Drilling Front Trunnion Holes Build your own AK AK47

Drilling the front trunnion holes in the receiver

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Author megadeth22885 (7 years)
ive been having issues figuring out how to perfectly locate and drill the
holes.. this idea is absolutely perfect

Author tyedye32 (7 years)
should the left rail set against the trunion?

Author Munky332 (1 year)
also, what size drills did you use for the rest of the receiver holes? i've
heard that all i really need is 5/32", 7/32", 5mm, 7mm, 10mm? i'm using the
ACE updated print to determine hole location. the blanks i have are
pre-bent polish 1mm 80%'ers. also was thinkin bout how to TIG weld the
rails in. i know some are drilling holes then welding them, or spot
welding, but i've already got a TIG. was thinkin of fusion welding, any
place i should NOT weld them, if i wer e going to weld the edges?

Author ugkmike (5 years)
do you have to remove front trunnion from the barrel or can you use it as

Author BuildyourownAK (7 years)
if you're talking about the rail with the ejector, it depends on the
receiver. I've had some that touched, and some that didn't. Locating the
receiver so that the mag fits properly is more important.

Author Jesse Roybal (6 years)
A++ Your are THE MAN! I've tried measuring, using a thin metal strip to
line up the holes. This is the best way PERIOD.

Author websuspect (6 years)
Awesome lol. I used a hand drill but this is much more accurate lol.

Author bunnykicker2413 (5 years)
how are you holding the trunnion in the vise? looks like it isnt just
sitting in there

Author BuildyourownAK (5 years)
The usual question that follows this one is "how deep of a hole is too deep
in the barrel journal?" Yes, you need to remove it. It has to be removed in
order to reinstall the rivets.

Author flatwins (5 years)
AK newbie here again. I haven't got this far yet on my kits but I can think
of no better way of drilling these holes. I have a Grizzly mini mill and am
finding it quite handy for stuff like this. Thanks again for your videos!

Author BuildyourownAK (1 year)
Look up Phase II cross slide table on amazon. The vise is a Palmgren that
was my grandfather's and is over 50 years old I think. I think the Palmgren
11152 is the closest thing that you'll find to it, but I can't seem to find
them in stock anywhere. Search enco or mscdirect for something similar,
than see if you can find it cheaper on Amazon. MSC an Enco are both good
companies, but their prices and shipping are usually a lot higher. Try to
find an older drill press on craigslist.

Author Munky332 (1 year)
thanks. think i found a couple "tilt vice" one ebay. ~60-75$ for a 3" wide
vice. i also found a couple knock-off phase II's on ebay for about half the
price of the "name brand" phase II. amazon has the phase2 for ~150, ebay
has chinese copies for about 80$. Bit expensive but for the accuracy it
gives. i just drilled my first receiver trunnion holes by hand... was hard
to line them up, and i kinda messed one of em up but the rivet should still
cover it. still got 2 other blanks.

Author Munky332 (1 year)
I'd like to know where you got that cross slide and vertical vice. i'm
about to get a drill press and i'm going to want a nice cross slide like

Author Dosgringosoh (2 years)
where did you get the crossslide table and vice, are they a kit or can I
use any vice with it? If you could just give me the name and make of the
cross slide table I would really appreciate it! Great information, you are
a credit to liberty sir!

Author tjmoore72 (1 year)
Do you have a video showing all of the necessary tools (drill bits mainly)
that are used to drill all of the holes? Assuming you started from a 0%

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