O Holy Night-Aretha Franklin & Billy Preston

From my VHS archives here is a clip of Aretha Franklin and Billy Preston performing at her home in Detroit for a late night talk show hosted by David Brenner. Rest in peace Billy Preston. Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukah to all!

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Author curlen crump (26 days)
That was DANGERIOUS perfect feeding frenzy the best or the best.If it would
be a draw

Author brothersoleinc77 (7 months)
Good God almighty-talking about a soulful duo, Aretha and Billy are the

Author Anne Hamilton (8 months)
The reigning "Queen of Soul" still wears her crown, Ms. Aretha is always
R.I.P.....The Legendary, Mr. Billy Preston.

Author Robert Margouleff (8 months)
God Bless them both..Billy was a friend, and I do miss him...RIP Billy..

Author Patrick Synmoie (8 months)
The fifth Beatle and honorary Rolling Stone never forgot his roots

Author emine trent (8 months)
This is for everyone with God in there hearts,
Merry Christmas & Peace in 2014.

Author Roy Snabilie (8 months)

Author Burney Warren (8 months)
what you looking at billy lol! i love yall. merry Christmas.

Author Shaman Wolfjaguar (1 year)
O Holy Night-Aretha Franklin & Billy Preston

Author ChiqueRecords (3 years)
@pretorious700 Fair enough - No harm intended whatsoever, just not
understanding how people can not love this :-) Love will conquer all !

Author Pete Bosheff (7 years)
I saw this the night it aired, I have never forgotten it, never thought I
would ever see it again, it was a difficult time . . . thanks so much but I
have to know where did you get it?

Author razorbackfilms (7 years)
Two real legends. I wish they would release the film of the concert where
Amazing Grace was recorded.

Author Monica Wright (3 years)
I remember seeing this when I was in middle school.

Author JeyLah08 (1 year)
My friends say that I'm such a weird girl because I'm not into the modern
music that much. I don't care, I love Aretha Franklin. And I'm only 14.

Author TreasureOne (3 years)
@markojameow You know he played on "Let it Be," right? A major major talent
in the church and in the recording studio. RIP, Billy.

Author Scotty0011 (7 years)
better than a lot of snobbish pop singers I heard.

Author Mary Evans (7 years)
Very Good Aretha! The greatest!!!! Billy Preston is the bomb as well!! Many

Author ChiqueRecords (3 years)
Amazing !! Still there seem to be 15 people that should not be allowed to

Author oneloveatatime (5 years)
Hey EM, I really love this, thanks for posting. I listen and watch this
video quite oftem.......

Author taddyd1 (4 years)
I love all three of the pop singers too and have almost all of their
recordings. Saw Aretha and Joan this year. I love the Billy Preston (my
former neighbor) and Re duet on Old Lang Syne! Thanks for sharing

Author dwhitejazz (2 years)
This is a beautiful rendition. I wish someone would find a better copy of
this performance in the vaults and post it.

Author neil65542 (6 years)
i woulnt have needed presents that year if i'd seen that.........

Author Emeless (7 years)
Me too! Thanks for your comments.

Author SajoniaEsther (6 years)
Yes,the Quuen of Soul, unique. Thanks for posting this masterpiece and
Happy Holidays.

Author Bill Westerman (4 years)
Terrific job on Aretha and this is my fav Christmas song

Author Harvey K (3 years)
@africanflava -I don't see any ref to 'size'...take some time to read
before clashing, pls.

Author 2dasimmons (1 year)
That's so true, especially with today's demonic music industry.

Author Lindsey Dean (1 year)
Just great. Thank God for them both, and I really listen to Billy's music
very often. He was amazing as is she.

Author Moxx (5 years)
Absolutely stunning version of the song. This song is so often sung with
phony passion and overblown accompaniment -so much so that I don't think I
can stand to listen to it. Aretha's changed that for me. Love it!

Author tempo3rd (4 years)
I'll look into it, thanks!

Author taddyd1 (6 years)
I didn't realize you posted these. I just love the 2 duets. I play them the
most of all her youtube clips! I'm the YOU,Sweet Passion, and La Diva freak
that wrote you a while back. A million gracias! Peace and love in the new

Author deafpeax (3 years)
I think that was 1987 . . .

Author Kelvin Klink (3 years)
Hoje é aniversário de Aretha Franklin. Vendo este vídeo, tendo a achar a
música feita hoje muito certinha, bem acabadinha, inha, inha. Aretha canta
com a Bocetha, mesmo cantando um gospel!

Author rexel666 (5 years)
You are unquestionably one sorry ass poor excuse for a human being if you
have to attack someone in such a petty and spiteful way for merely
expressing an opinion. Get over yourself.

Author alyceclover (7 years)
this made me sad missing my mom and a simplier place and time~thanks for

Author tenorismo (5 years)
Dear Billy R. I. P.

Author Kemped Kemp (3 years)
Absolutely beautiful! However could she do it sitting down. There was just
such a strong urge to stand up and rock back and forth while I was
listening to it!

Author plasticPlaystation (5 years)

Author starmantough (2 years)
Wonderfull. Thanks for this. I saved it!

Author WhatKindofFriend (6 years)
Thanks for posting this, Emeless!!! I have been on a bit of a crusade
lately to find and hear Billy at his best...I'm finding out that Preston
was a much deeper person and musician than most people realize. And what a
special gift God gave him. To hear him play for Aretha is a special treat.

Author Albertanator (7 years)
Sing it Girlfriend...sing it....beautiful....

Author Irene Markoja (5 years)
I agree here, africanflava!

Author Emeless (7 years)
I taped it the night it aired. I was working 3-11p and got home in just
enough time to adjust the rabbit ears-due to the outage of my cable box,
and pop a tape in the VCR. So glad you were able to see it again. One of my
favorite TV interviews and performances of Aretha. Thanks for your comments!

Author Johnlee55 (4 years)
Claiming a Joan Baez version is better than an Aretha version is blasphemy.

Author PianoDood567 (6 years)
sounds great big fan of aretha franklin, love the part when billy comes in
on the piano i really sounds awsome especially aretha singing.

Author Emeless (6 years)
Yes I thought it was a special treat as well. That's why I posted it for
all to see and hear. They worked so well together. Thanks for your comments!

Author ahayes1217 (4 years)
Are you crazy? They were GREAT! Two of the bwsr of all time!!!!!

Author Max Foreman (5 years)
Billy Preston is my HERO

Author runawayslave0000 (5 years)
I know GOD dont have favorites...but geez listen 2 her voice!!!!!!!

Author NearAbbeyRoad (4 years)
@schari30 Ironically Amazing Grace was written by an English slave ship

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