Barboza: Portrait of a Hit Man

A two part series of interviews from 1970 with mafia hit man Joe Barboza. Although they were recorded in 1970, the air date of this news report looks to be sometime in the early 80's.

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Author Ghost of Erk Russell (4 months)
Pay your vig you fucking degenerates.

Author W Walker (8 days)
The dude can wear a hat, no doubt

Author UnseenCaller (2 months)
I thought the main reason they whacked Barboza was that he had called
Patriarca a faggot.

Author rich masiello (3 months)
before I forget,those carbine blasts came on a san Francisco street. It is
all in print if you have the time to look it up. One boston consigliere sad
so and so is a genius w/ a carbine. true story.

Author rich masiello (3 months)
hey jimmy beans you talk too much. by the way Daniel archer,barboza was
killed with a carbine. 30.06 to be exact

Author EbenezarGold (2 months)
Now they got PayDay loan counters whose interest points are way higher than
the mob's rates, and the government doesn't qualify that as "usery". 

Author UnseenCaller (2 months)
Thanks for the upload btw.

Author Prime 10's (3 months)
Barboza was an animal. He may have been small in stature but those damn
gorilla hands and bull neck were no joke. He was as vicious as they came.

Author Dale Porter (11 months)
Despite the fact Joe became an informant he was also one of the deadliest
hitmen ever in the history of the Boston underworld.Utterly fearless this
man was a legend,not some wannabe that's glorified as today's
"gangsters".This guy was the Real Deal.

Author james james (9 months)
barboza..your a snitch...what about the capos that sit in jail because of
this selfish clown....

Author Chayse Green (10 months)
I just downloaded the book about this guy a long with 9 other mafia related
books as part of a torrent I found while searching for an online copy of
the Last Testament of Lucky Luciano. Can't wait to read it. 

Author Lenny Cash (8 months)
There seem to be a lot of negative opinions from people regarding Joe
Barboza's decision to become an informant for the FED's. I don't see why,
honestly. Joe stated his reasons for doing so, which I find completely
reasonable, and he also expressed that he was conflicted about it in the
beginning. For the people who want to label him a "rat", technically, it's
true but I think you need to understand the fact that it was the Mob who
pushed him to do it, even going as far as threatening the lives of his
family. What would you do in that situation? Think about it.

Seeing as Joe was Portuguese and not Italian, he had high aspirations to
make himself worthy enough to break through La Cosa Nostra's ethnic barrier
to become a member himself. He wouldn't have turned against them unless he
felt he was genuinely betrayed. He was a real gangster and as loyal as they
come, but the people he worked for took him for granted. Somebody like
Henry Hill could be labeled a rat in the truest sense of the term because
Henry didn't become an informant out of circumstances he couldn't control.
Henry simply fucked up and chose to go that route to save his own ass,
which wasn't the case with Joe, and I hope they point that out in the soon
to be film about him based on Casey Sherman's book "ANIMAL."

Author Joe F (1 year)
Cant you clean this video up? Its a fucking mess.

Author Dioscuri Fury (1 year)
Joseph Barboza was a real gangster for sure and apparently a very gifted
artist, as well. The underworld could use more Portuguese. Speaking of
which, if anyone is interested look up Timothy J. Mello A.K.A "Timmy the
Bat" who was another Portuguese gangster from the East Coast that was also
highly feared like Barboza and even more financially successful than
Barboza and Henry Hill combined. I'm surprised there isn't anything on him
here on youtube. 

Author Rye Ernesto (8 months)
Just reading all these internet wankster post on who the better rat or I
mean gangster was? WOW you all must live boring lives to care about a bunch
of dead rats! Swine!

Author Lenny Cash (8 months)
Hey, Frankie, I came across the uploaded video of Barboza on that guy
WALLYTUBE101's channel, but I decided to come here and comment seeing as
you are apparently the one who originally uploaded this. It isn't right for
someone to just swipe a person's personal uploaded videos without giving
credit where credit is due so, thanks for the upload, Frankie.

Author Don Vito Cascio Ferro (1 year)
Hey Vinnie remember when I made my bones? Cleveland Teamster?

Author BRAD STAR (1 year)
he was a nobody ahahha he stole 500k in one robbery wtf has barboza done
accept beat and kill people and collect debts and hills mother was Italian
but in the mafia you're father had to be Italian for you to be a made guy
barboza didn't have the brains to plan robberies thats why he was just a
thug nothing more and nothinmg less even if he was a made man he still only
been a killer and you for real he sold loads drugs have u ever read the
book on hill or u just going of what u saw in GOODFELLAS

Author FREEDOMIST617 (2 years)
@RudeComment Portuguese ppl are from Europe idiot Hahahahahahahahah LOL

Author Henrymj79 (2 years)
Was this guy even able to count ? I think he was a retard

Author JimmyBean456 (1 year)
There's been no shortage of irish mob movies out of it's not as
if the formula doesn't work. You're basically trying to prove an obvious's like asking me to be surprised the average wage in NYC is
larger than Boston. It's a bigger city with bigger rackets. Never heard of
Ray Patriarca? He ran Boston for 30 years, that's who Barboza was doing
hits for, while Hill was what running errands?

Author JimmyBean456 (1 year)
I think a lot of names run common(with slight spelling
variations)throughout that region of the world. I had a mentor last named
Puma and I thought he was Spanish until he told he me was Sicilian.

Author Roy Pones (1 year)
who and where did this happen?

Author BRAD STAR (1 year)
air france "

Author BRAD STAR (1 year)
tell me some stuff barboza was in on then what could match the lufthansa
heist and tell me the powerful gangsters he was in with the vario crew was
one the most dangerous and was one of the biggest earners in the mob

Author 1968DodgePolara (1 year)
I'm surprised he lasted over 5 years before they wax him . Wax meaning
Killed for the younger viewers that never heard of it before.

Author JimmyBean456 (1 year)
excellent thanks for the tip.

Author Skindoggiedog (2 years)
Irrelevant, but this is a gay man.

Author JimmyBean456 (1 year)
I'm disputing any of that, but Henry Hill seems more like a hanger on who
just happened to be around some big shit. Barboza seems like more a
gansters gangster.

Author wrestling782 (1 year)
Ron Goldman looks and talks like a idiot

Author Jignasty5 (1 year)
Natalie Jacobsen's daughter and I were born side by side at Brighman and
Women's April 1981.

Author BRAD STAR (1 year)
robbery but he set it up so jimmy burke could do the heist

Author MultiLennyp (1 year)
Yeah and the sun is made of ice cream

Author GhettoGaggin Uhoes (1 year)
"the nigger" LOL

Author jpd782 (1 year)
Years ago, I read Vicent Teresa's book "My life in the Mafia" he talks of
Barboza all throughout the book. The way he described him, you'd swear he
was some type of human gorilla who only grunted.

Author Roxsan Ambrosini (3 years)
It was filmed in 1970. This man murdered my husband in 1972. He was in
prison for this murder for 2yrs. But the trial lasted 3yrs....then the

Author MultiLennyp (1 year)

Author JimmyBean456 (1 year)
i'm saying what did henry hill do? pass on a tip about lufthansa? the rest
of the movie he's just a drug addict descending in the logical conclusion
of being busted and having to turn informant. Barboza was on the frontlines
of one of the bloodiest gang wars in modern America....that's plenty for a
film. He was in a crew with Steve Flemmi.

Author Mardasee (1 year)
Hate to break this news to you. Natalie is a pervert. She's a femdom and
her former husband Jack was a perv also. In the 80s Natalie had a life size
mechanical robot which she would show off on air at times. One time a
cableman was inside her house and he saw the robot with the groin section
missing and while working inside the house he found the missing section
with a penis attached to it. Natalie's perverted lifestyle was discovered
(homemovies) and she was forced to resign from channel 5.

Author Henrymj79 (2 years)
This guy just made this story up he would lend school kids money.... like
5.$ or 10.$ and if they did not pay him he would kick them in the leg

Author BRAD STAR (1 year)
because if you read the book wise guy about henry hill his story is so much
better then this fool barboza hill was connected to one the biggest crews
in new york he was privy to the lufthansa heist the biggest heist in USA
history whats barboza done ???

Author iberiano1981 (1 year)
shut the fuck up idiot ...

Author Jerryq Chatman (2 years)
Thanks, ppl r youtube wannabes

Author Joe Black (1 year)
"the nigger" lol I guess affirmative action doesn't work in the mafia haha

Author BRAD STAR (1 year)
carlo gambino and hes prob the best most sucessful mob boss in the usa a
whitey bulger film yea sure his from boston that make good veiwing

Author James Wagner (1 year)
They stole that intro music from John Holmes.

Author TheLbcfosho247 (1 year)

Author MightyDR (2 years)
Much thanks for posting this. Barboza provides some interesting information.

Author CarlettoPuglia (1 year)
He got whacked in San Francisco in 1975 or 1976

Author ricky magoo (1 year)
you've recorded this with an onion

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