Goof Troop First level part 1

One of my favourite game on Snes.
Probably the funniest ^_^ particularly if you play with a friend.

The game, the music and characters belong to Capcom. I don't own any of it.

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Author Daniela S. Nassetti (6 months)
I miss this game so much! It was so awesome!

Author John Albert Logo (2 years)
I missed the days when everything was amazing

Author AndrewMarcell (5 years)
Does anyone know if/when this will be out on the Wii Virtual Console?

Author Frei teez (6 years)
if u have r4 you can put this on your ds...i have it on mine :D

Author Kodjo (4 years)
@dcskater012345 it's snes9x I think it's the best , I can record videos
with it !!!

Author George Izquierdo (3 years)
oooohhh man i miss this game so much :(

Author TheThooby (2 years)
me and my brother also did that i just love that game!!

Author yellowtail92 (5 years)
i agree lol, it was awesome game

Author Gurbetci83 (4 years)
@Gurbetci83 Really? Could you explain me how to use an emulator? And can we
download the snes games then?

Author TastefulPie (3 years)
@VirgiltheDarkSlayer me and my sister would fight over who was max!

Author Brady Mckendre (2 years)
i use to play this game a lot when i was little

Author dcskater012345 (4 years)
@KodjoLeBlaireau Haha, that's exactly why I asked. :)

Author SaitohYatate (5 years)
Shinji Mikami worked on this one didn't he?

Author Kodjo (2 years)
@rikuown of course it's possible, you just have to set it

Author satzum (4 years)
I love this game. I used to play it with my little brother. Oh the
arguments we had... who can collect the jewellery! :D

Author TheBomberman27 (5 years)
have been lookin 4 this game 4 years. it is unbeleivable. i love it.

Author Atnas (2 years)
Dude I loved this game, it was a brilliant move to let players screw each
other over! :D

Author Kodjo (1 year)
En fait les joyaux bleus sont des continues. Pas franchement utile vue la
facilité du jeu :D

Author T0m3B (2 years)

Author 20kat06tha (4 years)
\Haha that's awesome it's in french (: This has got to be the best game

Author pornokrat (3 years)
@ElectricPenguin77 I totally agree about 1980s and 1990s games. But
where're now such games? Capcom may made them for DS, 3DS and so on.

Author pznecho009 (4 years)
there was a game of goof troop

Author Gurbetci83 (4 years)
How did you record this video? DId you play it on computer?

Author joebang253 (5 years)
lookin at this made me realize how advanced gaming really has gone... dam
the good ol days haha now im 20, when i had this i was like 8 or 9 hahahaha

Author Jesse Rochefort (4 years)
dont you remember when gameplay not graphics was what mattered if they took
their time today the games may last longer but its all about money it has
ruined the world

Author arizonaliteicedtea (5 years)
i still have it! havent played it in a while though...hmmm

Author pornokrat (3 years)
Music is the best part of this game.

Author spongyoshi toadstool (5 years)
cool!moi aussi!

Author shinynewjb (5 years)
Probably never if I had to guess. Licensed games are iffy when it comes to
things like the Virtual Console. No doubt Capcom no longer own the rights
to the characters, or some other rubbish. That's why it's best to have the
original systems really. You're not at the mercy of silly licensing issues
like that.

Author jaashiify ser (2 years)
I want this game back!

Author evilperson3596 (5 years)
Wow, thanks for bringing back some kickass memories. =)

Author achievement888 (5 years)
now a days only the only way of finding good games like these is on the

Author David2751 (4 years)
This game made my days happy on my childhood

Author OZZYO72088 (4 years)
I got my gf a SNES as one of our anniversary gifts and decided to let her
borrow some of my games...this was one I saw in the box of games and left
for myself. ;-P

Author Kodjo (5 years)

Author letsgetdrunk2gether (2 years)
seven asses

Author Darryl D (3 years)
o maaaaaaan!! this is my childhood right here.

Author spongyoshi toadstool (5 years)
t'es français?

Author Shezmu (3 years)
goof troop scoop that shit up, yo.

Author Storyni (1 year)
Je vais probablement paraître stupide.. mais je n'ai jamais su à quoi
servaient les joyaux bleus >< Une idée ?

Author MuriloO1512 (3 years)
oooohh my sweet childhood I'm crying here man.

Author julioskato (4 years)
how i get this game for PC?

Author ElectricTear20 (4 years)
@KodjoLeBlaireau well it's more exciting to play co op on the actual SNES

Author Kodjo (4 years)
@Gurbetci83 yeah I played it on an emulator on my computer, and the
emulator has its own recorder ^^

Author Kodjo (7 years)
Yeah, that would be so great to play co-op in this game on DS

Author olletheone (4 years)
Holy shit i loved this game so much when i was a little toddler. I remember
playing it with my neighbour and best friend. At bosses i played with her
father beacuse she sucked, haha Good times, thank you for this upload

Author Tinachanificated (2 years)
I used to play this game with my older siblings alskdhasld LOVED IT

Author AnGeIWhiP (5 years)
i was like 8 or 9 when i played this now im 17 wow old times.... this game
is so motherfvcker funny as hell when u play with 2 players xD!!!!!!

Author Kyle Gibson (5 years)
god the last time i played on this game i wos so young the only thing i
knew how to do wos throw the plants around it wos my best game when i wos 4

Author dcskater012345 (4 years)
What emulator did you use?

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