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Bishop has a good word for Salem Baptist in Altanta, GA

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Author Savannah Watson (25 days)
Give me a sermon not singing

Author Tyvonne Reid (1 month)
Put Satan under your feet

Author GameInternational (4 months)

Author Dr Juan Bellard (7 months)
omg I miss him too I was floored when I heard the news

Author Edward Cochran (4 months)

Author reverendMOC (6 months)
wow...he passed? Bishop Keith Smith was a great preacher and singer !

Author Princess Thompson (7 months)
I never heard of him until right now and I regret not ever knowing him
before his passing

Author mt8300 (2 months)
Someone please shove a doughnut in his big mouth!!

Author Micheal Henderson (7 months)
Not a day goes by that I don't miss my pastor.

Author Cobey Farmer (8 months)
WE have lost a soldier

Author Tony Ellis (9 months)
Go head

Author Kenneth Fuselier (9 months)

Author FroopieLoopies (9 months)
RIP Bishop 

Author Tony Ellis (9 months)
God word is truth

Author John Teclas (10 months)

Author A.C. Jackson (1 year)

Author Kenneth Myers (1 year)

Author river phoenix (2 years)
bishop is preaching! Why so negative ?if you are so great then he would be
watching you instead of you watching him! lol

Author TheMandingome (2 years)
You're right. Who can put God in a box or category? You never know how God
may touch or use a person. Fore His thoughts are above our thoughts and His
ways above our Ways.

Author Carlos Terrick (1 year)
Omg!!!! Bishop past away idk that, this man is on fire

Author Lena K (2 years)

Author Corey Hollan (1 year)
U better preach

Author shabbat73 (2 years)
@MLPonTV ...well said sir, well said!

Author Tremaine Evans (2 years)
Preach Bishop

Author MuziqKing850 (11 months)
Rest On Bishop SMITH

Author dellidel129 (1 year)
Doc RIP. Man you will be missed. It's been a joy to have been a brother in
the Lord

Author only2god (2 years)

Author Lacy Green (2 years)
You again?! Where are you getting this distorted information in particular
associating Christianity as originated in Europe? Acts 11:26, "...And the
disciples were called Christians first in Antioch." Antioch is not in
Europe but rather in the Syria region or Middle East, formerly called
Palestine. Not the Palestine as we know today. The word Christian is used
to refer to those who are the followers of Jesus. It was here at Antioch
that Gentile (non Jewish) Christianity began to emerge.

Author Marvin Saunders (1 year)
may you rest peacefully!!

Author Jermaine Jones (1 year)
You guys said it, this man couldn't walk his health was bad and he was
still praising God. It's alot of healthy men on drugs, in jail, or in the
grave he had every right to praise.

Author reverendsmithonkeys (2 years)
this is a true man of God delivering the message from the Lord Jesus

Author darryll carr (2 years)
Bishop Keith Smith Sir! I been watching this video so many times. But to be
blessed to hear you sing a few bars at Brentwood Baptist Church, Under the
Leadership of the Holy Ghost through Dr. Joe S. Ratliff. BUT The next day
to be introduced to you from Dr. Ratliff was such a blessing and then see
and hear you preach in person! WOW WOW WOW

Author PlanetRockJesus (1 year)
Sin of gluttony.

Author mattycastaway (1 year)
is this a song or cardiac-arrest? does this guy not realize people don't
talk like this? but of course its in a church so you can embarrass yourself
and people will clap O.o

Author GoodNewsThomas (2 years)
1. He is closing his sermon for those who claim this is without knowledge
or show he has already preached his message. The meat of the word has went
forward he is now preparing to close out. 2. To the person who asked about
Gluttony it may not be Gluttony he may have thyroid problems or sickness
which has no affect on his mental or spiritual ability.

Author elite90210 (2 years)
Preach bishop

Author MuziqKing850 (1 year)
Rest On Bishop.

Author RevHGJ (1 year)
Bishop You will truly be Miss, rest on in HIM and get your reward!!!!
Prayers are with your Wife and Children and Church Family!!!

Author Frank Mandrell (1 year)
Rest in paradise preacher it all right now....MY MY MY MY

Author mrboyda27 (11 months)
Would love to have him preach in Indianapolis how do I contact him

Author Erica Hairston (2 years)
Me too!!!!!

Author TyHawk48 (2 years)
Preach Bishop

Author Quinterious Ragland (2 years)
To God be the glory

Author texasun12 (2 years)

Author Chesterbarnes1 (1 year)
The comments suggest Bishop Smith is deceased is this correct?

Author Orbot (11 months)

Author Cobey Farmer (1 year)
My My God has called another soldier home...Rest well Bishop

Author sonny Godly (1 year)
Tyipical Black racist ,always want to beat down the white man right.

Author sonny Godly (1 year)
the truth is hate,,,,,,to people who hate the truth......folks here
speaking against the falseness are not the haters ,deceived folk will like
this nonsense

Author dicee50 (2 years)

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