WWE Look Alikes

These pics are not mine got them straight them off of google images.And edited it and put these pictures into a wwe look alike slide show.

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Author maybrant cemal (1 month)
Look at edge, then go to google and search Andy Carrol then you will se
they totally looks like!

Author PGERASUCKS (6 months)
WTF darren young is black. he dosent look like cena

Author Katie Petch (3 months)
"Derek Mears" the one that Kane is compared to could have auditioned for
the part of voldemort and for us "British" Max Branning from "Eastenders"

Author shadha vann (1 month)
that guy relly looks like big show

Author Dominic Thompson (1 month)
lol precious 

7 of them I don't think so but most of them do

Author Lizz Saucedo (2 months)
Mark henry though xD

Author chrisu619 (2 months)
My uncle looks just like stone cold

Author Dominic Thompson (1 month)
0:47 that's Jim Morrison

Author trev x (3 months)
When I was a kid I use to think edge was the singer for puddle of muddxD

Author Mertle Tertle (3 months)
Tyler Mane = Christian.

Author johnny ealey (3 months)
edge and wes scantlin look exactly the same

Author TheThore (6 months)
I think nobody looks alike the other except for two: John Morrison and Jim
Morrison. And I thought I was the only one who thought, Darren Young looks
like John Cena. For those two, I totally agree.

Author trev x (3 months)
Wes and edge omg lol

Author Tia Brooks (7 months)
They bogus for the precious and mark henry one.

Author epicdude28 (4 months)
Tyler Mane looks a bit more like Christian than Triple H

Author Jolina Boung (5 months)
U r an idiot that ugly dude does not look like rey mysterio

Author 27kdon (7 months)
john morrison's the best one

Author belen gama (5 months)

Author Emily Homer (5 months)
i thought the younger randy orton looks like the now channing tatum

Author joshua simao (8 months)
Cena and young hardly look alike

Author Johnathan Outten (5 months)
Yes he does.And that was racist.

Author giorgi Lazviashvili (6 months)
john cena ? :D :D 

Author Caramel Cutie (6 months)
Cena and Young look exactly alike. The bone structure, cheeks, and kind of
the nose. Very interesting video.

Author Charles Walden (6 months)
ive been saying it for years, john cena looks gay. now hes compared to a
gay guy. its true

Author Myron Randall (6 months)
Dumb turds Darren Young and John Cena look nothing alike

Author Theresa Nichols (10 months)
Aren't john Morrison and john hennigan Morrison the same person

Author MrYoyomonica (5 months)
are you stupid john cena and Darren young Darren is black and cena is a tan

Author its_ kellene (7 months)
Your right daisie barrientos John cena and Darren young look nooooothing
alike!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And again you are right he is sooooooooooooo hot

Author Yuunis Zigui (10 months)
CM Punk = Wolverine

Author felizkathy (4 months)
johncena the best one

Author Sándor Engi (8 months)
Cena & Darren Young ? WOW

Author joshua simao (8 months)
Rey and El?

Author Darren Dodd (8 months)
0:46 of course they look alike their the same people

Author Sándor Engi (8 months)
Boogeyman & Darth Maul :D

Author Michael Gray (6 months)
Also Christain looks like Jack the Dad from the Jack Frost film

Author dashoopss (1 year)
I find it crazy that no one that i can find has corrected the "john
morrison" and "john morrison" comparison. The Doors front man was Jim
Morrison, not John. tho I find it crazy how much they actually look
alike..I understand why they used that is his name lol.

Author onhoo enhee (1 year)
mark henry 

Author Denzil Newton (1 year)
Precious like one big ass GORILLA!

Author Asterik cAde (7 months)
I think John Hennigan is reincarnated from Jim Morrison, those two look
exactly alike!

Author Michael Gray (6 months)
Also Chef Ramsey and Chris Jericho,both look alike also they are both great
men that have big and Awesome personalities of doing great things,being
determined,focused,have the greatness of entertainment,momentum and
charisma =-D

Author PandaPlayz ッ#100SUBSHYPE (7 months)
we just saw the black john cena 

Author sonaila ali (1 year)
lol i lyk cm punk he is soo cute n perfect luk alike 

Author TAURON85 (1 year)
This French soldier Lol!

Author Michael Gray (6 months)
HHH from 1999 looks like Barry Pepper from Battlefield Earth or Sean Bean
aka Boromir from Lord of the rings,fellowship of the ring, HHH really
does,Lol =-D

Author Ja'Miya Ravenel (9 months)
Rey mysterio is cute and awesome

Author regina robinson (10 months)

Author Fee fee Mewis (1 year)
Should of done chino and batista

Author Yolanda Balderas (1 year)
the boogeyman ,s match looks like the monster from starwars

Author Isaiah Scott (1 year)
the big show one were the same people

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