Jim Breuer cracking up the anchors on WGN News

Jim Breuer appears on WGN in Chicago, IL promoting his Chicago Improv shows.

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Author mrbrockpeters (26 days)
Nothing better than a comedian who loves doing his act for people on the
spot and doesn't act like he's above it. Jim seems like a fun guy.

Author GeoAl09 (1 month)
I would so love a Pesci voice on my iphone instead of Siri. 

Author MrGrizmint (2 months)
i thought he looked old, then i realized this was like 5 years old

Author tahaa7 (10 months)
His Joe Pesci impression is out of this world. It cannot be done better.
And the GPS voice suggestion is brilliant.

Author Rich Bell (28 days)
he is very talented and I love his stuff! the Joe Pesci is out of this

Author Rick Flickinger (29 days)
LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL, oh crap I just wet myself, he is so under rated,
one of the best stand ups around still to this day.

Author Rich Bell (28 days)
watching that anchor lady is the best. she can hardly function after he
does his act

Author b24harman (11 months)
I'm glad to see the woman got the humor, the other two don't seem to get

Author Chilltownify (2 months)
Breuer rocks!

Author skylinegtr96 (1 month)
SOOO funny and SOOOO underrated!! His impersonations are SPOT ON!!

Author mark13 (4 months)
Oh god i got laugh attack

Author jeFF Fury (8 months)
This guy is so brilliant that I have no words but a pure childish laugh!
Jim for PRESIDENT!!!

Author RockinDigger1 (1 year)
jim is the best

Author tie oneon (2 months)

Author sfar1 (1 year)
If I had a Joe Pesci GPS I would take so many more roadtrips.

Author checkerace50 (5 months)
The videos on youtube don't seem to be working much.

Author mybankey (3 months)
The Best!

Author J De (9 months)
What's with the bald headed dude at the desk? No sense of humor at all? Too
early in the morning for him? Sheez, guy! Have some fun.

Author Chance Watkins (5 months)
Who wouldn't hang out with this guy..seriously he is a natural comic..Lol

Author Crankit Loud (8 months)
Men and women both love to laugh, but I think women and younger ladies
know how to let go better and enjoy full laughter. With any comic I think
guys concentrate to much or read into it to much and women just let loose.
This lady know what's up. Jim rocked the house with Joe, and the Ozzy
empression was empressive and seamlessy going into Sharin'. What a treat
to have Jim on this day.

Author Eugene Grewing (7 months)
I love that stoner laugh of his. 

Author Eric M (1 year)
Too bad SNL didn't use him properly due to the fact a few of the top
writers on the show hated him for no apparent reason. He was forced out
after only three seasons. He never did get the chance to showcase his
versatility to a large audience. Keep going, Jim. You're still crackin' us

Author tigersurvival1 (1 year)
jim do a GPS Commercial please.

Author G Marie (9 months)
love his laugh! hehehe lol

Author Lori Adams (7 months)
Row row row your

Author thekerneljames (9 months)
She seems moments away from ending up on the floor :)
Go, Jim !! 

Author Bobbo825 (10 months)
His Tracy Morgan is FLAWLESS! nails the voice AND mannerisms! such a talent

Author jasonthegreat777 (10 months)
Pure genius!

Author Boba Fett (5 months)
Joe Peshy is spot on! hilarious. 

Author DarkRezo (10 months)
An epic white comedian, I put him right next to Bill Burr myself.
Gotta love his stoner laugh tho. :D

Author Damien X (8 months)
Got to see him live AND meet of the nicest person I have ever
met too! 

Author andrew gillis (1 year)
superb - "whaddayou talkin' to this guy for?" in the Pesci reprise killed

Author Anti Zealot (5 months)
Jim Iv'e been following your career for a while now and you're an amazing
comic! Fuck that pizza man! (not literaly)

Author batlizard37 (7 months)
I think that woman tinkled

Author Hagfan789 (10 months)
Jim is the best..that other yuppy with his athesma

Author CursedEarthTV (11 months)
"Now I want my demands met!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 

Author glennjridge (10 months)
geeez the guy sure brings his A game to interviews! is there anything worse
than a comic acting serious during an interview? jim made their morning and
everyone who was watching I'm sure.

Author John Doe (7 months)
that bitch is an idiot "great picture" mannnn that's how he looks......

Author eyehate .god (1 year)
press 1

Author Xtraducksaucepleez (1 year)

Author Jaystings (1 year)
They got Breu'd

Author Xtraducksaucepleez (1 year)

Author Jason Gardner (9 months)
Lmao! He nails so many impressions! She was literally about to fall out

Author biltbyrobots (7 months)

Author CMEAGAIN (11 months)
when does this get funny?

Author mocus1 (1 year)
Dude, if you made the Pesci GPS you'd be raking in major league jack !

Author BillyCrank (1 year)
hahaa good stuff

Author blahblah08845 (2 years)
On both of his visits to wgn he makes the male reporter laugh so hard he
has an asthma attack.

Author kmerf (1 year)
no watch Casino. pesci is really a nut in that movie.

Author Doktor Sten (2 years)
"There goes my voice, AND my rectum"

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