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This is a sweet 3 axis thrust vectoring profile foamy jet, it can be built with just about every type of foam out there. It Pwns at high alpha.

Motor: 2212-06

Prop: 6x4

ESC: 40A

Battery: 1000mah 3s

Servos: 9g

WS: 29"

Weight: 14oz

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 1:30
Comments: 94

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Author Yeshwanth Nagendra (5 months)
Where is the link??

Author Joe Schmo (10 months)
Flies great thanks for sharing !

Author Silvesterkanal® (1 year)
whats the name of the song?

Author The Egyptain Boyka (1 year)
plz fix plan menton all the lengths of the plane with wing span in the plan
make it esay to understand without downloading it and print it

Author j6sj7 (4 years)
What's the tune?

Author larz0001 (4 years)
i just finished building mine gonna do radio install today or tomorrow,
looking forward to flying it, planning on a 1350kv with 30 amp esc, sub
micro servos and 3000mah 11.1 lipo and 8x4 prop

Author Daniel Madrigal (4 years)
nice one cool flight : )

Author rctestflight (4 years)
@RCFMitch if you make one put the motor farther back and make the control
throws very small

Author megaflyer99 (4 years)
kid, you are a kick-ass pilot!

Author origami Nick (2 years)
hey rctestflight my name is the same as you name

Author rctestflight (4 years)
@MartinTheMad i did

Author MrAthory2000 (2 years)
hi i need to bay your plane

Author RobinnTech (3 years)
I just build it but i think it's to noise heavy, can i put my battery
behind my motor?

Author lonly xxxsolonly (4 years)
niceone bro 5*

Author rctestflight (4 years)
@aldudio high alpha of course

Author BadSilent (2 years)
can you give me a link of the motor you use?

Author honeyvamprye (4 years)
what foam do you build with?

Author Jonas Hii (2 years)
im halfway through building this!

Author KpilotRC (3 years)
ill pm you my email if you send me the song!

Author FlyhighRC (4 years)
looks like my newly designed delta,great vid-have you applied for a
prtnership yet dude?

Author TheRcTalents (3 years)
@rctestflight Whats the song name eh?

Author nishbrown (4 years)

Author kwboom (4 years)
Very cool.... that thing almost looks like a Delta Wing and a F-22 had a
baby....LOL It is flying great... Did you end up changing the CG from what
you said on the build vid????

Author megatron453 (3 years)
You cool man, and best! ;)

Author Paul Bowman (4 years)

Author Brock Tompkins (4 years)
First comment!!! Sick plane man lookin good!

Author rctestflight (2 years)
@popylocodropit its a motor. you can't get it at hk

Author Eric Miller (4 years)
Sweet. It looks like it flies a lot like my F-16. Better roll rate though!
Ubiquitousdog has some footage of my F-16 on his page. My only complaint is
that it flexes where I cut out for the prop.

Author Cosmas B (1 year)
Nice! Flies great! Does putting the motor in the middle of the plane make
it more stable than mounting it in the rear of the plane?

Author rctestflight (4 years)
@TheSPilot it would work just fine

Author FlyDay15 (3 years)

Author Joshua Blume (4 years)
hahaha nice performance ! did u add a rudder or r gonna have it rudderless?

Author rctestflight (4 years)
@FlyHighRC386 yep

Author racecarpalindrome (2 years)
What controller and receiver would you recommend?

Author rctesty (4 years)
@kwboom nope

Author FlyhighRC (4 years)
ur editing is getting better each time u do a vid.

Author flyby8906 (4 years)
Nice design glad to see you have put out FREE pdf's thats what this hobby
is all about sharing not dollars and cents.

Author KpilotRCHelis (1 year)
There are mixes in the controller, no need for separate V-Tail Mixer

Author Théry S. (4 years)
Your planes are so cool ! :) Keep up ! Cheers

Author MartinTheMad (4 years)
You should apply for YouTube partnership, mate.

Author rctestflight (4 years)
@MrNerfmod 2200

Author wildcatfan42 (4 years)
@rctestflight I will dial it down to 20 degrees but after i made everything
it was more than wat i expected. Its actually 90 degrees.

Author rctestflight (4 years)
@hotblume there was a rudder on it the whole time

Author Teng tcy (4 years)
hohoho.... nice skill.......

Author matt witt (4 years)
what kind of board is that and how much do you think it all cost

Author wildcatfan42 (4 years)
Hey i am currently building this model parkjet. I am shocked just shocked
at how easy it is to build and how fast it comes together. Thumbs up to
this one. You did an excellent job. I just finished the airframe and will
be putting the electronics on it tonight and putting the servos far back,
AR6000 reciever in the back, 1250 mah lipo in front(its all i got), and
parkjet motor with 6x4. I have 80 degrees movement set up for elevons and
rudder. How well do you think this will fly? Thanks.

Author Ken Tanpinco (4 years)
awwww man, this plane looks like it's got a high fun factor!

Author David Jay (2 years)
do you use a v-tail or re program the controller for elevons?

Author rctestflight (4 years)
@jbohbot1 u sound like a beginner and this is not a good plane for
beginners to build

Author rctestflight (2 years)

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