Six Feet Under-Nate's Death (S5E9) Best Quality!

Nate's Death is probably the saddest, most emotional moment for SFU fans. The dream(or hallucination?) in particular is an original,haunting, amazing work of art that I have never been able to forget. "We are so fucking LOST!" still gives me chills. David is unrecognizable and has to be seen to be believed. So enjoy a favorite scene of mine from SFU-one of greatest if not most original shows in TV history. I miss Nate & SFU!

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Author rapmann (5 months)
Nate: "Oh, man. I'm goin' in."
Nate Sr.: "Up to you."
David: "Nate, don't be stupid."
Nate:"Stupid? Stupid, *this is what we came here to do*, you asshole."


Author Tony Johnson (2 months)
Whats the song when they are heading to the ocean?.......hello my love??

Author Kidofrodo (21 day)
I had the unfortunate spoiler about Nate's death a little while before I
watched it, but I imagined it would be a lot more extreme... I pictured it
as a car-crash, or murder by Billy, or suicide... And I was sure it would
be the very last scene of the very last episode. Instead I found myself
some comfort, in that he didn't die horribly or in pain. And it really
touched me that the one by his side was David... Goes to show their
connection and brotherhood that developed so much in the show. R.I.P. Nate

Author dolan dak (7 months)
Michael C Hall is-if not the best- then one of the best actors I've ever
seen. as a killer was good,as a super sensitive homosexual man he was
good,as a pothead he was good.there's nothing he can't do perfectly.

Author Parker Dolan (6 months)
i cannot get enough of this show....i will never stop watching this

Author tamicha1 (1 month)
Subtext overload

Author TheAngryGorilla (4 months)
This was so sad :( . Going into this series completely blind unfortunately
around Season 4 i saw a spoiler seeing that Nate died in Season 5 episode
9..but even though i knew it was gonna happen...this still caught me on
surprise.Alan're awesome!

Author tquasa (7 months)
Wanna smoke some crack? Heheh

Author Lisa Simpson Rules (3 months)
He went onto doing The Lost Room and Sexy Money. It's a pity: he should
have gone onto movies. He is that good of an actor.

Author roland garros (10 months)
I started watching this show after finishing Dexter because of the
incredible Michael C Hall. But i seem to like Peter Krause more! He's my
favourite in this show.

Author Rachel Marie (9 months)
This is how I hope my death is...running into the ocean and I keep on going
into the afterlife! 

Author S.H Wilson (6 months)
so nate chose to die? actually knowing his character that makes perfect

Author hizzblom (4 months)
Michael C Hall is just versatile as all fuck as an actor, could literally
play anybody.

Author Aussie Pat (5 months)
Nate's death in SFU and the subsequent remaining episodes dealing with its
aftermath and effect on his family are with out a doubt the most finely
written, crafted and executed scenes in that were ever seen on TV.

Author maspleben (8 months)
5:06 oh the feelings...

Author Slippery Slope (9 months)
David = Shaggy
van = the ultimate Mystery Machine

Author bryan fricker (7 months)
thebsong is strawberry letter 23 by the brothers johnson (1977)

Author Peter NK (6 months)

Author John Davis (6 months)
best show in decades

Author deb310red (11 months)
Is this a shared dream of David and Nate's?

Author Shuo Chen (1 year)
This scene is so beautiful. Especially the part with the ocean. Life is
like being lost, we never know quite where we are, or where we end up, but
we can always enjoy it while it lasts. And that van...that one place where
all three of them faced their mortality. The random, sad detours of life
that change our fates. 

Author Auto Chewys (9 months)
Want to smoke some crack?

Author Erdem Ermis (10 months)
01:42 which song it is?any idea?

Author Andrew Ramazanov (11 months)
yeah, spoilers with the title, just saw it in suggested videos >____<

Author heymisterg (3 years)
it was just a dream to back wen it was simper times them getting high a
surfing at lleast that what i think.

Author mth03d (4 years)
@wiiplaya25 I believe much is up to interpretation, but at the end it cuts
away to David, so it is possible it is actually David's dream. Then again I
could be wrong.

Author Ottison (4 years)
Um dos momentos mais marcantes, na minha opnião. Esse seriado é único! Six
feet under (ou A Sete Palmos, como era chamado aqui no Brasil) é mais que
um seriado, é um marco televisivo! Duvido muito que um dia alguma série de
drama venha a superar SFU.

Author The19towers (1 year)
Will never get that bit just after the flatline: "Nate...hay..." Fuck me, I
would've gone ape shit had it been my brother. Love him so much, I would've
tore that place apart trying to resuscitate him.

Author lizentome (4 years)
@PRE1959 ....... You need to calm down.

Author Elrique Suave (3 years)
@Mogsthamisfit101 I totally agree!!! That was my perception of this scene

Author Nancy McIntyre (1 year)
this just reminds me of how much I miss this show! It was

Author mithril (2 years)
4:19 is this David's hallucination?

Author serhumano3 (2 years)
@Terry977 Yes he is, & he's proven how great an actor he is with Dexter.

Author Darla Sandage (2 years)

Author br7878 (4 years)
@wiiplaya25 if you've seen the whole series then you will remember the
episode where david got kidnapped and almost killed. remember the kidnapper
smoking (and as far as I recall offering him) crack?

Author MrPhatSmurf (3 years)
i didn't notice til just now but when David says "you look tired" Nate
takes a second and responds in a very sad/serious tone saying "I am". I
really think the writers meant for that to be Nate realizing he's tired of
the life he's living and that he kinda finally let go knowing he was about
to die, even though many times in the show he's expressed how afraid of
dying he was. ...but just a theory!

Author Noah Otten (1 year)
... Where's your suit? I'm wearin' it, dude.

Author Max Kennedy (5 years)
you know what the last thing he said to brenda before he died. He coldly
told her he wanted a divorce when she was trying to forgive him for his
infidelity with george's daughter.

Author Robin Deagle (4 years)
michael c hall's best role, david fisher. and rip nate, i cried watching
this again

Author JoJoShabadoo314 (3 years)
The title of this video is a pretty big spoiler... Saw it on the related
videos when searching a season 2 scene... Shiiiiiet.

Author TheBunnyist (2 years)
yes, he is indeed great - and is phenonemenal is Dexter....

Author Goodforrj (3 years)
man, michael c hall plays the best stoner character ever!

Author richard kilroy (5 years)
The most powerful scene for me in the whole show was the one where Nate
helps that guy who is dying alone and wants to be cremated in a cardboard
box. I've been through episode guides but cannot for the life of me find
the episode! Please someone tell me!!

Author TheKayaklover (2 years)
I've always wandered if it was Nate's dream as he was dying or David.
Originally I thought it was Nate dreaming but the one that's suddenly
awakened after hearing the vitals monitoring machine is David..! Any

Author serhumano3 (3 years)
@Ottison It is, isn't it!

Author Gully Foyle (5 years)

Author StrangeInfatuation (3 years)
ive never beed able to understand this scene.

Author lobo1como1yo (4 years)
@JKiNG945 she was camping with hiram.

Author serhumano3 (1 year)
I never saw it coming. Despite his condition, I thought Nate was going to
make. Your welcome.

Author Amelia Pond (1 year)
that's not true. he always had it. the accident is what caused them to do
an MRI and FIND the it. to be honest, i also hated brenda up until halfway
through season 5, but she's not responsible for his AVM. no one is.

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