Mary Tyler Moore ugly green dress

Mary fills it out nicely

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Author Gerald Tanaka (8 days)
Didn't Daphne or Roz wear a similar dress? 

Author Carole Chaney (8 months)
Actually, that dress was ahead of its time. Lots of celebrities wear
dresses like that now...dresses that are VERY revealing.

Author AngelsTakeMe2Heaven (12 days)
While Mary is giving us all some wood here, did anyone stop to notice that
donk that Georgette is packing in this tight 70s slacks?

Author JStarStar00 (5 months)
They should have had Lou just keel over flat on his face.

Author Shoeting Star (7 months)
Wow MTM's body is looking fantastic in that dress! I'm with Ted and his
thirst! Georgett was just being a hater lol. Hilarious that this "ugly"
dress is normal for celebs to be wearing now.

Author Jim Cushman (11 months)
God...she looked HOT in the dress!!!

Author EAchank (7 months)
That dress really looks pretty great on her

Author Robert Bruce (1 month)
Not too many people can be that sexy and actually still be more funny than
sexy. Kind of boggles the mind.

Author Marnice Wade (1 month)
"I want every woman in the free world to get a dress like

Author samnyc2 (1 month)
Jennifer Lopez wore this 20 years later.

Author kevin edwards (3 months)
Mary looks hot in that dress other than the colour I mean.

Author LINDA CHAMBERS (2 months)
Way ahead of her time with that dress. That's all the celebrity women wear

Author Taxi Talk NYC (1 month)
Wow Wheee !!! MTM is HOT !! ;P 2:57 !!! AHHHAAAAAAHAHAHA !! ;D

Author Capt777harris (2 months)
Dress and body are both worthy of a Buck Rogers episode :)


Author mottledbrain (7 months)
"It's alright, I'm a doctor."

Author drwood1962 (2 months)
What year was that, cause I'm sure that episode kick-started my puberty!

Author MegaForgetful1 (8 months)
I never saw this episode either....something is amiss....but it sure ain't
Mary! With a few (very few) normal pounds on her she looked verrry,
verrrry, nice.

Author dav1237 (4 months)
Barbara Colby's death wasn't just a random drive by shooting. I heard the
guy saw her play a hooker on the show and felt she "had to die."

Author Big R (1 year)
Id let my woman wear that dress around the house, but I wouldn't let her
answer the door like that.

Author dav1237 (4 months)
Facebook dot com slash mary magazine

Author CrandMackerel (7 months)
To paraphrase Yoda, hit it, I would.

Author Codename Neptune (8 months)
Wanna see my diploma? lol

Author fool4singing (4 months)
What would the Project Runway judges say??? It's actually well made and
would take a lot of precision to get the front to lay that nicely with all
the cutouts. 

Author JStarStar00 (5 months)
Ted was drinking lots of water so he'd have an excuse to visit the restroom
... fast.

Author Da_Fonz (1 year)
I've got a boner!

Author A Krenwinkle (1 year)
If anyone didn't know, the actress playing Sherry, Barbara Colby, was
murdered in 1975, a drive-by shooting that was never solved. She had been
married to Ethel Merman's son, but at the time was separated. A tragic,
senseless loss.

Author dav1237 (4 months)
Mary was much skinnier in the four season prior to tips one. She probably
felt it was okay to gain a few pounds once Rhoda left.

Author yandrsupreme (4 months)
"Ted, I'm only gonna tell you this once.. move it, or lose it". HILARIOUS!

Author 1SATTAS1 (4 months)
one of my favorite episodes ever! MTM never looked sexier.

Author Yor Highness (25 days)
That dress is hot.

Author Dominic Stricker (10 months)
That's a Hot Dress, Mary look stunning..WoW!!

Author ccjjpp1966 (6 months)
Mary looks pretty darn awesome in that dress!

Author Joe Bones (11 months)
I love that dress!

Author PurpleStratocaster (1 year)
I liked it. I didn't think it was ugly at all. But maybe it was BECAUSE IT
HAD MARY IN IT !!!!! The woman would look good in an old potato sack !

Author Dave Porter (10 months)
Mary Tyler Moore was average at best.

Author Mezzotenor (6 months)
"Hi, big fella..." LOLOLOLOL!!!!

Author Adam Hall (8 months)

Author PlasmaCoolantLeak (11 months)
I don't know how I don't remember this episode. She looks smoking hot.

Author Kevin X (11 months)
that's ugly???? i think it's wow vavavaoom and i'm gay!

Author Mark Robbins (4 months)
its hot

Author Fred Jones (6 months)
Its very nice, I can almost see her gash.

Author Vftyh G Ft hhvbj (4 months)
it looks like something a LATINA would wear ( you know what I mean)

Author Codename Neptune (9 months)
Mumhmmhmm.... Water please....Mumhmhmhmhmhhmm

Author Jeff. S. (10 months)
I had such a crush on her 

Author Etherdave (1 year)
Holy Cow. I had forgotten just how HOT Mary looks in this dress. No wonder
love was all around her. Thanks for posting!

Author Carolyn Smith (4 months)

Author nicknorthable (4 months)

Author ivegotalongdong (11 months)
geroegette must be gay.... never seen her linked with a man outside of a TV

Author Kat Warren (1 year)
what episode 

Author hawrnball (11 months)
It'd be a perfect dress if not for those godawful slits up the front. But
Mary still looked stunning.

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