OpTic Gaming release Vlog

Just a quick informational video to help you guys understand the main reasoning to my release from the team. Also some information on my current plans as a player.

Hope you guys keep following me around! Love to all!

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Author ruslan siddiqui (1 month)
Best OpTic Gaming team Btw Ik its late Rambo,BigTymeR,JKap,Merk

Author Remote Basement Society (8 days)
Any new vids Rambo??

Author cena54ification (10 months)
this is why the greatest optic team was broken up? for fuckin fragcup and
nothin else? pathetic. this was the start of the downfall

Author karskgutte (9 months)
Man.. Ur still my fav player and all... But this was a bad move from Optic.
Let's say Optic-G's roster was: Rambo, Clay, Merk, Scump. Would You agree
that would be the best roster for optic?

Author hayden rut (9 months)
well Nadeshot was a good replacement but i wish you could have stayed

Author James Ashley (10 months)
Stupid Canada

Author King Matias (11 months)
Everyone says BigT is next... Hell no! He is one of the best in OpTic!

Author Ryan Miller (11 months)
BigT is slaw.

Author AdiEdits (10 months)
FragCup literally fucked up OpTic.

Author JJ Aboussie (8 months)
U got fucked over

Author Saden hamed (9 months)

Author bob blob (10 months)
lol u suk so bad 

Author NoR110011 (11 months)
I was hoping OpTic would pick up you after dropping Jkap just now :(

Author adamroflll (1 year)
let me break it down for you: (1) Fariko Impact left Fariko gaming for
iCons, so they are now just referred to as "Impact." No more Fariko. (2)
Stainville left nV after Gfinity. It was mutual between him and his team
that he was holding them back. (3) Karma, unsatisfied with he teammates
"desire to win," left Impact and was picked up by nV. The nV squad is now
Rambo, Jkap, ProoFy, and Karma. Clearly you are not in the loop.

Author MrWickedstylis (1 year)
lolololol you look pretty dumb right now If YOU were in the loop you'd know
that A) Impact parted ways with Fariko and is now iCons Impact B) Karma
left Impact to play with Envyus Go back in your hole

Author Sniperfoundation HonkHonk (1 year)
Yes, i didn't have to state anything else you can.

Author Frank (1 year)

Author AYouTuber (1 year)
I hope you get on a Team and beat those bitches!!!

Author TheUTspecialist (1 year)
Nope, No he isn't

Author Royal JiiNxZ (1 year)
unluky m8

Author New Channel! (1 year)

Author Kristopher Duignan (1 year)
yes he has but you clearly dont know the story. Hes actually lucky. he won
alot of money with nV

Author Oltrop (1 year)
what does that matter. They still dropped him.

Author adamroflll (1 year)
no problem buddy (y)

Author TheKrShy (1 year)
MerK got dropped...

Author MisterFreezeGaming (1 year)
People on here saying get a real job lol he has made more money doing what
he is doing than you will in your whole life working your "real job"

Author TimeTo KillStuff (1 year)
/watch?v=OPLzXbCTdEM watch this scumpy explains why he got dropped and why
they HAD to drop him, when MerK couldn't play the tourney wasn't probably
that important as this.

Author Dennizzz119 (1 year)

Author New Channel! (1 year)
FaZe John - Impact John

Author cian tiernan (1 year)
im not talking about pubs

Author Azyifed (1 year)
Dude this was 7-8 months ago, and he got dropped because the place were he
lives in, in canida has laws about online gamboling.

Author sam bailey (1 year)
evil john

Author Unevaluate (1 year)
Why make a statement that you have no idea about? They placed 3rd at
Gfinity and Anaheim. xD Idiot.

Author Danny Rivera (1 year)
He's with nV didn't you see the 2013 Championship finals???? He was boss,
lost thought, but he kicked ASSS

Author lewis rowe (1 year)
so who are you going to faze or others

Author glenunder (1 year)
He's in nV.

Author zProWuLF (1 year)
But he didnt say he was in faze soar and nV

Author David Upshaw (1 year)
did u say etc. because you couldn't come up with anything else

Author mitchray41 (1 year)
That's the reason :)

Author MrJayDangles (1 year)
fuck thats gay i always want to go pro and i live MTL so same shit going to
happen to me

Author sean hobbins (1 year)
different players. stfu and stop comparing them.

Author MrAwsummness (1 year)
lmao whaaat?

Author Jacob (1 year)
You were dropped at birth.

Author SMURFBOY31 (1 year)
so stainville was dropped?

Author New Channel! (1 year)
They placed 12 since their hardpoint game was lacking tremendously

Author XLJAMMY (1 year)
i dont care if i sound stupid i only just got into mlg aming and wot not
but is rambo in optic or anything to do with optic now he got kicked

Author MyNameIsBraeden (1 year)
Maybe the second you applied

Author malachi burrell (1 year)
I feel bad for him

Author Killcam Famous (1 year)
hes with envyus or nV

Author iSereneSaint (1 year)
It's simple. They pick up Nadeshot and place third in almost every event
they go to (except that one event they won in the beginning of BO2) and now
they are going to be MLG Minecraft pros -.- Nadeshot=Fall of OpTic

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