love thing definitely needs to go. Oh,
and Kanenite for life!

Author Philipthefag (2 years)
Should Have been Evan Bourne

Author apostolougiannis56 (2 years)
Sheamus is such a LUCY!!! One of the superstars we forget after ONE YEar!!!

Author johnjo150 (2 years)
Why does Mark Henry have a pea where his penis should be?

Author Ziad Shabana (2 years)
Now things just got reversed for Sheamus he doesn't run from fights, Kane
wears his mask again & he is tag team champion(s) with a goat face

Author Mcgrath1357 (2 years)
@realmadrid366 how da fuck are sheamus & kane the worst wrestlers in the
world seriously wat r u 10 yrs old

Author DarkEssence17 (3 years)
This idiot would be not not prevented by sunburn, and that any pale freak.
Besides the coward nasty!... Knee tendons have begun to shake, too to me
the man))))

Author Mecha-King Ghidorah (2 years)
no big show is world champ and kane is tag champ with won the
title at hell in a cell last night

Author pinkeyepork (3 years)
@PrimaIScream Evan Bourne sucks

Author shadowphurba (2 years)
dude, relax. i was just saying.

Author Elijah Goer (2 years)
smart man i have to admit

Author HateWhatISee (3 years)
1:11 thats what the clothesline from hell is supposed to be!

Author Coalmoss (2 years)
@matthewruss Pretty smart to go away to be honest

Author MultiPluto1234 (2 years)
Man...For some reason i wanna imaginate unmasked kane and daniel bryan as a
tag team even though i love masked kane more than unmasked kane as an

Author CenaxKitten (3 years)
@DriesCreations um no thats not true its a blood packet. Its' ILLEGAL for
WWE to put their superstars into situations like that. again its ILLEGAL to
put an employee in harms way.

Author lifeguard9601 (3 years)
@EvidenziatoreChannel Oh thank you my friend :) Btw Undertaker is Kane's
real brother, or just brother, like the very best in WWE?

Author wolfmp5 (3 years)
One reason y u don't mess with a legend that has anger problems

Author TheFrozzenhead (2 years)
lol? read my fucking comment.

Author McVitiesmuffinjohn (2 years)
@xXchelsearoxXx neither can I it's gonna be epic! I'm hoping for a return
as soon as possible so that would be at TLC as it's the next big PPV :)

Author cremy caramel (1 year)
Justin Gabriel vs randy orton

Author Aakash Sunil (2 years)
AReallyScaryGhost he was alwaays a legend!!!!!!!!!!!!

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