Yamaha Grizzly 700 Trail Ride Contour HD

Testing out my new Contour HD helmet cam

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Author Christian Gutierrez (5 months)
I agree with the comment below. We all wish we had your backyard. 

Author promaterial (7 months)
Im wondering how many throttle cables you go through. LOL

Author wzdz7c (1 month)
Best atv ride video I have seen on Youtube. Thanks for sharing. Im so

Author bob grass (8 months)
I love canada

Author quaddingsous (11 months)
Are you kidding me? You drive out of your garage and onto the trails? You
won the lottery when you bought that house! - LOL. I thought Cubbee had it
good - your set up is even better. Awesome trails. Thanx for sharin'!

Author joseph l (10 months)
great trail

Author DeckerAirsoftTeam (10 months)
What tires and rims are those ?

Author Travis Powell (10 months)
Those trails are so cool compared to mine

Author ckirchner17 (11 months)
What tires are on the grizzly?

Author professionaljumper01 (2 years)
@blazin9683 what year is your Grizzly 700?

Author martin margeta (2 years)

Author Dalton Barnes (2 years)
I have a grizzly 600 and it runs nice and strong lol! YAMAHA POWER!!

Author ruyguy8888 (1 year)
I see you got Sedona RipSaws on your other bike in the garage. i really
like the tread pattern on those but they are such a heavy ass tire. almost
40lbs of rubber for a 26X12X12.. i'm not sure ill like them. My father has
got them on his Rhino. and i'm runnin a Grizzly 660

Author DMIMAGE (2 years)
Where is this by the way? Nice area.

Author Curtis harris (2 years)
Where you usually ride at?

Author blazin9683 (2 years)
@fudgeman333 26x9-12 26x11-12 Bighorn 2.0's

Author Warnezi6 (2 years)
where did u get your hand gaurds please?

Author ploaristrialboss789 (3 years)
are them things good on gas?

Author oakleyfan98 (2 years)
okay, nicee, i been thinking about get some wheels and tires for my

Author Jordan Bray (2 years)
what type of quad is in side your shed

Author blazin9683 (2 years)
Buy mine!!

Author TheSuperCosmin (2 years)
Nice track, where can i find something like this?

Author Tylor Mack (2 years)
i have the OG 660 from 2002, its a monster. Still running strong in 2012!

Author blazin9683 (2 years)
My 660, but nevermind. I think that would be a little too much bike for

Author topdogtyler1 (2 years)
How much you selling the 660 for

Author lmCIoudz (1 year)
I will NEVER own a dirtbike.

Author NJHlaxbro (2 years)
Bro where is that trail or any other trails like that

Author macgilliosa99 (2 years)
I cant replyto comments cause im on my phone, but why did you hate them?
And sorry all that made me think it was an arctic cat was the a arm guards,
also how does the 660 grizz compare to the 700 cause i love your bike it is
literally my dream bike haha

Author 420choky (2 years)
outlaw 500 irs loves that trail

Author shanek923 (2 years)
Did you get your grizzly at millers yamaha looks like u live near union town

Author Alem Toskic (2 years)
ty. bro :D

Author grizz700lover (2 years)
I checked out your other vids and that 660 looks mean bro!!!

Author 16tezo (1 year)

Author cubbeezx (3 years)
Looks like some fun trails! Have you had a lot of rain lately, the water
seemed to really be rushing.

Author AfterLifeMechanical (2 years)
Best quad video I've ever seen

Author blazin9683 (3 years)
@cubbeezx Tons of rain. The trails are a mess up here.

Author fudgeman333 (2 years)
what size tires plz reply asap

Author macgilliosa99 (2 years)
I noticed you have sedona ripsaws on that arctic cat in the shed, how do
you like yours? I have a set and i love them!

Author C Nevs (2 years)
i have to say one of the more enjoyable trail cam videos i have seen.

Author tso1415 (2 years)
hey man, sick bikes you got there. Quick question though, i got a new 700
grizz, and really want to beef it up a bit. So far I've got a small lift,
ITP SS312 rims, and 27" ITP blackwater Evolution tires. Anyway Im looking
to get a clutch kit for it, but im not quite sure what to look for. any

Author TelicsHD (2 years)
wow those are some awesome trails. were you in 4wd in this video?

Author lmCIoudz (2 years)
Noooo :(

Author doglover2122 (2 years)
You have an amazing playground my friend...

Author kyle hein (2 years)
i drive a 700 griz with a 815 stroker kit and a turbo...never to much power

Author blindskater200 (2 years)
They have a CVT transmission.

Author gggggaaaaarrrrrsssss (1 year)
mamalona la cuatri y mamalon el bosque

Author blazin9683 (2 years)
Haha, thanks!! Yeah its not too bad for a big single.

Author Dave Racine (2 years)
For a 12 year old ?? you madd... :P

Author Bryan MacNeil (2 years)
i have a trail ride like that from my back yard. not as much rocks like you

Author Josh F. (1 year)
Im getting a used Kawasaki Brute Force 750 next Wednesday...I'm only 14.
Don't know if i can handle all that power lol.

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