Tana Toraja funeral buffalo killing 3/3

Tradition with funerals in Tana Toraja Indonesia is to offer (kill) buffalo's. This is done on the third day of the funeral. The more buffalo's, the more respect for the dead person. One buffalo costs about 7000 euro. The meat is given to the family and friends of the dead person. Some of it is given to the church.

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Author Extremely Clever (3 months)
Sad! Sad! Sad! Sad!

Author Pablo Gonzalez (4 months)
hijos de puta ojala un desastre natural los mate a todos y sufran como los
hijos de putas que son.

Author olive bean (5 months)
Why kill so many buffalo

Author Shiva Prasadarao (11 months)
all the sitting jerks, son of bitches laughing.... i bet they laugh even
their kids slaughtered like this... may god punish them properly

Author Shiva Prasadarao (11 months)
damn.... these guys are not humans.. these are all fucking demons... comes
out from the deep hell.. how can they treat animals like that... burn these
psychos alive...

Author son ledo (1 year)
This is a more smaller group of animal we people eat in a year millions of
meat and fish so every body that react here like ohho oh gosh and stuf
first look at your self

Author женя тимофеев (1 year)

Author bangkonol (2 years)
animal cruelty, no doubt

Author FCCO (1 year)
7000 euro for a buffalo and you can't kill it properly?

Author yeunmytom (1 year)
every day people killing people , if you are not vegetarier you dont honor
to say some thing like this

Author miguel uribe (1 year)
fuckin indonesian dirty looser

Author mohd anuar (1 year)
they all looks enjoyed...what a weird ceremony

Author Aron2554 (1 year)
fuck you la

Author MrAle313 (1 year)
its a different culture and belief, those thoughts kinda put us in the
place where we are at now.....we killed sooo many wise ancient culture,
because of rituals the European Christians though taboo, RIP ancient
knowledge to the world because of those thoughts..... you don't have to
agree with it, but you can respect it at least, if you cant then stfu and
keep it moving.

Author roinzo1 (1 year)
Fuck you for not consider other people's believe. That animals are suposed
to be eaten, imagine a world where human dont kill animals to live. We will
figh the animals to fight for food(leaves,grass,trees) and their population
might be overflown.

Author Starwell S (2 years)
fuck you all!!!

Author Onaga23456 (2 years)

Author Gum Nam (1 year)
Its very very bad thing happening who is this people this is human being or
Divil sprit entered in thir bodies what is that

Author Ruvi Bennett (1 year)
fuck you all who kiling those innocent animals

Author jeannette marriott (1 year)
Anyone that thinks this barbaric act is right should hang their heads in
shame. To make any animal suffer like that is wrong.. The agony that those
animals must suffer is beyond belief!!

Author junaid khan (2 years)
Very painful way to slaughter an animal...Zabiha is the best and useful way
to slaughter the animals..

Author MrAle313 (1 year)
you close minded fool, and i bet youre one of those who think their
culture/religion is the one right way to go.....

Author Ludogg0 (1 year)
how is this bad? this is cool

Author son ledo (1 year)
But this is not right too

Author Jaqueline Haacktop (1 year)
crueldade total que absurdo

Author chienferoce (1 year)
Yes, very strange. They have too much money for buffalos but not for a
serious butcher.

Author entes pernando (2 years)
jangan iri, karena orang Toraja banyak uang

Author Yoga haryanto (2 years)
this is one way to slaughter animals in Toraja if the feast of the dead, so
sorry if this makes you all wonder, and not meant to hurt.

Author Davi Aparecido da Silva (1 year)
isso e coisa de retardado que se alegra com o sofrimento de um animal que
sustenta suas crianças o proprio organisador desse tipo de eventos e um
animal cambada de sanguinarios queimem no enferno

Author sammyboyman12333 (2 years)
Animal cruelty? What? Where do your burgers come from? Well they don't come
from the sky do they.

Author Mr.Somkid Thornburapa (1 year)
fuck fuck fuck fuck

Author embody4 (1 year)
Fuck off and die bastards

Author TheBlueElephant LP (1 year)

Author aymuycalor (1 year)
The fact that this is a "hilarious" and "enjoyed family event" is just
scary and let live ig?!........too bad the bulls can't live
though...Haha :(

Author RazorflasK (1 year)
This might be their culture but its very cruel.If you want to give
sacrifice for your god or whatever and muslims doing it aswell,there are
more humane ways to do it.

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