New Eritrean Song Isaac Simon 2013 (Emenni)

Eritrean Music

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Runtime: 8:51
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Author nmeselu (4 days)
Aziu mesati Komu wn fluy zkone dmtsi aleka habibi , ajoka kem gmtey neaka
zeyfetu semaee nay tgrina seb yelen, kulu eyu zefkreka, ketslo, ajoka

Author Eden Debessay (9 months)
Very strong voice that we can hear every word you say that is awesome.Love
you so much wedi hagerey.I am proud you a lot.

Author Hassen Saleh (6 months)
seattle wa

Author Gamal Dahab (7 months)
Nubian ...( south of Egypt ).dont understand any thing but it is very close
to my Nubian language OMG love it and become a big fan off Issac simon

Author Hassen Saleh (6 months)
the best i love it

Author Samiel Alem (4 months)
Nic my sweet

Author Dani love (9 months)
love this song 

Author Goytom Tsehaye (9 months)
nice song wedi ERE

Author Filmon Hagos (10 months)
i mean i want to c motions

Author Filmon Hagos (10 months)
i admire u alot but in the future i want u to work on ur vedio clips

Author Elsa Berhane (11 months)
Nice Song Issako!

Author efrem efar (1 year)

Author filmon tekle (1 year)
best one song

Author john gb (1 year)
nice voice isacc meksen kem kemey dika

Author gura ghirmay (1 year)
wawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ata isako kemey eyu negeru ata shikor nice music u are
always in our hurt the second of abraham afewerki isaid by my

Author Sami Adam (1 year)
are you serious,are you Isaaq.

Author elshaday hagos (1 year)
weal done isako best love song

Author Gash Barka (1 year)
nice song

Author wey gud (1 year)
u r the best one keep it. i real like this song

Author Goitom Haile (1 year)
isaac aziye eyee zifetweka biteley derftatka bitaamy eye zifetwom

Author esmns smret (1 year)
wawwwwwwwwwww isacoooo lolllllll againe &againe

Author Enjeralove DE (1 year)
wow Isaac gele Aynet derfi. I am glad you are back.

Author mahmoud mohammed far (1 year)
cheers Issac, I like all your songs, good job keep going .

Author Trihas Tekle (1 year)
hi issco its nice voice please keepit ok I need to contact with u by email

Author tekle simon (1 year)
nic musik yisihak ajoka ketsilo bitaimi tsibuk sirah serihka

Author MENAN Z (1 year)
this music is very good ISAAC

Author rahel asmelash (1 year)
it's so nice song u have sweet voice. keep it. i real like this song

Author יוסף ברהנה (1 year)

Author Hadgu Gebremeskel (1 year)
Thanu essak big job ab ketsali please nay zikiri music des eu zibleni
silezi buzuh nay zikiri kitiderf kitsibe eye ajoka brilant kun !!!

Author merhawi usher (1 year)
isaq nice job emeneni u talent

Author Trihas Tekle (1 year)
hihi sbuk dmsi

Author tsehaye tareke (1 year)
good music after long time

Author ksavip123ll (1 year)
nic soing

Author Hager Naykulu (1 year)

Author abed habteab (1 year)
realy nice song

Author Getachew Redae (1 year)
I am enjoying, good work Issa

Author 65tes Entertainment (1 year)
Nice voice and music, good remix thanks for sharing

Author fregubo ketema (1 year)
wahabzghi hibub isako 100 ketilo habibi

Author amine semere (1 year)
weal done isako best love song

Author rahwa isak (1 year)
great song

Author selamtekle9495 (1 year)
Wowo superstar singer Issac Simon great job keep it up lovely songs

Author selluta oqbay (1 year)
the best one

Author bereket gaeshum (1 year)
thanks esaaco pleas come one day to isreal so many yang people waitingtoyou.

Author elshaday hagos (1 year)
wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ata isko kemey eyu negeru ata nice music u are always
in our hurt the second of abraham afewerki isaid by my

Author Seline Celine (1 year)
I like your songs Wedi Erey! :)

Author Tesheme Ghebreluel (1 year)
I LOVE ISAAC SIMOM ( sigenay) 100%

Author teklino haileslase (1 year)
azina nifetiwo dimsie semiena ember dimsika aytihabae issako berki thanks

Author rahel asmelash (1 year)
it's so nice music Isaacye u have nice voice. keep going.

Author hvg533 (1 year)
Wwaaawwww isako welcome world music

Author Noah97 (1 year)
well done isaco i love your voice very much similar to tefono keslo nkid
tray kem hzbawi gmbar

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